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Jordan Lindsey’s Biography

May 1, 2018 - Author: steph

Forex trading is an art that requires an immense input of studying the current trends. There are numerous ways of identifying trends. One of the most commonly applied techniques is through watching moving averages. Moving averages are commonly referred to as lagging indicators. This is because instead of projecting the future, they usually give the current market trend. One of the fundamental rules of forex trading is that when the price of a particular stock is above the moving average, then it is considered to be in an uptrend. When the price is below, then the stock is in decline in value. It is, therefore, imperative to know these trading rules before putting money in the market.

Jordan Lindsey is a well-informed guy in various online trades such as forex trading and cryptocurrencies. Mr. Lindsey is the founder of JCL Capital that is an investment firm in the technology sector. He is immensely knowledgeable in cryptocurrency trading. Many people widely know him for the creation of the Bitcoin Growth Bot.

Jordan was born in New York City where he grew up participating in sports such as ice hockey and tennis. During his early years, Jordan always wanted to become a successful entrepreneur. Changing the society was one of the key things during his formative years, and through hard work and dedication, he has managed to effect it. Mr. Lindsay attended Mount Angel Seminary and St Joseph’s College. It was in these two institutions where he continually developed his skills in programming and architecture.

Mr. Lindsey has lived in numerous countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. One of the most exciting topics that he discusses with a smile on his face about Bosnia and Herzegovina is how he met his wife. During this time, he had gone to the country as a volunteer. Apparently, her wife to be was also volunteering at the same village. They became great friends, and that was the beginning a long journey together as partners. They got married, and Mr. Lindsey is always grateful to her wife for being a good mother to their three daughters.

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M1nd, by Jeunesse Global, is first cognition-enhancing energy drink

April 23, 2018 - Author: steph

Jeunesse Global has established itself not only as one of the fastest-growing health and beauty companies in the world today but also as one of the most groundbreaking. With a full lineup of some of the most original and effective products in the business, Jeunesse Global has demonstrated to its millions of customers across the globe that it has what it takes to take on the biggest names in the industry and win.

Founded in 2009 by industry pioneers Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global has risen from a garage-based hobby business to become one of the most prominent distributors of health and beauty products in the world. And this is attributable to the skill and drive of Ray and Lewis, who, prior to founding Jeunesse, had spent decades in the business world, creating and growing some of the most successful companies in the North American direct-marketing business.

The couple was able to quickly spot market opportunities for that their latest firm would be able to handsomely exploit. They were then able to quickly develop and bring to market a wide range of innovative health and beauty products that have proven effective enough to keep customers coming back for more.

One example of such a product has been the company’s mind-enhancing energy drink. Known as M1nd, the drink is able to help people to reach peak mental performance at almost any hour of the day. M1nd has been clinically shown to help improve various measures of cognitive functioning. While Jeunesse doesn’t claim that the drink is able to actually increase a person’s natural intelligence, M1nd is able to reverse the effects of sleep deprivation, thus effectively raising the cognitive ability of those who are experiencing even mild sleep deprivation.

The kicker is that studies have shown that nearly every worker is at least somewhat sleep deprived. This means that M1nd can help boost the performance of nearly anyone. This is just one of the many products that makes up the Jeunesse Global Youth Enhancement System, a suite of more than a dozen products that is helping people to stay feeling and looking young for decades to come.

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O2Pur; a Reliable Company for E-Cigarettes and Box Mods

- Author: steph

As the world of technology is advancing, we should not be left behind. In the cigarette industry, many things are changing every day. Many companies have come up with e-cigarettes and box mods. O2Pur is one of the companies that is working hard to ensure people get the best eCig products that meet their needs. The company has an exceptional team that works hard to ensure that clients get smooth and tasty e-cigarettes and top quality box mods.

For some time now, the company has been offering clients with best flavors of nicotine salts. Their nicotine salts are of high quality and make sure you get best results immediately after use. On top of that, they have many flavors to ensure clients get what they want. It is a one-stop shop for eCig products as well as box moods. In the USA, O2Pur has become the number one E-liquid provider. They target to satisfy their customers by maintaining and improving the quality of all their products.

