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TJ Maloney Leads Lincolnshire Management

July 6, 2019 - Author: steph

Lincolnshire Management has become a superb firm in the private equity world. They are known for their work with medium market sized companies. They are known for their extensive investment portfolio which includes these medium market organizations. The firm’s purpose is to enable organizations to develop into being fruitful enterprises.

Lately, the private equity firm has brought on new individuals to join their team. Adding new staff was conducted by the leadership of TJ Maloney. Matthew Nacier is a returning employee. He will be a senior associate to the firm. Lincolnshire Management will have another senior associate joining them. Nicolas Vega Llona will be this new associate. Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stolt-Nielsen are coming to Lincolnshire Management as analysts.

Lincolnshire Management has a dedicated CEO by the name of TJ Maloney. He has communicated how energized the team is with a returning member and other new members who will join their expert staff. The firm knows their future is bright when they have a solid team of hard-working experts. TJ Maloney wants his staff to be made of gifted people. He wants investment experts who are individuals ready to deliver and ready to carry out their responsibilities. The objective of these employees is to aid the firm in enhancing its investment portfolio.

For over three decades, Lincolnshire Management has channeled their investment strengths into creating satisfied customers who vouch for their exceptional reputation. The firm has engineered itself for great advancement in the world of private equity. Developing ventures, overseeing mergers and acquisitions and growing the portfolios of clients is what this firm does best. Distribution, manufacturing and service are the three core industries they specialize in. Lincolnshire Management has made effective exits for the three organizations within their portfolios: Holley Performance, Amports Inc. and Fabbri Group.

TJ Maloney has been a businessman for decades. Since 1933, he has been dedicated to improving this firm and growing it to great success. His experience includes law about securities, purchasing businesses and investments and corporate mergers. His professional accomplishments for the firm would not be possible without his many years of studying, practicing and perfecting the world of investments.

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Luke Lazarus Exists And He Isn’t Hard To Find

July 1, 2019 - Author: steph

By his 33rd birthday, he had created and sold four companies.

Around Australia’s southeastern coast, Luke Lazarus is known for his insightful business plans and ability to manage growth among various companies. Throughout his career, he has helped dozens of companies go from small-time start-ups to large multi-million dollar IPOs.

Growing up, he was the model student – straight A’s and a star athlete. By the time he graduated, Ivy Leagues were sending him offers. He chose to stay local instead, earning an MBA from the Melbourne Business School.

By the time Luke Lazarus sold his fourth company, he found himself financially independent. Even if he never earned another dollar, he would be set. Money was no longer driving him – he needed to look inside himself. What he found was a desire to share his knowledge.

Creating Success

The vast majority of start ups fail. Of the ones that don’t – most never make it past five years.

Someone running a successful start-up is a rarity.

Having more than one is rarer. Especially if they were created by the same person. Someone like Luke Lazarus isn’t just hard to find, he may as well not even exist. But he does and he’s not hard to find. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

Struggling companies around Australia turn to Lazarus for help. His experience makes him an expert in turning around failing businesses. This same experience gives him a unique approach to consulting.

His advice emphasis analysis and systems. It emphasis emotional connections with the customer. With the stakeholder. Clients that follow his advice find themselves succeeding. They become a rarity.

Raising Capital

Most entrepreneurs are intelligent and motivated.

They also lack financial sense. They can’t market themselves. They struggle with securing capital from investors.

The realities of venture capital and what they believe it to be are two wholly different things. According to Luke Lazarus, this disconnect is a major stumbling block for companies seeking stability.

Companies that can’t secure adequate funding are doomed from the start.

A prevailing myth among start-ups is the ease of finding this funding. Far too many believe that a quick speech with a PowerPoint presentation is enough.

It isn’t.

One of Lazarus’s main goals in his consulting is helping start-ups find investors. By shaping the way they look to potential investors they drastically increase their chances of securing the funding they need.

On the off-chance they don’t, listening to Luke Lazarus puts them in a better position to succeed.

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