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The Latest Workplace Trend: Employees Are Losing Their Jobs Because Of Facebook Addiction

November 30, 2015 - Author: steph

Traditionally, people get fired from their jobs for reasons such as insubordination, frequent tardiness, frequent write-ups, unethical behavior and layoffs. In today’s society, however, people are losing their jobs as a result of social media misuse at the workplace. To be more specific, people are losing their jobs over Facebook. It is not difficult to fathom the reality of people losing their jobs for such a thing, for we live in a world where people spend more time communicating through their mobile device opposed to communicating face to face.

Employers are forced to discipline and dismiss staff members as result of Facebook misuse because people are exhibiting behaviors of addiction which is negatively affecting their day to day work duties. This trend is backed by hard evidence; for example, a York College of Pennsylvania study revealed that 65 percent of human resource departments have issues with employees who frequently use Facebook while they are on the clock.

To combat this rapidly growing problem of social media overuse at the workplace, industry professionals like Parker Geiger, CEO of the CHUVA Group, recommends for employees to be proactive in managing their obsession for Facebook. For example, there are apps in the marketplace, like Anti-Social and AppDetox, which allows users to browse the internet during work hours but blocks them from visiting social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram.

Another way of combating social media abuse is by creating a separate, professional social media account. For example, many employees find it very helpful to have two Facebook pages. One Facebook page should be dedicated to your personal life, and the other page should be for professional content, photos, likes and comments.

These recommendations are very similar to advice that is given by CEO of Status Labs, Darius Fisher. Status Labs is an online reputation management company that helps companies and individuals promote positive and professional information about themselves on the internet. Fisher has counseled many corporations and people on different ways to protect their online reputation, which includes removing derogatory posts and photos on social media accounts, creating blog pages and websites that highlight positive qualities and actions and much more.

Status Labs is also in the business of helping companies and individuals survive malicious internet attacks. Malicious internet behavior is becoming more frequent and many people are losing their jobs or business deals because someone else has posted negative information about them. Status Labs specializes in using advanced software technology and strategic methods to help individuals and companies resolve negative internet campaigns against them. Fisher’s best advice for all internet users is to avoid posting controversial and inappropriate information and to be proactive by creating a personal website that has your first and last name in the domain name, such as, and to manage your online identity with professional information.

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