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James Dondero Builds Successful Firm

August 5, 2019 - Author: steph

James Dondero has established himself as one of the leading entrepreneurs and executives in the financial services industry. He has worked in the finance industry for over three decades and has accumulated lots of key experience and knowledge. Dondero began his career by working for investment firms as an analyst and as an investment manager. These experiences propelled him to start up his own financial services firm. Since founding his own firm, James has been able to help a number of individual and institutional investors improve their financial situation. He has offered a number of services that help these investors increase their returns and steadily increase their capital. Dondero expanded his firm to other countries which has enabled it to establish his firm as one of the leading companies in the world. Follow James on Linkedin.

What has made James into a top financial entrepreneur is his expertise. On a regular basis, he reads about the latest trends in the financial sector and therefore gains information that can benefit his company. It also benefits his investor clients as well. He is always looking for the most profitable opportunities which will likely increase the bottom line of his firm as well as that of investors. As well as looking for highly profitable opportunities, James also looks for undervalued securities that will likely go up in value in the future. This allows him to find investment options that will enable clients to get assets more affordably and make very high returns within a certain period of time. With his approach, James Dondero has been in position to put together an investment firm that benefits himself as well as his many individual and institutional clients.


Prior to becoming a finance entrepreneur, James attended college at the University of Virginia. While attending this university, he majored in and completed degrees in both accounting and finance. He would graduate with high honors and distinguish himself as a top student. After finishing college, Dondero began working for investment firms where he specialized in the analysis of credit backed securities. During his career working at an investment firm, he would attain the position as a top investment manager. This position allowed him to mange very large sums of capital for top corporations. His experiences as an employee gave him the inspiration to start up his own firm by the 1990’s. Read more at HuffPost about James Dondero

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The Knowledge Of Matt Badiali

June 9, 2019 - Author: steph

While hard work and dedication are great qualities to have as a professional, perhaps no other quality is as important as being knowledgable. No matter what industry a professional is in, knowing more than your peers will put you in a better position to succeed. We have seen this time after time with some of the most successful individuals in business and investing. Speaking of the business and investing fields, perhaps no other professional has been as successful with their skill sets as Matt Badiali has. As we can imagine, his success has largely been a result of his vast knowledge and expertise in his field. As a science and geology major by trait, it might seem like a far stretch to think he ended up as an editor and strategist of wealth in the investing field. Yet again, it’s a sign of the power of specializing and having the knowledge to succeed in a specific area. In fact, Matt Badiali has put himself in a position of being able to teach others what has made him successful. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the career of Matt Badiali and how he is teaching others how to succeed. Visit on his twitter account for updates.

How To Profit With Matt Badiali

One of the many benefits of always knowing more than you need to is that you learn how to profit. This is especially the case in the fields that Matt Badiali is a leader in. Given that business and investing require knowledge of money and how to make it grow, it’s no surprise that Matt has found ways to maximize profits in his own ways. Speaking of which, a good example of his expertise can be seen in an article on how he teaches others how to profit from undervalued stocks. In the article, more than anything we see why people listen to Matt in the first place. As far as how he helps others profit, it comes with a combination of being in a constant state of learning. This is the main quality that has kept Matt on the top of his profession.

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Gareth Henry Sees A New Trend In Investing: Qualitative Investing

January 3, 2019 - Author: steph

Recently, quantitative investing has become popular in the world of investors and Gareth Henry, the former head of investor relations at Fortress Investment, has been a witness to this new-found popularity.

Quantitative Investing might have begun when investors started doing technical trades. They based their trades on market movement, instead of fundamental factors that could be the earning power of a company or its industry position. These technical trades were based on advance or decline lines, moving averages and chart formations. Traders would go to the charts to get this information.

Qualitative investing ultimately means using mathematical computations and number to see what trading opportunities are out there. It could also be seen trading based on qualitative analysis.

The main reason for the current popularity of qualitative investing is that the power of computers has advanced enough that they can be used to do the computations that qualitative investing needs. The advancement of computer power has created a whole new class of traders. They are not surprisingly called qualitative traders that have been nicknamed quants.

