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Facts to Know About Sheldon Lavin

June 28, 2019 - Author: steph

Sheldon Lavin is one of the pillars behind the success of OSI Group. He has worked in one of the most popular food processing companies globally as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The company has made a reputation by producing high-quality food products. Sheldon became involved in the company’s operations earlier in the financial docket. He took center stage during the financial planning of the company’s first meat facility in West Chicago. During that time, the company operated under the name Otto& Sons before rebranding in 1975.

In one of the interviews, Sheldon Lavin admitted that the driving force behind his success is the vision to turn the company into an excellent food conglomerate. His ideas have materialized because the once brick-and-mortar venture today operates in 17 countries working through 70 processing plants. The company specializes in baked goods, sauces, vegetable brands as wells as protein products. Lavin’s expertize in coping with the changes in technology and addressing shortage issues are some of the skills that give him the impetus to lead the company.

According to Sheldon Lavin, leading a large company like OSI Group involves teamwork. The executive admits that he engages various skilled individuals at OSI to get vital information concerning the company. Concisely, Sheldon points out that it’s not easy to do a thorough research of everything in the company as the leader. However, he is quick to note that passion is the primary source of his success. Lavin admits that he developed a knack for leading a food company in his early days in the finance.

Sheldon Lavin started working at OSI Group as a financial consultant during the days the company was a small meat outlet. He helped the company by looking for funds because startups need constant funding to execute their strategies. The company diversified its operations across the United States to the delight of Sheldon. He admits that he felt nervous at first, but the success boosted his morale. Many budding entrepreneurs admire Lavin as their role models because of his admirable career.

Besides working at OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin takes part in different community-based activities. His philanthropic efforts in supporting the Ronald McDonald Foundation have changed the lives of many families. The organization caters for the community members suffering from severe sicknesses and housing problems. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award

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Max Salk and Clean Presentations

June 17, 2019 - Author: steph

Max Salk sees that time is precious and that each individual only has a specific amount of time on this planet, as such, one has to make certain that they make each moment count. The fact of the matter is that the leverage of making each moment count and pushing for a better tomorrow.


Max Salk has learned that quick growth and absorption of knowledge is what brings in immense value overall. By approaching the right people and making the right investments in himself, he can make certain to propel himself forward. Max Salk works hard so that he takes the pain out of the analysis and present the ideas in a clear and cogent manner.


The presentation is simple and clear, the analysis and the road to the presentation that the investor may see is totally intensive.


He might have learned these lessons from investors and mentors.


Their Leadership Skills Are at Par With Seasoned Workforce

Due to the grooming, the mentees have a set of skills that is supplemented by their mentor’s experience. This means that no matter what they do, they have the added advantage of approaching things with their own mind as well as the supplemental knowledge they have obtained by listening and learning from their mentor.


If the mentee has been paying sufficient attention to their training, they are able to utilize this atypical combination with quite some ease. When utilized properly, this could translate into leadership skills that are on par with people who have been working at other organizations far longer than them – but without a mentor.


Overall, this provides you with the chance to hire future leaders from within your organization than making external hires. This also boosts employee morale, and lets them know that they are going to be rewarded for their long term association with your firm.


Their Job Satisfaction Levels are Influenced by These Improvements

When these overall improvements in their personality come together, mentees are able to see the change themselves. Since they can register how positively the mentorship program has been working for them, their satisfaction with their job and what it provides to them increases significantly.


Overall, it provides your company with a happier workforce that is improving by each day, and that helps you get your business ready for further growth.

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