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A Pair of Keys to Success with Max Salk

August 6, 2019 - Author: steph

Over the past century, humanity has evolved from basic technology into some of our most advanced creations to date. Now the average individual can do anything they desire from just the push of the button. Max Salk is right at the center of this constant culture shift. He lives in New York, where modern innovation and culture clash in ways like no other around the world. There are countless individuals who like to ride the waves of the future, but Max Salk prefers to keep his feet planted firmly on the ground. He expands on his unique professional outlook in a recent Positive the Facts article.

In such a rapidly changing world, there are two vital keys to long term sustainability. The first is simply being prepared for the unexpected. A chance encounter or being in the right place at the right time can do wonders for opening up opportunities. Max Salk describes an incident that took place during a trip to the Netherlands. One morning he took a walk and choose to bring along his camera. The goal wasn’t to take pictures, but rather be prepared to take pictures. This decision turned out to be correct as he took one of his best nature shots that morning.

In addition to preparation, the second key to success is adapting to the modern environment. Max Salk does this on a small scale by having to adjust his shot composition based on location or tiny details that crop up in the moment. In a larger sense, this means understanding the market. He suggests to not be afraid of trying new things or adjusting the business model. Numerous companies have been able to thrive on adjusting themselves to their core demographics and the kind of devices they currently use.

Success is not something that can easily obtained, but rather its something that an individual has to pursue. A business leader should do everything in their power to increase the odds of a good day that will advance their dream. There is nothing more resonating to consumers than a passionate leader at the top.

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Omeed Malik and Capital Markets

July 9, 2019 - Author: steph


Omeed Malik is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of a business that’s referred to as Farvahar Partners. Farvahar Partners is a boutique merchant bank which leverages decades of industry experience to provide an advisory capacity rarely seen within this niche market, as well as liquidity, and capital raising efforts. He’s accomplished a lot throughout his vocation thanks to his unrivaled blend of savvy, instincts and sincerity. This man has a lot of proficiency that relates to merchant banks and investing aims.

Omeed Malik specialized in providing results for businesses of all sizes, structures, and interests. Investing partner capital, in the spirit of bridging the crucial gap between venture funding and later-stage monetary contributions, Malik advises various companies throughout all growth cycles of their ventures.

Recognizing an underserved population in the niche asset management and business advisory fields, Omeed Malik’s unique experiences and innate characteristics have allowed him to flourish.

Malik is an individual who consistently discusses the value of compliance with any and all SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) regulations. His existence commenced in the United States in the state of New Jersey. His dad hailed from Pakistan. His mom, on the other hand, hailed from Iran. He went to an institution of higher learning that was called Colgate University. That’s where he studied both political science and philosophy. He attained a Bachelor’s degree from the preowned Hamilton, New York educational staple.

Although Omeed Malik is without a doubt an alumnus of the aforementioned Colgate University, that’s where his educational background stopped. He went to Emory Law School after his time at Colgate University. That’s the school that gave him his JD (Juris Doctorate). Malik can tell people many diverse things that relate to the sector of capital markets. He is well-versed in bankruptcy, private equity and even corporate governance matters.

Malik in the past was a Bank of America Merrill Lynch employee. This was before he established Farvahar Partners. He was a Bank of America Merrill Lynch Managing Director. He was in charge of international hedge fund matters.

Chronicle Week’s article; “Omeed Malik On The Public vs Private Market” discusses how boutique merchant bank leverages decades of industry experience to provide an advisory capacity rarely seen within this niche market, as well as liquidity, and capital raising efforts.

This consummate professional takes the time to take part in all sorts of activities. He’s a part of an organization that’s called the Council on Foreign Relations. He functions as one of its capable Term Members at the moment. He used to be a part of the House of Representatives and the Senate of the United States.


Watch his video on


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TJ Maloney Leads Lincolnshire Management

July 6, 2019 - Author: steph

Lincolnshire Management has become a superb firm in the private equity world. They are known for their work with medium market sized companies. They are known for their extensive investment portfolio which includes these medium market organizations. The firm’s purpose is to enable organizations to develop into being fruitful enterprises.

