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OSI Industries Will Come To The Rescue In Assisting With The Production Of One Of The Food Industry’s Hottest New Items:

September 10, 2019 - Author: steph


People generally associate famed food processor OSI Industries with its connection to the massively successful restaurant chain McDonalds but the firm is proud that it will also soon be associated with one of the best plant-based hamburgers that the food industry has yet conceived. This plant-based burger is known as the Impossible Burger and it is the creation of vegan food producer Impossible Foods. This product has taken on a life of its own since initially released by Impossible Foods. In an age where more consumers are looking for plant-based dining options, products like this are becoming increasingly popular. This is particularly the case when they are of the high quality that is found with the Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger. The quality of the product has already allowed it to find a home among the menu items at Burger King. The crew at Impossible Foods is looking to getting their delicious plant-based burger onto the menu at McDonalds as well. For those wondering where OSI Industries fits in with all of this, it is simple. The two food processing firms have just reached an agreement with one another to co-manufacturer the Impossible Burger. This is exciting news indeed for the team at Impossible Foods as things have been stressful as of late with the firm finding it difficult to keep up with the production demands that the popularity of the Impossible Burger has been imposing. Learn more about OSI Industries at

Heading up the area of Product and Operations at Impossible Foods is industry expert Sheetal Shah. He was instrumental in helping to put together the deal to work alongside OSI Industries. As the Impossible Burger has become so popular, the company has been extended past its production capacity in terms of keeping up with the demand. This has left many orders unfilled, a situation which had to be rectified.

It was the search for a solution to this problem that led Impossible Foods to partner with OSI Industries in a joint-production effort for the Impossible Burger. The reputation for being a great partner organization is something that OSI Industries is well-known for across the global food industry. This was a major factor behind the decision on the part of Impossible Foods to choose the Illinois-based firm. Read More:

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Sheldon Lavin Apology to Husi Customers

May 16, 2019 - Author: steph

Sheldon Lavin knows that leadership isn’t for the faint hearted. The businessman got the ownership of OSI Group many years ago, and he is proving to everyone that he has all the skills to take on the global company. When Sheldon Lavin become the chairman and chief executive officer of the food company, he lacked most of the skills needed to handle an international company. However, his passion and interest in offering affordable food products to the world made him learn the skills he has. The businessman had already led a company in the financial department, so things were not complicated for him. As the owner of the prestigious firm, it is the responsibility of Sheldon Lavin to introduce policies that will encourage growth and innovation in his organization. The businessman has to keep his food company in check at all times so that the reputation of his company is not taken in the wrong books.

Several months ago, there were so many stories affecting OSI Group China branches. According to the reliable sources, the company was selling food items that are outdated, something that might have endangered the lives of the consumers. Sheldon Lavin has accepted that it has wrong the consumers, and it has taken responsibility for the events. The company leader, however, has promised that this will never happen in the future. The business leader is wise when it comes to handling any crisis, and this is why he has apologized to all the Husi Food branch customers, promising them of better products in the future.

The food restaurants in China have complained that the beef and poultry they have been getting is outdated and unsafe for consumption. The company has already removed all the packaging and brought fresh and repackaged meat items that will not bring any harm to the customers. OSI Group has been thriving in the market for decades, and the Husi events will not hinder the kind of relationship the company has enjoyed with its customers. Sheldon Lavin has also sent a team to investigate and come up with a solution so that a similar scandal doesn’t come to the company in the future.

Source of the article :

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The Leading Global Company in the Meat Processing Business–OSI Industries

January 4, 2019 - Author: steph

OSI Industries Humble Beginnings

The OSI Industries is one of the largest food processing companies in the world owning 65 facilities in 17 nations in three of the continents. Its origins stemmed from the 1900s when an immigrant from Germany started a family business of selling meat in Chicago before expanding his business into a wholesale supplier. What’s more, over the decades the business continued to expand, and by 1928, it became a fully-fledged company that went by the name “Otto & Sons” as he ran the company together with his sons.

