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Eric Pulier Molds Tech Industry Tendencies

August 28, 2017 - Author: steph

Eric Pulier is definitely one of most admired CEO in the tech and software industry. Pulier has 3 careers as an author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Eric Pulier holds a degree in English and American Literature, which he earned from Harvard. Pulier has been dedicated to providing help to individuals suffering financial distress and kids with chronic illnesses. Pulier takes the lead in many areas of technological innovation in the industry.

Eric Pulier comes from New Jersey. Pulier has demonstrated a keen interest in computers and programming since childhood. Eric Pulier worked as a writer and also as an editor for The Harvard Crimson when he was a Harvard student.

Eric Pulier is responsible for shaping parts of the technological world. Pulier gained recognition for his publications as an author., Eric Pulier established People Doing Things in 1991. People Doing Things works in the area of medical and educational technology. Pulier was imperative in establishing Arkana, Desktone, MediaPlatform during their start-up phases, as well as in creating U.S. Media Interactive. Pulier provided considerable investments because of his involvement and success in the technology industry through his contacts in the tech universe.

Eric Pulier’s efforts as a philanthropist, have been helping young people with very serious illnesses. Pulier founded Starbright World, which has helped children experience online communication inside secure environments. Eric Pulier is a board member of Painted Turtle, a summer camp, does not seek profits as well as being on the board of XPrize.

Forbes and the Harvard Crimson, have featured a number of Eric Pulier’s articles in their publications. Eric Pulier alongside Hugh Taylor are co-authors of Understanding Enterprise SOA  . which was published for the first time in 2006. Their book speaks about service-oriented architecture while featuring important insight. Their publication received several positive reviews from its readers.

Eric Pulier is a father of four and he resides in Los Angeles. Pulier’s present activities related to a number of business and charity goals. This year, Pulier founded his latest startup company, vAtomic Systems. This new company tracks digital products and makes it possible for clients to trade products in online environments. vAtomic Systems might mold the future of online business and app business.

About Eric Pulier:

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3 Ways Eric Pulier Is Changing The Tech Industry

January 8, 2017 - Author: steph

Breaking New Ground In Tech

From the 4th grade onward, Pulier has written programs. Naturally, someone with that sort of prodigious talent will produce some ground breaking innovation. Regardless of where you look, Pulier has had some hand in just about every single category of software. He has produced social networks, APIs, remote desktop software, and practically anything else you would need or want in software. That success has enabled Pulier to collect a massive fortunes thanks to the millions, and in some cases hundreds of millions, of dollars the companies he sells tend to sell for after he’s laid the groundwork for them.

Giving Back To The World

Far from a scrooge, Eric Pulier uses his fortune and genius to help others in need. When the Starbright Foundation wanted to give chronically ill children a way to connect to each other, they got in touch with Eric Pulier. Ultimately, he came through for them with the creation of the Starbright World. As the first private social network, the Starbright World made it possible for children in more 70 hospitals to reach out to each other and socialize. Keep in mind this happened in the 90s before the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Even within the lives of ordinary people, there simply wasn’t anything similar to what Starbright World did.

Leading The Charge On Progress

With a career spanning more than 2 decades, Eric Pulier is one of the leading engineers in the tech industry. He has produced countless innovations and created some of the most important companies in software today. Despite the years of experience behind him, Pulier never tires of bringing new innovation to the table. In fact, he produces at least one patent every single year. Outside of his work life, Pulier is a family man focused on spending time with his 4 children. To give his children the best world possible, Pulier devotes himself to solving the world’s problems. He is an active member of the Clinton Global Iniative and uses his platform to tackle the most important issues of our time.

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Author, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur: Eric Pulier

December 2, 2016 - Author: steph

Being good at what you do is something to be applauded for, but being good in multiple subjects is an exceptional feat. Eric Pulier is proud father of four whom lives in Los Angeles, California. Without any more information on the subject, Pulier would be just another average guy, but when you dig deeper into the root, you’ll see why this man is so great of a person.

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, published author, technologist, and philanthropist. He’s has major success across the board and has done work in a variety of business sectors. Pulier has been the founder/co-founder of over 15 companies and he’s raised large amounts of funds for many of these companies. Not thousands of dollars, but more so millions. When it comes to practicing what you preach, this guy personifies this notion perfectly. His huge success has allowed him to invest in venture capital funds such as eCompanies, Trident Capital, and Monitor Ventures. Pulier also spends time investing in start-up businesses in the media and technology fields of work.

This Teaneck, New Jersey native started from a humble beginning, but who knew that he would provide so much greatness during his adult years. Pulier has an extensive range in education as he attended both MIT and Harvard University. He majored in English and American Literature, but also studied computer science and by 1988, he’d graduate Magna Cum Laude. Eric Pulier was now on his way and destined for greatness. Here are some of his many achievements:

  • ServiceMesh Inc-Co-Founder
  • XPRIZE-Innovative Board Member
  • FLY-Managing Partner/Founder
  • StarBright World-Co-founder
  • Media Platform Inc-Co-Founder/Director
  • US Interactive Inc-Co-Founder/Chairman
  • And many more

This article only scratches the surface of what this man has accomplished and hopefully in the future, he’ll continue on path to greatness.

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