Lately, the private equity firm has brought on new individuals to join their team. Adding new staff was conducted by the leadership of TJ Maloney. Matthew Nacier is a returning employee. He will be a senior associate to the firm. Lincolnshire Management will have another senior associate joining them. Nicolas Vega Llona will be this new associate. Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stolt-Nielsen are coming to Lincolnshire Management as analysts.

Lincolnshire Management has a dedicated CEO by the name of TJ Maloney. He has communicated how energized the team is with a returning member and other new members who will join their expert staff. The firm knows their future is bright when they have a solid team of hard-working experts. TJ Maloney wants his staff to be made of gifted people. He wants investment experts who are individuals ready to deliver and ready to carry out their responsibilities. The objective of these employees is to aid the firm in enhancing its investment portfolio.

For over three decades, Lincolnshire Management has channeled their investment strengths into creating satisfied customers who vouch for their exceptional reputation. The firm has engineered itself for great advancement in the world of private equity. Developing ventures, overseeing mergers and acquisitions and growing the portfolios of clients is what this firm does best. Distribution, manufacturing and service are the three core industries they specialize in. Lincolnshire Management has made effective exits for the three organizations within their portfolios: Holley Performance, Amports Inc. and Fabbri Group.

TJ Maloney has been a businessman for decades. Since 1933, he has been dedicated to improving this firm and growing it to great success. His experience includes law about securities, purchasing businesses and investments and corporate mergers. His professional accomplishments for the firm would not be possible without his many years of studying, practicing and perfecting the world of investments.

Read more here

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Marc Beer Of Renovia Will Also Handle Leadership At LumeNXT

June 17, 2019 - Author: steph

Just this year, LumeNXT appointed Marc Beer as its newest Chairman of the Board. The announcement was made last April. LumeNXT, which prides itself on being a customer-centric company, believes that with Beer’s 25 years of experience in leading pharmaceutical companies, he will be able to take LumeNXT to success. As of now, Beer is also a member of the leadership council of Renovia. Learn more:


Speaking after the announcement, Marc Beer stated that the thought of working with dedicated and accomplished surgeons and engineers makes him happy. This is because he believes that LumeNXT and its products will be very important in the future of minimally invasive procedures. Beer also believes that the company’s proprietary technology will be one of the factors which will increase the support for minimally invasive procedures.


LumeNXT offers highly-innovative lighting products which are compact, self-powered, and mountable for ease of usage. One of its benefits is the fact that it uses targeted lighting to make sure that intense light will be produced. The product is also designed to reduce the heat which is generated via the light. With the patented design of LumeNXT products, the company aims to provide an even unique innovation in the future.


Paul Rhyme, who is the co-founder of LumeNXT, believes that Marc Beer’s very impressive track in handling multiple startups will also be a good help in the company. In addition, Rhyme also adds how Beer’s vast experience in the industry, he would also be able to guide the company through global commercial rollout and help the company grow. Just like Beer, Rhyme was announced as the new Chief Executive Office of the company last April.


Marc Beer currently handles leadership positions in his most recent company: the Renovia LLC. Renovia is a company which is focused to find the right treatment and the right diagnostics of its products for Pelvic Floor Disorders. Renovia was founded in 2016 and has been reported to successfully getting the investments needed for this venture. As of now, one of Renovia’s products can now be found in the market as both a treatment and diagnostic tools for Pelvic Floor Disorders. As of now, Beer serves as the co-founder, chairman, and the chief executive officer of the company.


Included in Marc Beer’s long list of achievements is creating the Good Start Genetics, which is acquired by InVitae. Before that, he is the founding chairman and the chairman of the compensation committee of the Minerva Neurosciences. He was also the founding CEO of ViaCell, which has been acquired by PerkinElmer last 2007. ViaCell was able to grow to more than 300 employees and went for an IPO in 2005. Beer got his Bachelor’s Degree from Miami University and is a member of the school’s Business Advisory Council. 


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Max Salk and Clean Presentations

- Author: steph

Max Salk sees that time is precious and that each individual only has a specific amount of time on this planet, as such, one has to make certain that they make each moment count. The fact of the matter is that the leverage of making each moment count and pushing for a better tomorrow.


