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Learn these popular skiing before your vacation

July 14, 2015 - Author: steph


Skiing is truly a unique and exciting sport that has its own unique style and culture. Getting used to this culture can be difficult for novices, but there are a few common phrases that can get you started once you decide that you want to become a skier. 
One of the most common phrases in Skiing is yard sale. While normally a yard sale is the sale of used household items, in the world of skiing a yard sale refers to the scattering of items along the mountain caused by a wipe out. 
Another popular term among skiers is the word “brah”. While the word may be used like the word for a ladies undergarment, the word is actually a term of endearment among skiers. 
You may also hear the word chowder while you are skiing. This term does not refer to soup, but actually refers to wet and low quality snow. You definitely want to avoid chowder. Similarly, corn does not refer to the food, but actually refers to low quality grainy snow and a hot dog isn’t a sandwich, but instead is a person that is making a fool of themselves by acting out on the slopes. 
Champagne may be a wonderful drink that you enjoy after you get back from the slopes, but it also refers to perfect smooth snow that you and your skiing friends are looking for. If you have too much Champagne later in the day, you may find yourself “puking”, but the term also refers to the heaviness of the snow. 
Another term that you may hear when the snow really falls down is Snorkel. This is the term used when the snow really falls down, and thus you might need a snorkel. 
Skiing terminology can be extremely helpful to know, but fear not. Andy Wirth once had to learn all this terminology, and today he is the CEO of one of the most popular chains of ski lodges in the world. He is known for giving skiers a high quality skiing experience. You definitely need to check out his ski lodges if you are looking to have a high quality skiing experience.

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