Further, as the company continued to grow, it became one of the leading meat suppliers for McDonald’s restaurant that started in 1955. The company continued to flourish, and by 1973, Otto &Sons was able to afford its first substantial meat plant that could produce larger quantities and quality products of fresh beef patties in West Chicago. Besides, the Otto & Sons Company would later form another separate internal unit for dealing with the non-McDonald businesses that was known as “Glenmark”, before again changing their brand name to what is now the OSI Industries in 1975.

About Business Operations at the OSI Industries

OSI’s operations are conducted by its more than 20,000 employees who have helped to place the company as a global leader in the food business. Also, as the company continues to expand its business, OSI focuses on the value-added products such as the hamburger patties, sausages, and pizza that have significantly been improved in the last ten years. Furthermore, the company has especially penetrated the market in Europe where an instance is when it acquired the Creative Foods Europe in 2016 as part of its expansion strategy.

Moreover, OSI also acquired another large food processing company known as Baho food that operates in both the Netherlands and the Germany market. The formerly Dutch company again has five subsidiaries known as the Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren, and Bakx Foods. Equally important, the given subsidiaries are in 18 of the European countries where they have been in the food business for close to 60 years, which is already a boost to the OSI’s business. Additionally, the OSI Industries is headed by the Sheldon Lavin, who is the chairman and CEO of the company where he has been involved in the business since the 1970s.

Their LinkedIn Profile:

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OSI Industries will remain bullish on technological innovation

November 27, 2018 - Author: steph

OSI Industries is a hub of global leadership. The multinational food producer envisions a future of innovation, and sustainability. In terms of scale, scope, and size of trending deamand for processed meat products worldwode, OSI Industries will more than likely realize even larger gains going forward.

According to research comleted by various food-based initiatives like the World Health Organization, and the World Food Bank, the international market need for poultry and pork especially, is predicted to grow steadily over the next two decades. The global firm lans to extend its longevity by remaining a major supplier as demand grows.

The company’s long-standing position in thrme industry arose from making cutting-edge technology a priority. Staying just steps ahead of the competition has aided OSI Industries in its decades of dominant operation.

From humble beginnings to billion-dollar conglomerate, the giant firm’s story reveals the rewards of vigor combined with consistent service and strict safety adherence. The Group started out as a Chicago-based butcher shop. Becoming a target supplier for Ray Kroc’s network of McDonald’s franchises solidified the company’s reputation as a premier partner for restaurant chains everywhere.

An American success tale many times over, OSI Industries century of operation couldn’t continue without passionate leadership at the helm chartering the company’s destination. CEO Sheldon Lavin’s exemplary committments to embracing challenges, employee welfare, and sagacious marketing savvy makes him a once-in-a-lifetime business manager.

Maximizing decades of strategic aptitude, Lavin continues to guide the company according to objective protocols. The plan will remain the same; increase efficiency while reducing environmental footprint. At OSI, change wil be the only constant. Amalgamating new developments and techniques into the overall picture.

Expansion through merger and acquisition will also play a key role. Taking calculated risks by taking prudent advantage of market opportunities is a core element to the form’s success.

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OSI Group McDonalds Installs a Multi-million Production Line in Spain.

November 5, 2018 - Author: steph

OSI Group McDonalds has many plants worldwide, and it recently revamped its plant in Toledo, Spain that specializes in the processing of chicken products. Before the expansion, the plant’s chicken production was twelve thousand tons annually, but the production doubled to twenty-four thousand tons annually after the upgrade. The whole process cost the company €17 Million and created twenty more job opportunities for the existing one hundred and forty. OSI Food Solutions (OSI Group McDonalds) created a new position of product development manager. The person to occupy the new position would be a skilled and a focused person to develop new products and improve the existing ones. The manager would use the new kitchen to do the sampling of the products. Additionally, after the upgrade, the plant would produce forty-five thousand tons annually in total. The production consists of chicken, beef, and pork combined. Read more about OSI Group McDonalds at

OSI Group McDonalds, OSI Food Solutions Spain Managing Director, José María del Río noted that the demand for chicken products in Portugal and Spain grew at a breakneck pace. He pointed out that the growth rate in the last decade rose by six percent annually but for the previous three years, the growth in three years hit eight percent annually. He said that the rise in demand for these products would continue. The new production line is 22,600 square feet that contain refrigerated rooms for the storage of waste containers, production hall, a storage area for the supplies, dispatch space, and products receiving area. The facility has an employee lounge, hot water storage containers, and Nitrogen containers.