Max Salk has learned that quick growth and absorption of knowledge is what brings in immense value overall. By approaching the right people and making the right investments in himself, he can make certain to propel himself forward. Max Salk works hard so that he takes the pain out of the analysis and present the ideas in a clear and cogent manner.


The presentation is simple and clear, the analysis and the road to the presentation that the investor may see is totally intensive.


He might have learned these lessons from investors and mentors.


Their Leadership Skills Are at Par With Seasoned Workforce

Due to the grooming, the mentees have a set of skills that is supplemented by their mentor’s experience. This means that no matter what they do, they have the added advantage of approaching things with their own mind as well as the supplemental knowledge they have obtained by listening and learning from their mentor.


If the mentee has been paying sufficient attention to their training, they are able to utilize this atypical combination with quite some ease. When utilized properly, this could translate into leadership skills that are on par with people who have been working at other organizations far longer than them – but without a mentor.


Overall, this provides you with the chance to hire future leaders from within your organization than making external hires. This also boosts employee morale, and lets them know that they are going to be rewarded for their long term association with your firm.


Their Job Satisfaction Levels are Influenced by These Improvements

When these overall improvements in their personality come together, mentees are able to see the change themselves. Since they can register how positively the mentorship program has been working for them, their satisfaction with their job and what it provides to them increases significantly.


Overall, it provides your company with a happier workforce that is improving by each day, and that helps you get your business ready for further growth.

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Role of Marc Beer at Renovia, Inc

June 4, 2019 - Author: steph

Marc Beer has played a significant role in the health industry, especially with his work in the field of medical science. During the twentieth century, treatments of nearly all classes of diseases, including death threatening such as cancer are readily treated today. In the twenty-first century, the advancement of such therapies has advanced with the understanding of the information provided by technologies adopted. Marc Beer has worked in the sector since the mid-1990s after working in several pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott Labs. Over the years, he gained adequate experience and knowledge, which led to the establishment of Renovia.


Renovia specializes in the development of treatments of pelvic floor disorders through the manufacture of modern medicines. Since partnering with Dr. Sam Pulliam, Marc Beer saw an interest in developing the cure of the diseases which has affected more than thirteen million women in the United States. Together with Jose Bohorquez, who developed an approach of treating the problem, the three started the company to save women suffering from the disease. Marc Beer then became the CEO of the company and seeking funding, which led to raising about $42 million during the Series-B deal. 


With the money intended for equity and venture debts, Marc Beer stated that Renovia is yet to generate profits as it is still in its initial stages in the business cycle. Subsequently, the procedure of developing medical products demand professional individuals henceforth essential for the company to focus on development rather than profit. As a biotech founder and executive, Marc Beer makes his money in the company through guiding employees while overseeing all operations at Renovia. 


Marc Beer, like most startup entrepreneurs, experienced challenges, especially in newly created biotech companies such as ViaCell and Renovia. Many startups face difficulties in the capital generation as well as personal doubt of building the company to its greater heights. However, Marc Beer remained positive while creating Renoviaand capitalized on challenges experienced as prime opportunities to grow. The idea of delivering FDA approved products together with television, radio, and online advertisements developed a working marketing strategy to reach clients. Similarly, Marc Beer remains a tough leader who selects the right and experienced individuals. Learn more:


About Marc Beer


Marc Beer is an entrepreneur currently serving as the co-founder, Chairman, and CEO at Renovia, Inc. based in the Greater Boston Area. He began his career at Abbot serving as a Director in sales training and development and later joined Biostar working as Vice President in sales and marketing and Corporate Officer. Marc Beer held the position of Vice President in global marketing at Genzyme and then as CEO ViaCelland later as Chairman at Myolex. Besides, he served as Chairman of both Good Start Genetics and Minerva Neurosciences and eventually as co-founder and Chairman of LumeNXT.

