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Diane Strohfus Discusses How BetterWorks Enhances Performance Management

September 9, 2019 - Author: steph

BetterWorks is a Continuous Performance Management® solution that enhances a company’s internal communication. It offers a platform that helps to boost employee productivity through increased employer feedback. Diane Strohfus, CHRO of the company, gives some better insight into her career in HR and how BetterWorks helps to build effective relationships between management and employees.

Strohfus began working in the finance sector but slowly involved herself in HR technology. She often helped new leaders transform their businesses. She assisted with setting goals and aligning all parts of the companies onto better paths. When she joined BetterWorks, she was excited to take her experience to the next level. Since the workforce is constantly evolving, performance management practices often become outdated. With this software, employees and leaders can engage easier through one platform and follow key objectives that bring success.

In today’s world, it is vital to move away from simply tracking results. It is essential to improve the review process and to understand the sentiments of employees from all parts of the business. BetterWorks creates a flow of work inside of the app, which generates management support on a continual basis. This motivates employees and creates an energized workforce.

As Strohfus looks to the future, she has a clear vision for expanding the opportunities to better HR technology. She recognizes the need for incorporating development, promotion, and engagement into one platform so that leaders can grow their companies. When management communicates effectively with employees, better decision-making and problem solving is possible.

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What Talent Professionals Think About Betterworks

August 5, 2019 - Author: steph

Silicon Valley has birthed many tech companies. Some of the biggest and most well known startups have their roots planted in this lavish valley of technology. Betterworks is one of these startups. Betterworks unlike many other tech startups has proven they have what it truly takes to become a successful tech company. Betterworks has encountered success because of their software. They have the software that promotes talent performance. Many business and human resource professionals relish about the benefits that the Betterworks software offers.

Talent performance management is essentially managing the way workers perform. Betterworks is a leader in this field with this service. They are giving workers the ability to keep up with or track their performance in a more productive matter. The software created by Betterworks reinforces the need for talent professionals to know their progress and productivity at work. When people are working, they may not always feel like they are doing the best job or making progress. This software enables people to gain confidence about their work performance. When people are confident, they tend to perform better.

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You can describe Betterworks as a Continuous Performance Management solution. Once workers begin using the software, they see a constant stream of improvement. The improvement amongst talent professionals can be linked to the certain features Betterworks offers. This software is typically well-liked in the workplace. Its features make it well-liked. Some of the software’s features include jotting down deadlines, scheduling meetings, co-working, working on assignments together and allowing for critiques.

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A More Efficient OKR With Betterworks

June 24, 2019 - Author: steph


Many businesses rely on an objectives and key results program, otherwise known as an OKR, in order to guide them towards success. While these programs can be powerful tools to growing your business, an OKR requires cooperation, communication, and regular upkeep in order to be effective. Managers looking to develop and maintain an effective OKR should try and keep the following concepts firmly in mind.

Set Priorities, Monitor Progress, Effective Check-Ins, and Appropriate Feedback are the cornerstones of a functional OKR. What this means, effectively, is that you should work with your employees to establish clear goals. Then set up clear communication lines to help ensure those goals are being met at the proper pace. Regular check-ins give team members an opportunity to collaborate and troubleshoot, adapting to the situation at hand. Finally, constructive feedback allows the teams to recognize strengths and weakness so they can compensate accordingly moving forward. For a more in-depth look at each of these factors consider looking here.


A great tool in realizing an effective OKR is Betterworks, a continuous performance management solution. This piece of heavy duty business software is highly scale-able and has a variety of tools available. These can be used to help your team organize data more efficiently and estimate objectives flow. This helps greatly both in monitoring results and planning for the future.

Betterworks provides managers with the tools needed to efficiently assign objectives, review results, and offer commentary all in a single, easy to use and easy to navigate system.

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