Gareth Henry has looked at the new trend in investing and and has come to the conclusion like most things, it is not perfect. The Achilles heel of qualitative investing is that no matter how many computations that a person does on the computer, it will miss a seismic change in the interest-rate climate. No matter what strategy that a person use with this kind of investing, it will have a blind spot for interest-rates.

What is Gareth Henry’s background?
Gareth Henry got a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics. He was a double major and he was able to get honors in both subjects. He attended Heriot-Watt University from 1997 to 2001. He then moved to an analyst for three years at Watson-Wyatt. From 2004 to 2007, he worked as an Investments Manager at SEI Investments and Directors of Strategic Solutions at Schroders Plc. From 2007 to 2015, he worked at Fortress Investment Group as the Head of International Investor Relations. Gareth Henry left Fortress to have the same position at Angelo Gordon in January of 2016 and is now looking for a new position, probably in investment. Gareth Henry is expert in private credit and hedge funds. Gareth Henry has years of experience with alternative investments, in particular, private credit.

Visit for more details about Gareth Henry.

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Fortress Investment Group conveyance and its achievements

June 18, 2018 - Author: steph

Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest and best investment firms in the worldwide. It has contributed to the growth and development of a large number of private firms and other investors in the world through its investment services such as advisory services that are offered by its staffs that are experienced and have vast knowledge about finance and investment sector. The Fortress Investment group was started in 1998 meaning that it has extensive experience in the industry. It uses its expertise to ensure maximum satisfaction of its clients throughout the world, and this is one of the factors that have contributed to the growth of its market share over the years in the global market.It is easy to access the Fortress Investment Group Services since they have a variety of social media platforms where the clients can access them when they are in need.

Besides, the Fortress Investment group has a large number of branches in various countries.This has enabled the company to extend its services to a large population of their clients. Because of its reliability and credibility ion the investment sector, Fortress Investment can be regarded as one of the firms that have contributed significantly to economic growth and development of various countries through the provision of employment opportunities. And through the flourishment of multiple investments which leads to increase in the Gross Domestic Product of numerous countries where their clients are located.Fortress Investment has had a vast number of achievements since it was launched. One of the most significant results starting its shares in the New York Stock Exchange Market and it is at that time that it was regarded as the first largest private equity firm in the United States that was being traded publicly.

Besides, the firm has also won a significant number of awards some of them being the hedge fund manager of the year award by the institutional investor, the credit-focused fund of the year, management firm of the year by HFMWeek as well as the Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the year by the institutional investor. Any investor looking forward to choose the best investment firm focusing on liquid markets, private equity, traditional asset management, credit, and their investment advisory services, Fortress Investment group is an example of the firms that they should consider for those services. It has proved its credibility and reliability to many investors for many years meaning that when it comes to the satisfaction of its clients, it never disappoints.

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Agora Financial Helping Readers Invest Wisely and Stay Financially Aware

February 22, 2018 - Author: steph

When you start earning, one of the first things that you need to focus on is investments. Making smart investments from time to time would ensure that you can get the kind of profits you are looking for. However, the problem is that most people know that they need to invest, but are clueless about where to invest. Due to the availability of so many different investment options, it has become almost impossible for people to decipher where they should invest, and which investment option they should avoid.Agora Financial is one of the leading financial publishing houses in the world that was established in the year 1979. Since the time of its establishment till now, Agora Financial has made some very accurate and astonishing financial predictions that have raised the eyebrows of many leading investment gurus and financial institutions as well.

The company employs some of the best investment and financial experts, who have years of experience behind them. It is their expertise and experience that they wish to share with the world through the publications of Agora Financial, which reaches over a million readers every month. There are currently more than twenty publications of Agora Financial now, and they keep adding more as the financial market evolves.Agora Financial is trusted by so many readers for the reason that it does not accept money from any of the leading financial companies or institutions to provide coverage. It means that the company aims to provide honest and unbiased business news and information to the readers always.

The information and economic analysis provided by Agora Financial is in easy to understand language so that the people who don’t have a financial background as well can understand what it mentions and can act accordingly. Over the years, Agora Financial is credited with helping millions of readers to make considerable returns from their investments in the financial markets.Agora Financial was established over three decades back by Bill Bonner in 1979. The publishing house has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, and has been growing steadily since it was established. The company has gained the trust of over a million readers, and its member base continues to increase with time. More and more people are joining Agora Financial as it has helped the readers make significant returns on their investments. As the financial market continues to stay volatile and unpredictable, it is essential for the people to trust the experts, which is where Agora Financial can help.