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Marc Beer: Helping LumeNXT Inc. with their Business Expansion

May 30, 2019 - Author: steph

Renovia Inc. is one of the most successful medical and technological firms in the United States today. Marc Beer, the company’s co-founder, acts as the current chairman and CEO and he helped develop different treatment options for the public. Marc Beer has been in the medical and technological industry for more than two decades, and his experience in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals allowed him to become an effective leader for the company. Renovia Inc. has been around since August 2016, and it is considered as a young company, but it managed to leave a lasting impact especially to the people that benefited a lot from their products.


The pelvic floor disorder, which affects more than 250 million women around the world, is one of the most common conditions that take place after childbirth. Many women affected by the condition are saying that they are having a hard time doing many activities because of their pelvic floor disorder, and there are times when fluid would spontaneously come out from their genitals. These problems became the inspiration of Renovia Inc. to develop Leva, a device that treats pelvic floor disorder. Many women who used the device stated that they felt a huge difference, and their conditions became better. The positive effects of Leva on the body made it an instant hit.


After the introduction of Leva to the public, Marc Beer went on and led his team to create more products at Renovia Inc. that would treat different health conditions. One of their most recent products aim to combat fatal diseases, and Marc Beer is hoping to see a lot of positive changes in the future after their product has been launched.


Aside from his involvement with Renovia Inc., Marc Beer is also helping LumeNXT Inc. to expand its business. LumeNXT is a company that produces surgery tools that are embedded with illuminated light to assist the surgeons whenever they are performing invasive surgery. The tools that the company produces are highly desired by surgeons around the world, and with the help of Marc Beer, more investors are now focusing their eyes on the fast-growing company.


Marc Beer joined the company a few years ago as one of the members of their board of directors. However, with his expertise in running a business, the executives at LumeNXT Inc. decided to appoint him to become the chairman of the board. This is an important position within the company because his decisions will now affect how the company is being run.


Marc Beer thanked everyone who helped him with his journey in the world of business, and he said that LumeNXT Inc. would experience further growth because he is planning to expand the company’s operations to encourage new investors.

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Marc Beer to Help the LumeNXT Board of Directors

May 24, 2019 - Author: steph

LumeNXT has always strived to make its customers excited since its formation several years ago. The organization, which occupies a special role in the community because of giving surgeons the best surgical equipment, has special news for its followers. The institution has always been giving unique attention to its leaders. The company ensures all the leaders of the company are the best, and they are veterans in the medical department so that they can lead the rest of the team in the right direction. After making some significant changes in recent years, the company has announced that they will be having a new chairman for their board of directors.


LumeNXT officials have just stated that they will be bringing one of the veterans in the market, Marc Beer, to chair in the board. The board of directors has a prime role in making a company successful. Medical companies do not just select anyone to take on the position of chairman when it comes to the board of directors. Marc Beer, however, is an ideal professional for the role, and he will bring more than twenty-five years of expertise in the board. For the past twenty-five years, Marc Beer has been serving in the commercialization and development of biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and devices. As a veteran in the complicated department, Marc Beer presence will result in only the best when it comes to giving the customers services.


For the people who follow the news in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical department, Marc Beer is among the prominent figures who have done a lot for the American community. In the past, the medical executive has made special plans to make healthcare accessible to all members of the community. Those who come from needy backgrounds have been the greatest beneficiaries of the services offered by Marc Beer and his companies. The businessman has started a wide range of companies in the medical profession, and he is considered to be among the few personalities who have been bold enough to invest in the complex market. Marc Beer is ready and at the same time exciting because of the role he has just added in his career life.


Serving with the surgeons and medical engineers is one of the desires Marc Beer has been having since he was a young executive in the American market. The new team will give him more knowledge of medical equipment, and it will also offer him bigger challenges for his career. The businessman is expected to use his skills in technology to help the LumeNXT team to deliver better services to its customers who currently come from all regions. Surgeons have all the reasons to smile. Marc Beer is very experienced in medical matters, and he is expected to use his knowledge to come up with better surgical equipment. Learn more:


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Building a Relentless Team – Advice from Chairman of Jason River Capital

April 26, 2019 - Author: steph

Have you ever wondered how do people build entire corporations from zero? It usually takes a lot of persistence and excellent work. But at some point we are all tempted to quit some challenge or routine specially because doing something new and different looks attractive.


