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Freedom Pop: Decides Not To Sell Out

July 14, 2015 - Author: steph

FreedomPop was faced with the difficult decision to sell out or come up with another way to plan for businesses future. They decided that they would raise the money instead of selling out or closing down and customers every where are extremely grateful. The company was able to come up with about thirty million dollars in funding. This is wonderful news for the company and everyone is thrilled about the decision to keep FreedomPop open. They are now deciding to expand into Europe. This will allow the company to become bigger and more successful.

They had offers but in the end decided that they didn’t want to sell but rather expand. It is believed that the company will soon be worth three to four possibly even more times the amount than it is now. This is wonderful news for ecstatic and growing company. The company has many plans in the future that will help FreedomPop. Everyone involved thinks that it was in the company beet interest to remain independent. FreedomPop is trying to do everything they can in order to help issues that the company may have and increasing customer service reps so customers can have a wonderful customer service experience.

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Gaultier Quits Ready-to-wear

April 22, 2015 - Author: steph

Jean Paul Gaultier, made famous by his conical bra, after it was worn by Madonna on her tour, has recently revealed that he has quit his ready-to-wear line. Jean, who has been influential in the fashion industry for years now, has shocked the fashion world with the news.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Jean pointed out that too many clothes tend to kill clothes. He does not see the need for making too many clothes while no one is buying them. They are making clothes that will never be worn.

Does this signify the end of an era? The designer, who has been viewed as one among the most famous the world over, indeed has been having bad luck with his women collection in recent seasons. Critics have been judging them for lacking coherence.

The designer explained that he quit his women line because he could not cope with the fast paced industry, which demanded constant merchandising and marketing, anymore. Correspondents at AnastasiaDate confirm that he now aims to now put all his focus on his couture line, which he presents twice in a year, in January and July, in Paris.

Jean seems not to be the only one. Dutch design duo Vikor & Rolf also, in this year, stopped their ready-to-wear line. They intend to also concentrate on their couture line and are citing the same reasons as Jean. The pressure in the industry was just too much to handle.

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