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Marc Beer: Contributions to the Medical Industry

September 20, 2019 - Author: steph

For more than 25 years, Marc Beer has been opening new businesses and he is successful in
leading these small enterprises to success. One of the reasons why he is successful is because he is
keen on developing a workable solution for all types of problems. As a result, he dedicated most of
his time and energy creating new treatments, and offered it to the public. His skills and talent in
doing business can be attributed to his educational background, being a graduate at the Miami
University in 1987, taking up a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. After he graduated, he started to
establish different businesses, and he had to team up with several scientists to help him create the
products that will soon become a trademark for his company.
Career with Viacell
Marc Beer first entered the medical industry back in 2000 when he launched Viacell. The company
became an instant hit, and it transformed to become one of the top companies in the biotechnology
industry. It initially employed 300 people, and it grew as more investors developed an interest with
the company. Five years after the company was established, Viacell became a publicly-traded
company. Viacell focused mainly on stem cell research, and they are studying the umbilical cord
blood cells to find out if it can be used for a different treatment approach in many diseases.
Career with Renovia Inc.
The growth of Viacell made Marc Beer a well-known businessman in the medical industry, but it did
not stop him from selling his company to interested individuals. After the sale of Viacell, he decided
to establish another company called Renovia Inc. As the founder, CEO, and chairman of the
company, he focused on the creation of new treatments that will provide a sense of relief for
millions of people. One of the first successful products launched by Renovia Inc. is called the leva
Pelvic Digital Health System. This product is approved by the FDA, and it is sold in all drugstores
across the United States. Learn more:
How the Leva Pelvic Digital Health System transformed Renovia Inc.
There are 250 million women around the world who are believed to be suffering from pelvic floor
disorders. The Leva Pelvic Digital Health System was created for these people, and when the
product was launched to the public, it generated a lot of sales. People are buying the product
because they wanted to eliminate the symptoms caused by the disorder, like urinary incontinence.
The product is well-reviewed, and it has a lot of positive feedback from satisfied customers. Marc
Beer stated that the success of the leva Pelvic Digital Health System helped Renovia Inc. to gain
more investors and they are now working on other projects that are expected to contribute
positively to the medical industry.

Connect with Marc Beer on Facebook

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Smita Shah Setting the Pace for Women in the Business World

September 18, 2019 - Author: steph

Smita Shah is a renowned math geek whose love for mathematics and science subjects started
while she was still a young girl. Shah talent in mathematics could be seen as early as when she
was a 5th grader at West Suburban Willowbrook. Shah in class was always seen interested in
mathematics and most of the time was busy converting word problems into algebraic equations.
Shah passion and love for mathematics also continued in high school.

While her peers were interested in track and field events, she, on the other hand, was interested in math relays.
Smita Shah brilliance and excellence in mathematics saw her receive a High School Diploma from
the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. Shah at the institution participated in several
mathematics competitions and won several awards. Shah after earning the diploma proceeded to
the Northwestern University for his Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering Degree. Shah in 1996
received a Master Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from MIT. Shah is not only a
professional engineer but also an entrepreneur and to complement her entrepreneurship skills
Shah in 2005 went through a management study course at the prestigious Oxford University.
One of the things that Smita Shah says helped her become a successful entrepreneur and business
leader is exerting strong presence in the workplace. According to her in the world of business, how
one presents herself means a lot. The secret to exerting a strong presence is creating a
professional impression. According to Shah, first impressions are hard to overcome and how one
conducts herself when they meet a new person will determine the kind of relationship they will
have going forward. Shah advice to women is no matter how comfortable they are flaunting their
womanly charms they should at all times present themselves in business attires as naturally, they
are mellow and neutral. Shah adds that women who adopt a traditional business appearance will
be able to command respect from workmates and other people. On the other hand, Shah says that
women who dress like typical women will incentivize men and will make them stare at them
instead of listening to them. Learn more:
Another critical tip of exerting strong presence at the workplace, according to Shah is the posture.
Posture compliments the attire and is vital in making good first impressions. Shah tells women to
always assume a commanding presence at the workplace that will show everyone exactly who is
the boss. Women should, at all times, present themselves in a professional posture, including when
walking, sitting, or talking to others.
Making others respect one’s position in the workplace is the other critical women empowerment
best practice in the workplace. The business world, according to Smita Shah, is hierarchical. Shah
says women at higher positions should not compromise with their position and should at all times
stamp their authority. By doing that Shah says that women will be able to command the respect
they deserve in the workplace.