When it comes to box mods, clients want kits that have excellent temperature control, adjustable wattage and those that can hold different types of atomizers. For that reason, this e-cigarette company has come with high-quality box mods. The box mods have exceptional features that will enable you to enjoy to the fullest. The box mods have wattage and a superb temperature control features. They are highly customizable, and you will say goodbye to dry hits.

As a one-stop shop for eCig products, O2Pur has many tasty nicotine salts E-Liquid. Caramel Apple, Island Breeze, Berry Cheesecake and Premium E-Liquid are some of their leading flavors that leave clients smiling after use. On top of E-Liquids, the company offers batteries, coils and any other accessories needed for you to enjoy e-cigarettes.

O2Pur has become the go-to company for e-cigarettes and box mods. Their products are of high quality and have many advantages over cigarettes. The products are of great taste and are not associated with bad smell after use.

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Seeking Help With Market America

April 19, 2018 - Author: steph

One thing that a person needs to be willing to do is to accept help, especially if one is going to be trying to make money through online marketing. Even with companies like Market America, it requires skill in order to make a lot of money and be successful. At the same time, it is important for people to be able to make sure that they have enough to support themselves as they move forward with their goals. One thing that can keep people from seeking help is that they often think that they are going to have to pay money that they can’t afford. Fortunately, help can come in many different forms.

One of the best forms of help that people can get when they are trying to make profits from Market America is advice. There are a lot of forms of content released online that is going to give people the insight they need to move forward. For one thing, many people are going to get started on their goals without knowing what exactly this entails. Many people find that it is going to take longer than a day in order to start making money with Market America. The most common reaction is to just walk away. However, people who are committed are going to make sure that they find the right piece of information.

People that take the time to learn how to make money with Market America are the ones that are going to be able to prosper with this opportunity. They will not only learn everything they need to know about Market America but also be able to share some insights with other users in the case of changes in the markets. One of the most important things is keeping in touch with the market in order to continue making money off of it.

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Vijay Eswaran is a Co-Founder of Qi Group of Companies

March 13, 2018 - Author: steph

Vijay Eswaran serves as the Executive Chairman of Qi Group of Companies. The Group is comprised of e-commerce companies in the areas of media, travel, wellness, corporate Investments, and more. He is the co-founder of the company, which was started in 1998.

In addition to his executive role at the Qi Group, he is also an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and a best selling author. Vijay Eswaran trains and motivates other entrepreneurs at an event he hosts, known as V Convention. The last V Convention attracted over 20,000 attendants, all of whom came to hear him speak. He spoke on the topic of real estate investing, and its money making opportunities.

Vijay Eswaran has authored several best selling books. His first book was on the topic of ancient wisdom, and what it takes to gain an enduring success. It is entitled ‘In the Sphere of Silence’ and it became a best seller. He tells of the importance of taking the time every day to review the direction in which a person is heading.

He also believes in, and lives by 18 Stepping Stones. He hopes to help guide others, and help keep them on the right track. As an entrepreneur himself, he followed his dreams, and he found a level of success that he created for himself. He inspires and motivates other entrepreneurs to do the same in their business and personal lives.

The Qi Group of Companies is a multi million dollar group of organizations. Its headquarters is in Hong Kong. It also has offices in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. One of its subsidiaries, Green Venture Capital, is building Qi City, a multi use property which will consist of both commercial and residential units.

Vijay Eswaran is also a philanthropist. His companies are socially responsible, and one such effort is the Rhythm Foundation. The foundation, which he established, is located in Malaysia. Another charitable organization was also established, and named for Vijay’s father. It is the Vijayaratnam Foundation.

Find out more about Vijay Eswaran:

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Meet Sheldon Lavin, The Meat Processing Banker

February 24, 2018 - Author: steph

When Sheldon Lavin opened a finance consultation firm in Chicago, Illinois, he had not envisaged his involvement in meat processing, leave alone owning an international food processing company. As a banker operating his financial firm, he organized financing for Otto & Sons in 1970.

He continued as a finance consultant for the firm until 1975 when the owners approached him to become their partner, and later to work with them full time. He is now the CEO of the firm that he has helped to expand into a reputable international food-processing firm operating over sixty outlets in more than sixty countries. The company was later renamed OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin is a graduate with an accounting and finance degree. His background in finance has been of great importance to OSI Group. Since joining OSI Group, he embarked on an expansion plan. He began by opening branches in North America and Europe, Taiwan and later South America. OSI Group is now the leading food processor and proteins supplier globally.

