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Meet Sheldon Lavin: As Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, Lavin’s solid, veteran leadership has earned his company many awards and accolades in the food industry

April 15, 2018 - Author: steph

As a senior leader of OSI Group, CEO, Sheldon Lavin has attained key business milestones, expanded successfully into international markets, and received many awards and accolades during his business tenure.

In terms of his work résumé, Sheldon Lavin was once the Chairman of Amick Farms, after OSI Group purchased this key American poultry company in 2006. OSI Group’s purchase of Baho Food in August of 2016, spurred Lavin to add this Dutch-based food company into their other European consortium of companies. The purchase of Baho Foods also solidified their chances that OSI would gain a stronger corporate presence in Europe.

Based on this acquisition, OSI Group inherited five subsidiaries from Baho Foods, along with important processing plants located in Germany, and the Netherlands. These five subsidiaries included Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, Vital Convenience, and Henri van de Bilt. These subsidiaries provide food services in Europe, and assist with a food network in 16 countries.

In terms of other moves, OSI Group purchased the Tyson Food plant in June, 2016. The Tyson plant, which was located in Chicago, Ill., was bought by OSI for $74 million. A spokesman for OSI group noted that the 200,000-square-foot location, which is situated in the Back of the Yards site, is close to OSI Group’s Chicago facilities.

This Tyson Food purchase was a strategic move that helped OSI Group’s longterm growth prospects. It was a prudent way to utilize this new infrastructure to spur additional business growth. OSI Group has achieved many impressive business milestones under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership. OSI has garnered a lot of recognition and awards, both domestically and internationally.

A UK based, subsidiary of OSI Group, was awarded with The Globe of Honour in February, 2016. The British Safety Council gave this OSI Group subsidiary the award for its corporate excellence in the area of environmental safety.

Sheldon Lavin has provided resources to many charities over the years. Lavin supports the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which he has done so for over 25 years. Lavin is also a trustee and chairman of their capital campaign.

Lavin earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in finance and accounting from Roosevelt University, which was located in Chicago, Ill.

In 1970, Lavin got his start in the food business, by teaming up with Otto & Sons, Inc. Otto & Sons became OSI Group, LLC, which is currently a billion dollar food company.

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David McDonald Has Changed OSI Group For The Better

April 8, 2018 - Author: steph

You can’t go very far in the world of food processing without having a solid plan for growth and change. David McDonald has helped make sure that OSI Group has everything it needs to grow and develop as a food processing company. He has helped this company turn into something much more respectable than it was at any point in the past. It’s gone from a small deli to an international giant over the course of a century. The pivotal steps necessary to make it all work would not have been possible without the work of McDonald and what he has made possible.

David McDonald began as an accountant but he was able to rise by using talents to give the company the best advantages he can. He knew that the company was going to need to take some serious steps in order to make sure it advanced beyond the normal expectations. His work has proven successful in giving OSI what it needs to grow and expand as a company There are people all across the world eating their food and it’s thanks to his work. He’s taken the original vision of OSI and made it into something much greater.

OSI Group is the world’s greatest supplier of protein out there. No other company gives so many people the protein they eat daily and none have come close to giving fast food the ability to reach as many people. That is what separates OSI from others out there. Nobody else has managed to get so many people to enjoy fast food regardless of what that entails. They have offered fast food restaurants everything from beef to chicken in their services, but they will often go beyond that. They have actually offered frozen dough and coffee grinds in order to help fast food companies complete orders.

The ability to do what David McDonald has done is something to commend regardless. He has proven he is able to handle the issues that can arise when a company wants to expand on an international scale. That ability to work towards the future without missing any details is what makes McDonald such a respected figure in food processing. He has made it clear that OSI Group is going to continue it’s dominance of the market for some time to come. Even if that means finding new ways to add to their traditional formula.

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OSI Group Has Unsurpassed Passion for Providing Quality Food for Consumers

July 27, 2017 - Author: steph

OSI Group is one of the world’s premier global food providers who are one of the companies that are leading in providing food services in the retail sector in countries across the world. The idea is to bring quality, concept-to-table foods to consumers around the world. The OSI Group has the financial resources and capacities of one of the largest food dispensing companies in the world at their fingertips and has extensive capabilities within their business that allow them for sourcing, develop, produce, and distribute customized food solutions to customers anywhere throughout the world.

The company at the OSI Group was founded on a passion for quality service and a can-do ethics of customer collaboration. Consumers can trust the OSI Group for innovative, fresh, quality food solutions to provide great meals for their families. The company also takes ideas from customers and turns those ideas into realities as well.

OSI has a lot to offer customers including the fact that they accept custom orders that are made to the customer’s precise specifications every single time. The OSI Group possesses an efficient and trustworthy supply chain expertise to provide the customer with exactly what they are looking for. They also have the facilities to create the product of the customer’s dreams and the exceptional culinary and flavor knowledge to make the food taste great every single time. The OSI Group will make the food using the unsurpassed food safety and quality assurance practices that they are also infamously known for and use their commitment to sustainability throughout their extensive network to ensure that they respect the environment for future generations while making this food as well.


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