Connect with Smita on LinkedIn.

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Gino Pozzo’s Influence

September 12, 2019 - Author: steph

European sports’ leagues are talking all about Gino Pozzo, owner of Watford Football Club of England. Both of his parents raised him as a football enthusiast in Udine, Italy. His family is related to the former presidents of the Udinese Football Club and his family continue to support and be fans of the Udinese Club.

When Gino was just 18, he moved to the United States and earned a Master’s degree from Harvard University. He married a woman from Spain, where he relocated and lived in Barcelona for nearly 20 years. In 2013, he acquired Watford Football Club and moved his family to London.

Since the 1960s, the Pozzo family has had involvement with football, especially the Udinese Football Club. The Udine Club rose to fame under the Pozzo family. Part of the reason they were able to garner so much support was the Pozzo family always had been community-oriented. In only three seasons, the Pozzo’s took Udinese from the lower tier group to the Champions League. It was in 1993 that Gino was able to turn the football club around and make champions out of the Italian football team.

The Watford Club had reached its’ highest peak in the 1980s, and when Gino Pozzo bought the club, he was determined to turn it all around. The first year of owning the club, Gino moved his family so that he could devote more time and energy to his new acquisition. He viewed the club as a work in progress that has a future for winning in England.

One of the ways Gino was able to turn around the club quickly is due to his hands-on approach. He influences people through his passion for the club and attends practices every day. He watched his team develop into the dream team.

Thanks to Gino Pozzo, he has been a great addition to the Watford Football Club. The team is now doing splendidly in the English league, and they are only progressing forward.

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Purchasing a Foreclosed Home In Chicago: What You Must Do

September 9, 2019 - Author: steph

Purchasing a house can be a very exciting season, but you should know what to expect. Here are crucial tips to help you buy your dream home in Chicago.


Look for a real estate agent who will sit down with you, discuss your goals and vision for your homeownership. Your agent will help you figure out what you are looking for and guide you through the home buying process. Together you can create a plan to make things happen on your terms within the agreed time frame.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Unless you are paying money for your house, you must discuss with a good local lender about your budget for a home. Do not take everything that you read from a bank’s website instead talk to a professional who understands the Chicago real estate market.

Make sure that you talk to your lender at least 6 months before buying your home, so that enough money is saved. It is important to have a great relationship with your local lender, as this will guarantee you purchasing ability and smoothen the process.

A Little Review Won’t Hurt

 You should seek a preliminary title report on the foreclosure house you want to buy. Get tax liens and secondary liens, and ensure that there are no hidden encumbrances or liens on the house. You do not want to be surprised later, after you have purchased the house.

Inspect the Home

It may be difficult to access the inside of a foreclosure house that has occupants, but if you can, hire a certified inspector to inspect the property for any water defaults, structural defects, and other serious concerns.

Beal properties is one of the leading property owners in Chicago. The company manages a host of multi-family apartments around the Metropolitan Chicago area. Beal properties is a reliable real estate partner as they boast of over three decades in the industry

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Ashley Lightspeed Shares The Increasing Interest in IRL Platforms Among Startups And Consumers

August 28, 2019 - Author: steph

Ashley Lightspeed, a partner at San Francisco’s Lightspeed Venture Partners, focuses on investing in startups in the consumer products area. The team at Lightspeed doesn’t just invest in startups but also partners with them. She helps these companies as a growth strategist who works directly with consumers to find out what their needs and wants are.

Over the past decade-plus, people have flocked to online platforms to socialize with others. This includes social media and gaming platforms. This has resulted in many people having less connection to the people in their real lives. Ashley Lightspeed says the pendulum is now starting to move the other way. People want to form real connections with others and don’t want to just interact with others online. Read this article at to learn more.

She calls this the switch from URL to IRL. Technology still plays a role, though, just as a convenient way for people to meet in real life. There are a lot of opportunities for startups that facilitate real-world contact where people can learn new hobbies, share their passions, or just hang out.

Mental health researchers have been increasingly raising concerns about social media and gaming platforms. These are intentionally designed to be addictive because the more people use these platforms the more the platform holder makes. Some people have zero real-world contact with others for days because they are playing a multiplayer video game online. Some people check their social media accounts dozens, even hundreds, of times a day during which they are oblivious to what is happening around them.