The President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group McDonalds, David McDonald noted that the expansion was part of the company’s agenda to add more products to its portfolio. He was also happy because the process created more job opportunities hence boosting the economy. He said that the new production line observed sustainability because of setting measures of cutting production costs by lowering electricity usage. The heat produced by the refrigerators and the production system would be recycled to boil water instead of using electricity. The process would reduce energy consumption by twenty percent, which was a significant improvement.

Learn more:


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OSI Group Expand Its Territories In Europe

October 27, 2018 - Author: steph

Precisely, globalization in business refers to the international movement of territories in a relatively expanded space. This is a big deal for most businesses since it requires more resources for expansion and more teams to handle management and customer service.

OSI Group is a company that has been able to expand its boundaries via globalization successfully. Despite that this is a tough and challenging venture, OSI has still been able to wade through successfully. This is the main reason why the firm has managed to consistently receive firm entrepreneurial networks for more of its projects and business deals. OSI is a meat products industry that is privately owned in America.

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Leadership structure is the primary determinant of the direction that a company takes. It mandatory for a company’s leadership to be focused on representing the business for a company to be successful. Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald are the two principal leaders at OSI Group that chair the firm when it comes to critical thinking and decision making. These two members are highly talented with outstanding leadership skills that that makes OSI Group unique. OSI is based in Illinois, and it’s a meat supplier to any states outside the United States of America. This company is highly concerned about customer service in conjunction with the proper delivery of their manufactured products. Many people don’t realize that they have been consuming OSI Group products. This is mainly because the platform that offers delivery service is highly diverse and significantly pronounced. The impacts of this company are incredibly growing.

In the recent past, OSI Group expanded and grew its territory to Europe. Sheldon Lavin is the person who spearheaded this growth and expansion with the acquisition of Baho Food. Baho is the Dutch affiliate with affiliates in Netherlands and Germany. During this acquisition, Baho Foods used to offer food services to around 18 nations. After the purchase, it started generating higher profits. The plans to expand Baho Food Operations still continuous under the management of the main two leaders, Sheldon Lavin, and David McDonald. The two will forever be remembered for their commitment and excellent leadership skills.


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OSI Group Has Unsurpassed Passion for Providing Quality Food for Consumers

July 27, 2017 - Author: steph

OSI Group is one of the world’s premier global food providers who are one of the companies that are leading in providing food services in the retail sector in countries across the world. The idea is to bring quality, concept-to-table foods to consumers around the world. The OSI Group has the financial resources and capacities of one of the largest food dispensing companies in the world at their fingertips and has extensive capabilities within their business that allow them for sourcing, develop, produce, and distribute customized food solutions to customers anywhere throughout the world.

The company at the OSI Group was founded on a passion for quality service and a can-do ethics of customer collaboration. Consumers can trust the OSI Group for innovative, fresh, quality food solutions to provide great meals for their families. The company also takes ideas from customers and turns those ideas into realities as well.

OSI has a lot to offer customers including the fact that they accept custom orders that are made to the customer’s precise specifications every single time. The OSI Group possesses an efficient and trustworthy supply chain expertise to provide the customer with exactly what they are looking for. They also have the facilities to create the product of the customer’s dreams and the exceptional culinary and flavor knowledge to make the food taste great every single time. The OSI Group will make the food using the unsurpassed food safety and quality assurance practices that they are also infamously known for and use their commitment to sustainability throughout their extensive network to ensure that they respect the environment for future generations while making this food as well.


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