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David Giertz Weighs In On Social Security Planning

April 20, 2017 - Author: steph

David Giertz recently had a televised interview about how financial advisors should not avoid talking about Social Security pensions. Dave’s company conducted a survey about people’s opinions on financial advisors. Many people who are near retirement would consider leaving the financial advisor if they were not well versed in Social Security retirement. People that choose to take Social Security too early may be losing hundreds of thousands of dollar during their retirement years.

Dave had also contributed his input on Social Security in a recent CNBC article. He believes that government pensions are drying up, so current retirees will need to maximize their benefits. Those that are confused with the Social Security system may end up with more taxes and less income.

The Nationwide Retirement Institute has shown that 30 percent of pensioners are receiving checks that are less than expected. 86 percent of future retirees also failed to know the requirements that go into determining the monthly check amount on LinkedIn.

Many of the people that have the option of retiring early at 62 take the opportunity foolishly. It should be considered a trap that greatly reduces benefits in the long term at The government considers 65 to 67 to be the true retirement ages. The option at 62 is meant for emergencies of those direly ill. Early retirees may take a hit of up to 25 percent less in monthly checks.

Social security was not meant to be the only mean of retirement, so everybody should start planning on their own. Taking a check at a later age may result up to an additional 8 percent in additional gains per year.

David Giertz is the Senior Vice President of Nationwide Financial Distribution. He also serves executive positions for other Nationwide companies like Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He currently operates out of Columbus, OH.

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Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

February 10, 2017 - Author: steph

The world of finance is such a big entity in the universe. It is the building block of development and innovation. As a matter of fact, it is the state in which people continue in life. While it is not the source of a lie, it has a significant role in the development of human and all other lives in the world. For this reason, we might want to consider having an extra knowledge in finance and solutions to finance. The company has worked to become one of the most innovative business environment entities in the universe. As a matter of fact, it is one of the only lending firms which offer high net worth individuals with the simplest business entities in a busy world.

The company has its main headquarters in Indianapolis. However, it sought to get business in other parts of the world. During this adventure, the company realized that the demand for these loans in other parts of the world is so high that it manifests itself in greater profit. Equities First Holdings also grew to double digits this past year because of their international markets in the world. It has offices in all continents of the world with major offices in Singapore, London, the Middle East, Perth, Sydney, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

Since 2002, Equities First Holdings has completed more than 2000 transactions. According to them, this is not a major achievement. However, it is just a conclusion of their daily business activities on a normal business day. For all their transactions, the company ensures that all their clients get the best from their loans of activities. This is through their low-interest rates and a high loan-to-value ratio which attracts most clients to the stock-based loans.For you to secure fast working capital at Equities First Holdings, you must first hand over your stocks as collateral. The company, through their team of professionals, will analyses the stocks and develop a way through which you can earn your loan. For this reason, you get to answer most questions in your life through the issuance of the stock-based loans in a manner which reflects their capability.

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George Soros and The Situation in the New Ukraine

June 16, 2016 - Author: steph

Can the leaders of the European Union handle any more crises? Right now it would seem their plates are full, and yet every day another crisis seems to assert itself and vie for attention. Market guru and political analyst George Soros knows well the crises the EU leaders are facing, and he’s well aware of the ongoing nature of it all. Yet in a recent article in NY Books, Soros makes a case for bringing one issue up to the top of the list. In Soros’ view, the situation in the Ukraine is one crisis area the leaders should definitely be focusing on.

Since 2014, the Ukraine has gone through some major changes, inspired by the Maidan revolution. The “new” Ukraine is a place that is embracing new found freedoms and a chance at greater democracy and greater stability. Soros feels that this is great news and it needs to be supported by the EU with a substantial financial package. Will the leaders get on board?

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Ukraine & Europe: What Should Be Done?

Ukraine Deserves Debt Relief

Yes, the package Soros proposes will be expensive. It will include political risk insurance (priced affordably) and incentives for investors. This is a key area, as Soros feels that if the Ukraine can continue to stabilize, it will become a more attractive place for investors. This in turn could help the country to stabilize further, helping the EU.