Paul Sanders has experienced this scenario all the time. He not only made the right decisions to stay in the game and make all those achievements but also found a way to transfer his devotion to his employees as well.


Paul Sanders is currently the president of Jason River Capital, known before as KP futures Management Corporation. He has shown impressive leadership for almost 30 years when inspiring his workers to be great. Here are some insights about what he likes to call ‘positive work environment’.


Since he entered the industry he has always wondered what makes people work below their potential. Exhaustion, incompetence or just poor performance are well known enemies in every corporation. Obviously we do not have to mention all the negative events that can be produce from it. Business owners like calling it ‘burning out’.


Usually when people do not show enough confidence or excitement about work is because there are not a clear and positive outcome of doing the work. The company’s vision must be compelling enough. It’s the single most important part when preventing this to happen.


When managing Jason River Capital, Paul likes to remark that workers ONLY experience burn out when they feel ‘unappreciated or inadequate’. They are willing to work as much as necessary! Of course everything has its limits, but the point we are trying to get straight is that performance is more about purpose rather than capacity. Learn more:


Better said, people do not want quantity over quality; they do not enjoy working long hours for something that is not valuable or rewarding. Now, it’s also relevant knowing that everyone has a different level of capacity. But as long as employees do not get discouraged and nor give up they will eventually make it right.


Having said that, Paul Saunders gives us some guidance about how to prevent this unpleasant surprises. The first thing he claims is that someone who experiences that weakness wants his team to understand him. Transparence, honesty, recognizing their value are great factors to boost their self-image.


As stated before, everyone has a different capacity when working. But some of them also have different motivations and drives. If your team member’s values are freedom for instance, the best thing you can do is giving more responsibilities. More control essentially. It may seem risky but it is not as long as it increases work quality.


Last but not least, every successful company is flexible, that is why they survive. Control, customization, adaptability are keys to unlock some of the most valuable skills in an employee: creativity, leadership and innovation.

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US Money Reserve Informs Public About Upcoming Recession

April 22, 2019 - Author: steph

The United States has experienced economic growth for 100 months in a row. This growth has been one of the longest economic booms in the nation’s history. While this economic growth has been quite impressive, it is very likely that there will be a recession in the near future. According to economic experts and US Money Reserve, the economy is going to experience a recession after a period of economic growth. While a recession may seem like a negative event, they are not always bad.

The main reason why recessions are not always bad is because they are part of a natural economic cycle. Whenever there is a recession, labor declines while wages increase. These factors result in companies not hiring as many employees along with the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. With these two things, the economy slows down. Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and US Money Reserve | Manta

During an economic slowdown, the profits of businesses go in decline. When business profits are declining, a number of Wall Street banks attempt to delay a recession as long as possible. Along with Wall Street banks attempting to delay a recession, the government will also work towards adopting policies that will prevent a recession from occurring in the near future.

Whenever a recession occurs, politicians who are running for office or reelection will often face obstacles. They will usually have their chances of getting elected or reelected jeopardized due to unhappy voters.

The company US Reserve has recently said that whenever government officials and financial institutions manufacture recession delays, the effects are usually very negative. In many cases, a recession is delayed with a bubble which is when some assets are valued more highly then they should be.

Any bubble that is large will usually cause more devastating effects on the economy then smaller ones. It is important to look back on a couple of past economic bubbles to get an idea of how a recession can affect the economy. The last time that the economy grew this often was during the 1990’s when there was 120 consecutive months of economic growth.

US Reserve was founded in 2001 in Texas. The company grew into the largest and most reputable distributor of precious metals products. It offers a wide range of items that consumers can use to build wealth.

US Money Reserve sells precious metals such as gold and silver. When a consumer purchases these metals from the company, they can use these products to not only build wealth but also avoid hardship during recessions and economic decline.

For nearly two decades, US Money Reserve has provided consumers with not only valuable assets, but also education and support. The company provides news with the latest updates on both the economy and the precious metals markets.

Click on the links below to learn more about US Money Reserve:

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