Ashley Lightspeed says one way for startups to gain market share is to explore new areas that connect with consumers. She sees the emerging new space for startups to be successful is developing an IRL platform. Her company is investing in and helping these types of startups prosper.

To know more about Ashley Lightspeed, visit at

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TigerSwan Is Owned And Operated By U.S. Army Veteran James Reese

August 23, 2019 - Author: steph
james reese tigerswan

TigerSwan Inc. is an American company and a provider of a range of business consulting services. They serve clients in law enforcement, military, and other business organizations throughout the United States. TigerSwan has over 300 employees to date.
james reese tigerswanThe expertise of TigerSwan encompasses security topics that include worldwide instability, risk management in organizations, training, and logistics. The company also consults and advises on business intelligence, mitigation and security. TigerSwan is led by James Reese, the chief executive officer and chair of the organization. It is a private company with headquarters in North Carolina. James Reese is the founder of TigerSwan.

James Reese has committed the work of TigerSwan to be a highly viable source of effective solutions pertaining to safety and security measures to the business community. TigerSwan brings a new concept of consultancy to organizations of all sizes and industries. James Reese and his team at TigerSwan has a unique approach to the security needs of businesses in today’s global environment, and they create solutions for these inevitable security challenges.

James Reese has the background to offer a breadth of expertise and leadership skills to his role at TigerSwann. He is an entrepreneur who pursued his dream of business ownership in the second half of his career. He is a veteran and the owner of TigerSwan. James has a unique perspective on what it is like to run a small business as an ex-military man in America. The government of the U.S. is in support of small businesses that are disabled veteran-owned entities. He served as a special operations commander and a lieutenant colonel before he started his career in the private sector.

James served in the United States Army for over 25 years. He retired from the military in 2007. James Reese is a highly motivated individual, and he developed his skills as a great leader as a loyal member of the Armed Forces. James learned that, in the military, the role of a leader is primarily to lead. In a small business, it is different. James Reese leads the company and is involved in all aspects of TigerSwan.

Read more here

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Igor Cornelsen Explains The Economic Situation Of Brazil

August 16, 2019 - Author: steph

Igor Cornelsen spent the first 25 years of his professional career as an executive in the Brazilian banking system. He was an executive at multiple banks. This includes Multibanco, where he was the chief executive officer. He was also once an economic policy advisor to Brazil’s Ministry of Finance. He became an entrepreneur in 1995 by launching an investment firm, Bainbridge Investments. He manages his client’s money using his tried-and-true investment strategies.

Now living in South Florida, Igor Cornelsen formally retired in 2010. However, he still provides financial advice to people he knows. He can often be found on golf courses where he is known to dispense financial wisdom. This includes helping people invest in Brazilian companies. He says there is a lot of opportunity as an investor in Brazil but it is a tricky market to navigate.

Rules and regulations about investing are complex in Brazil. There is also what he describes as “cultural oddities” to take into account. The Brazilian economy has struggled to recover from the global financial crisis of 2008. There are some signs that government reforms are having an effect, though, and things are looking a bit more promising.

Soon after the financial crisis, government reforms helped Brazilian GDP grow by 7.5 percent in 2010. However, GDP slowed to just 0.9 percent in 2012. Brazil was led by President Dilma Rousseff, a populist. His reforms ended up damaging the Brazilian economy. Igor Cornelsen points out that in the banking sector only two banks didn’t experience a financial disaster. These were Banco Bradesco and Itau Unibanco.

The next president, Michel Temer, introduced highly-unpopular austerity measures. He ended up being impeached. Igor Cornelsen says new President Jair Bolsanoro has his work cut out for him as he also wants to enforce austerity reforms. If you’re an investor in Brazilian companies, he suggests keeping a close eye on developments.

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Growth Strategy Expert Ashley Lightspeed Shares Her Concept Of “The Middle”

August 10, 2019 - Author: steph

Ashley Lightspeed is a growth strategy expert who works at Lightspeed Venture Partners. She is a partner at this San Francisco firm and is on their consumer investing team. She has worked as an independent consultant and as one at Bain & Company. Her experience also includes working as a category manager at Thumbtack.