In 2016, 81-year-old Sheldon Lavin was awarded by India’s Vision World Academy with the Globe of Honor Award. He got the award in recognition of his efforts to steer OSI Group to an International organization creating jobs globally.

He has many positions such as Goodman Theater board member, Director and President of Sheba Foundation, Rush University Medical Center board member, and a trustee of Ronald McDonald House Charities.

OSI Group, whose headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, has also received several awards for health, safety, and environmentally friendly procedures. In 2016, the British Safety Council recognized the risk management efforts by OSI Group and awarded them with the Globe of Honor Award. They also got an award in environmental management the same year for minimizing environmental pollution in their operations.

OSI Group has a sound sustainability plan. It has a history of minimal staff turnover. This is because of the family-oriented culture that the firm adapted from its early years of operation. The employees view each other as members of one family, supporting each other to grow and achieve their goals.

In addition, OSI group integrates economic responsibility, social responsibility, and environmental responsibility into its sustainability strategy. They do business to improve the socioeconomic standards of their areas of operation while taking measures to conserve the environment.

Sheldon Lavin is involved in charitable activities. He supports the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Jewish United Fund, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago.

Sheldon Lavin’s Facebook Page:

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George cuts $18 billion from his fortune to give to Open Society Foundations

November 19, 2017 - Author: steph

George Soros is one man who has won the hearts of numerous people from across the globe for his philanthropic work and also attracted a significant number of critics, especially in the political arena. George Soros was born in Hungary on 12th August 1930. He and his family escape from his country during the Nazi Invasion of Germany. His father secured documents for George and his siblings, and they were allowed into the U.S. He enrolled for his education in some of the prestigious schools in the country. George developed a passion for entrepreneurship while he was still young. He engaged in various activities that would give him income to sustain himself in the U.S.

Many people like referring to George Soros as a notorious Hungarian-American entrepreneur, financier a philanthropist who uses his wealth to finance liberalists who advocate for government reforms and democratic processes. George came into the limelight in the 1990s when he broke the bank of England in just one night. He made a whopping one billion dollars in one night during the Black Wednesday England’s currency crisis. At this time, George was admired by a lot of people, especially other hedge fund managers who wanted to know the tactics he uses to invest his money.

Since then, George Soros has appeared consistently in the public arena for various reasons. Soros has been actively involved in politics where he has continuously supported the Democrats who he believes that they can take the country in a better direction. Besides, George Soros has been assisting organizations in other countries in Africa and Europe that fight for good governance and proper utilization of public resources.

George Soros channels his donations through Open Society Foundations. George founded the organization to help manage and regulate the way his funds are awarded to various groups and organizations. Besides leading the foundation, George also sits on the executive committee of the international crisis Group. At one point, George served a member of the board for the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations.

George has been into politics for a long time now. However, in all his activities, Soros has always advocated for peace and justice. He played a crucial role in the peaceful transition of Hungary from communism to capitalism system of governance. During this time, George offered a considerable endowment for the Budapest University in central Europe.

Later on, George established the Open Society Institute, which offered numerous programs for the European students. The programs offered by the institute played a significant role during the Rose Revolution. Currently, the Open Society Institute programs can be found in more than sixty countries around the globe. The Institute runs with an estimated annual expenditure of $600 million.

George Soros has undoubtedly left his mark on the business, and political arena. His philanthropic work can be seen in different regions of the world where it is positively impacting on the lives of people. George Soros is wise enough to know when to engage and when to withdraw, which helps him to stay ahead of the game. The majority of his winnings are dedicated to improving the vulnerable in the society and emerging nations. and more information click here

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Anthony Petrello, the most Brilliant Contractor when it Comes to Gas Drilling and Geothermal

November 12, 2017 - Author: steph

Anthony Petrello, the president, and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd is one of essential household names in the business world. The company was founded in 1968 and I currently the biggest land driller in the globe having other groups in more than 25 countries in the world. Tony has been president of this organization since 1991. Having gotten where he is right now, let no one think that he got himself into his current position easily. This is because he is never spoon-fed nor had a fund to sustain him. His success I pure hard work.