No doubt there are many serious issues vying for the leaderships’ attention, including the ongoing migration situation, the fate of the euro and the question of whether or not Britain will even stay in the EU. Can Ukraine’s situation really beat these other issues for importance?

According to George Soros Ukraine, the risk is that the Ukraine could fall into a serious, Greece-like debt situation if no support is forthcoming. This could pull down the stability of the entire EU, and that would be a very dangerous situation. Ultimately, the cost of the Ukraine becoming more unstable is much higher than the cost of offering support.

Will the leadership listen to Soros suggestion? We’ll all have to wait, see and hope for the best.

Learn more about George Soros:–and-germany-in-particular–to-take-the-lead?barrier=true

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George Soros Sees Ukraine As A Top Priority For The EU

June 7, 2016 - Author: steph

The European Union is facing multiple challenges, however, George Soros believes it should focus on Ukraine. The country’s new government is striving towards integration with the EU by transforming into a nation that isn’t dominated by a political class that is more interested in private gain than serving the Ukraine citizens. George Soros Ukraine makes his opinion clear in an article titled “Ukraine & Europe: What Should Be Done?” that was published by The New York Review of Books.

With the British considering leaving the EU, migration, the euro crisis and Greece’s economic problems, the European Union has its hands full, but they cannot afford to ignore Ukraine’s desire to associate with the EU. In an opinion piece for Project Syndicate, George Soros Ukraine claims that bringing Ukraine into the EU will prevent Russia from destabilizing the nation’s political reforms. Russian President Vladimir Putin is against Ukraine’s desire to join the European Union, since he views the EU as anti-Russian.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

George Soros – The New York Times

In another opinion piece published by The New York Review of Books, Soros talks about the sanctions imposed on Russia for their incursions into Ukraine. Neither the U.S. nor Europe wants to get into a war with Russia over Ukraine. The sanctions are necessary, even though Russia’s financial crisis, brought on by the sanctions and low oil prices, will affect the global financial system. Soros believes admitting Ukraine into the EU will make Putin give up on his Ukraine policy, which would end the sanctions.

Soros also points out that if Ukraine was part of the EU and receive financial assistance, it would encourage outside invest in the Eastern European country and encourage European nations to export goods to Ukraine. He believes the European Union sees Ukraine as just another country in need of cash, not as a nation that would hold Russian at bay and stimulate the European economy. Soros’ sees the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s support as essential for making Ukraine a priority for the EU and creating a buffer between the EU and Russia, which Soros says is a potential threat to Europe as long as Putin is in power.

Learn more about George Soros Ukraine:

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An Intelligent Investor

April 25, 2016 - Author: steph

Meet Igor Cornelsen, a popular Brazilian investor and retired banker. You may have heard about him through his association with the Bainbridge Group and his investing in the stock market. Igor is a seasoned professional- he knows all the ins and outs of banking and how to properly invest money on

Igor Cornelsen, a native of Brazil, now currently resides in South Florida. Igor Cornelsen began his banking career back home where he primarily was the leader at banks and guided investors on how to make successful decisions. When Igor decided to retire from his banking career, he joined an investment group known as Bainbridge. He plays the role of proprietor and makes the stock market decisions. Bainbridge group provides expert investing advice to anyone looking to make a solid investment. Those associated with getting advice from Igor Cornelsen have gained up to five hundred percent what they put into their investments to begin with. Igor chose work work for Bainbridge because they have been a trusted agency for years. After his many years dedicated to banking, and changing so many things for the better in the investment departments, he needed a new hobby- one that could still be based on the adventures of investing but one that could also be taught to others.

Igor Cornelsen has mastered the art of investing, if you will, and isn’t afraid to share his expertise with others. The stock market can be tricky, and more risky than a solid banking investment on, but through his years of experience, Igor has the stock market right where he wants it. Bainbridge is a trustworthy investment group and since retirement, he has dedicated his time to helping people win the stock market by putting their money into the best companies. Igor Cornelsen is a man trusted with other individuals and businesses money in both Brazil and the United States, and someone who has incredible skill in the stock market and investing.

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