One of her specialties is developing products and services for Baby Boomers. She came up with the concept of “The Middlers” when studying this generation. This concept came up when she was visiting her family and came across mail from the American Association of Retired People (AARP)

Looking at this mail, Ashley Lightspeed saw that its marketing didn’t match up with her parents and how they were living their lives. The mail piece was focused on end of life issues rather than younger people who have retired. She saw this as a lost opportunity and misdirected advertising. See Related Article at

Her parents, while retired, were not “senior citizens” who spent the large majority of their time at home. Instead, they were out shopping, having lunch, and visiting people. Her dad still actively plays tennis while her mom goes for long walks. None of this was addressed in the AARP mail.

She feels that companies are missing a huge opportunity by ignoring “The Middle”. Many active older people are still very much engaged. They own smartphones, tablets, and smart home devices. Ashley Lightspeed also points out that people over 55 have 75 percent of the country’s wealth and 70 percent of the disposable income.

Among her recommendations, she says companies should focus on travel and entertainment for retired people. They are often making day trips or planning an extended vacation. The average retired person spends $11,077 a year on vacations so companies are missing a huge opportunity for marketing hospitality services and vacation packages to them.

See more on twitter:

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A Pair of Keys to Success with Max Salk

August 6, 2019 - Author: steph

Over the past century, humanity has evolved from basic technology into some of our most advanced creations to date. Now the average individual can do anything they desire from just the push of the button. Max Salk is right at the center of this constant culture shift. He lives in New York, where modern innovation and culture clash in ways like no other around the world. There are countless individuals who like to ride the waves of the future, but Max Salk prefers to keep his feet planted firmly on the ground. He expands on his unique professional outlook in a recent Positive the Facts article.

In such a rapidly changing world, there are two vital keys to long term sustainability. The first is simply being prepared for the unexpected. A chance encounter or being in the right place at the right time can do wonders for opening up opportunities. Max Salk describes an incident that took place during a trip to the Netherlands. One morning he took a walk and choose to bring along his camera. The goal wasn’t to take pictures, but rather be prepared to take pictures. This decision turned out to be correct as he took one of his best nature shots that morning.

In addition to preparation, the second key to success is adapting to the modern environment. Max Salk does this on a small scale by having to adjust his shot composition based on location or tiny details that crop up in the moment. In a larger sense, this means understanding the market. He suggests to not be afraid of trying new things or adjusting the business model. Numerous companies have been able to thrive on adjusting themselves to their core demographics and the kind of devices they currently use.

Success is not something that can easily obtained, but rather its something that an individual has to pursue. A business leader should do everything in their power to increase the odds of a good day that will advance their dream. There is nothing more resonating to consumers than a passionate leader at the top.

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James Dondero Builds Successful Firm

August 5, 2019 - Author: steph

James Dondero has established himself as one of the leading entrepreneurs and executives in the financial services industry. He has worked in the finance industry for over three decades and has accumulated lots of key experience and knowledge. Dondero began his career by working for investment firms as an analyst and as an investment manager. These experiences propelled him to start up his own financial services firm. Since founding his own firm, James has been able to help a number of individual and institutional investors improve their financial situation. He has offered a number of services that help these investors increase their returns and steadily increase their capital. Dondero expanded his firm to other countries which has enabled it to establish his firm as one of the leading companies in the world. Follow James on Linkedin.

What has made James into a top financial entrepreneur is his expertise. On a regular basis, he reads about the latest trends in the financial sector and therefore gains information that can benefit his company. It also benefits his investor clients as well. He is always looking for the most profitable opportunities which will likely increase the bottom line of his firm as well as that of investors. As well as looking for highly profitable opportunities, James also looks for undervalued securities that will likely go up in value in the future. This allows him to find investment options that will enable clients to get assets more affordably and make very high returns within a certain period of time. With his approach, James Dondero has been in position to put together an investment firm that benefits himself as well as his many individual and institutional clients.


Prior to becoming a finance entrepreneur, James attended college at the University of Virginia. While attending this university, he majored in and completed degrees in both accounting and finance. He would graduate with high honors and distinguish himself as a top student. After finishing college, Dondero began working for investment firms where he specialized in the analysis of credit backed securities. During his career working at an investment firm, he would attain the position as a top investment manager. This position allowed him to mange very large sums of capital for top corporations. His experiences as an employee gave him the inspiration to start up his own firm by the 1990’s. Read more at HuffPost about James Dondero

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