Anthony is an individual who is known for blending into the ranks of the corporate world. He grew up in Newark. His neighborhood is what tremendously impacted to the robust life of an oil giant that he lives today. The people in Newark live in harmony and believe in helping each other, detests lying and hard work is appreciated. It is these high values that have molded Anthony. He worked hard in mathematics and logic, and this gave him recognition hence getting chance to study at Yale University. Later, he went to Harvard Law School. For nearly 30 years, that is, after holding different positions, he finally became the CEO.

Back in 2014, he was rated as one of the highest paid CEO earning 68.2 million. For those who know him well would say that he is among the few wealthy men who embrace humility. What is evident is that from his upbringing and growth, one can learn that it does not matter where one comes from but determination and hard work paves the way.

Having said a lot about Tony and his success with Nabors industries limited, it is pertinent to note that he has a giving heart. He has helped a lot of people as he gives back to the society through his involvement in many charity events. Tony has contributed a lot to Nabors, which is currently staffed with 29.000 people. For him, transforming the face value of oil and gas industry is vital. He is one man that believes in the growth of a company as a whole in that, ¾ of his income comes from Nabors and that of other employees. Reduction in business means the loss to Nabors family, and that is why he does his work with efficiency making the company stand out. Antony Petrello is an amazing leader whose traits should be emulated.

To know more visit @:

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Vincent Parascandola: Making His Mark in Financial Planning

November 10, 2017 - Author: steph

Ever since his days at the Lubin Business at Pace University in New York City, Vincent Parascandola has been driven to make his mark in the business world. As a New Yorker, he realizes that the town can be a very driven, determined 24-hour type of environment. Parascandola has worked extremely hard to not only be an asset to his colleagues at AXA advisors but also to every client that comes into his office.

The first thing you need to know about Vinnie Parascandola is that he is definitely one of those old school guys who believes that “you get out what you put in.” He has spent many years honing his expertise with financial planning, culminating in his position as Vice President of Finance with the AXA Group in New York City. He started his employment with AXA advisors on June 1, 2015, but before that he held a position at Mony Securities Corporation from 1990 to 2005.

One of the things that Parascandola places a high value in would be getting off on the right footing. He believes this is important for his interactions with his clients, and he believes that it is a good life principle as well. This is why Vinnie is exceedingly proud of the fact that he graduated from the Lubin Business program. This degree option has developed a great reputation and has been educating people since 1906. Parascandola’s Alma Mater has put out only the best, and he is one of them. Check out Pocomuseum to see more.

In order to be the best, you need the right credentials. Since 2000, Vincent Parascandola has held an industry securities registration that is subject to the close oversight of the SEC and FINRA. Parascandola realizes that integrity is an important part of his job and he has fine-tuned his stellar reputation for many years. Looking to do some retirement planning? You really cannot go wrong if you enlist the services of Vincent Parascandola. Check out Vimeo to see more videos.

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Adam Goldenberg’s Hard Work Has Paid Off

November 8, 2017 - Author: steph

Throughout his career, Adam Goldenberg has made all the right moves. He knew just what he needed to do to make things better for himself and for the company he was running. He knew a lot about the different things that would make his career better but he also knew which industries needed the ideas he had for success. Because of this, he was able to stay committed. He also knew the right way to try different things so he’d have all the best deals possible for his own industry. It helped him make things better not only for himself but also for other people who needed the solutions he had to offer.

By giving people different options for their own lives and for their own business, he was able to set things apart from other companies. Not only did Adam Goldenberg have a retail company, but he had a solution for women who had never had those opportunities in the past. Adam Goldenberg was a true master of all the things that would make everything better for women. He knew the right way to offer different things to people so they could enjoy all the options they had in different areas of fashion.

When Adam Goldenberg first started JustFab, he had ideas he wanted to use to make the company the best it could be. In act, many of the ideas he first had are still in use at the company today. It was his way of giving back and giving everyone something that would make a difference in their lives. He was committed to the industry and to the women he was helping through the industry. He knew he could give them a solution to a major problem without having to worry about all the issues that often came with retail.

When women visit JustFab or Fabletics, they are required to take a style quiz. This quiz will give people information about the things they are doing and will also allow the stylists the chance they need to show people what they can do to make things better. For Adam Goldenberg to use this, people will need to make sure they are putting the correct information in for their own business. It is what has given him the ability to make things better for all the people who have a chance at their own business in different ways.

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