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Yeonmi Park’s Amazing Story of Success

March 29, 2016 - Author: steph


There are certain individuals who touch our souls and help us to understand more about struggles going on all throughout the world. Yeonmi Park is one of those individuals who has helped us to understand more about the struggles that are taking place in North Korea. Park has been able to shed a great deal of light on the human rights struggle that is taking place in this area of the world. Her writing has been inspiring and controversial as she tells it like it is. Even though the North Korean government has been threatening towards Yeonmi Park, she continues to stand by and promote her book.

Park lived a like unlike many other. From a very early age, she was forced to deal with issues that most individuals would never have to face. Dealing with starvation, repression, persecution, and more were all things that Yeonmi Park had to learn to face from an early age.

Park and her mother soon knew that it was time to flee the country. They had to cross the Gobi Desert in order to reach freedom. Park said on the NY Times she had to witness the horrible world of human trafficking during her escape of North Korea. There are some adjustment issues that Park has to go through now that she is living in the United States. Having food available at any time of the day is an amenity that we all take for granted. Park was not used to these changes, but quickly is learning to adjust. The future looks very bright for Yeonmi Park as she continues to stand for human rights all over the world.


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