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TJ Maloney Leads Lincolnshire Management

July 6, 2019 - Author: steph

Lincolnshire Management has become a superb firm in the private equity world. They are known for their work with medium market sized companies. They are known for their extensive investment portfolio which includes these medium market organizations. The firm’s purpose is to enable organizations to develop into being fruitful enterprises.

Lately, the private equity firm has brought on new individuals to join their team. Adding new staff was conducted by the leadership of TJ Maloney. Matthew Nacier is a returning employee. He will be a senior associate to the firm. Lincolnshire Management will have another senior associate joining them. Nicolas Vega Llona will be this new associate. Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stolt-Nielsen are coming to Lincolnshire Management as analysts.

Lincolnshire Management has a dedicated CEO by the name of TJ Maloney. He has communicated how energized the team is with a returning member and other new members who will join their expert staff. The firm knows their future is bright when they have a solid team of hard-working experts. TJ Maloney wants his staff to be made of gifted people. He wants investment experts who are individuals ready to deliver and ready to carry out their responsibilities. The objective of these employees is to aid the firm in enhancing its investment portfolio.

For over three decades, Lincolnshire Management has channeled their investment strengths into creating satisfied customers who vouch for their exceptional reputation. The firm has engineered itself for great advancement in the world of private equity. Developing ventures, overseeing mergers and acquisitions and growing the portfolios of clients is what this firm does best. Distribution, manufacturing and service are the three core industries they specialize in. Lincolnshire Management has made effective exits for the three organizations within their portfolios: Holley Performance, Amports Inc. and Fabbri Group.

TJ Maloney has been a businessman for decades. Since 1933, he has been dedicated to improving this firm and growing it to great success. His experience includes law about securities, purchasing businesses and investments and corporate mergers. His professional accomplishments for the firm would not be possible without his many years of studying, practicing and perfecting the world of investments.

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Dick DeVos, Charity and Air Travel

June 25, 2019 - Author: steph

There aren’t many men nowadays who can honestly compare to Dick DeVos. He’s an individual who is part of a decidedly rare breed. Betsy DeVos is Dick’s capable and unstoppable wife. She can easily confirm all of the praise people give her husband all of the time. There are all sorts of positive adjectives that can accurately describe DeVos and all that he does in this world. He’s exactly like his wife in that he’s anything but sluggish and lethargic. He’s long been the picture of determination. People refer to DeVos as being a bona fide “go-getter” with great regularity.


How exactly is this man from the Midwestern United States an indisputable go-getter? There are so many anecdotes throughout history that can prove that he is. DeVos was a major lobbying enthusiast in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the start of the nineties. He was immensely frustrated once he realized that the possibility of a downtown Grand Rapids arena building effort could be underway. That’s what pushed him to start lobbying against the entire thing. Why was DeVos so stressed out about the ambitious concept, anyway? It stressed him out to realize that the construction concept was most likely going to have consequences that were reminiscent of those in Detroit, Michigan years and years back. There were several seventies construction efforts that did a number on the big city. DeVos cherishes Grand Rapids and all of its citizens. He’s cherished the city and its residents for a long period of time as well. That’s why he always does anything he can to defend them and all of their interests.


The West Michigan Aviation Academy is another thing that functions as proof of DeVos’ zeal for the state of Michigan. It function as proof of his zeal for Grand Rapids itself, too. It’s a noteworthy charter school that’s part of Gerald R. Ford International Airport. There’s nothing bizarre about its setting at all, either. Since it’s a school that concentrates on aviation matters, its setting is 100 percent understandable. It has an abundance of classes that go into all sorts of pertinent and fascinating aviation subjects. Pupils at the West Michigan Aviation Academy often are enthusiastic about work as pilots. They’re often enthusiastic about the prospect of careers that are a bit more “behind the scenes” in the air travel industry as well. Since DeVos is a major aviation buff, he relates deeply to the students who choose to go to his school.


DeVos accomplishes a lot for a non-profit group that’s called the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. He put the sizable organization together alongside Betsy in the eighties. Their organization donations are substantial. They impact many different sectors in America.


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Aaron Lupuloff Commitment to Education

June 24, 2019 - Author: steph

Education is one of the means of having a just society. A world free from ignorance and illiteracy can only be found where education takes center stage. Every human being in the world deserves to go to school irrespective of their race, status and background. Aaron Lupuloff is an advocate of education and at the same time a financial advisor. He is the high-ranking managerial director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. Mr. Aaron is ardent about students achieving, improving them and creating prospectus leaders out of them.

He has been of great support to the community of Gwinnett County offering to be a volunteer. Together with his family, they have been instrumental in providing support to many of the organizations in the neighborhood. The family has even been included in the Hall of Fame for the NHS foundation for their voluntary works.

Aaron Lupuloff has also served at all the top level management of Norcross High School Foundation as the treasurer, vice president, and president. The foundation is known for supporting academics, athletics, and arts. At the NHS he also participated as a member of clubs and sports. He is also the founding member of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Committee and currently serving at the University of Georgia Board for student affairs together with his wife.

Outside the education scene, Aaron Lupuloff worked for more than twenty years as the senior executive manager at Bear Stearns JP Morgan and with Raymond James as the managing director.

The Gwinnett Daily Post, funds scholarships, supports learning and teaching, promote innovation, ensure students achieve their goals and create leaders. The Foundation endeavors to grow an institution of excellent schools by helping the Gwinnett community while sticking to their core values.

The school is diversely filled with students from all types of races and backgrounds. The school has even been awarded at the county, state, and country level due to their excellence. While this success may be attributed to the students, the service delivery from the teachers and the quality of education offered should also be commended. The school has set goals that will help them continue being at the top of the game. Having a good foundation as well as funding for the resources required and meeting the needs of the institution is one of the goals. The other one is maintaining a high level of quality education within the county jurisdiction. The last one is to remain relevant to the needs of the students and to satisfy their desires for education. This will in return ensure that there is growth in the school which is the ultimate goal. With people such as Lupuloff at the helm of the leadership of the school, this is very much possible.

The school has also received numerous funding to fund the scholarships and help in the school programs. Excellent academics in an environment also improve the economy of the county.

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Rocketship Education’s Growing from Past Criticism

April 26, 2019 - Author: steph

Experts in the education sector are finding ways to tackle the current achievement gap in America. Rocketship Education (R) is one of the establishments at the forefront in eliminating the achievement gap in the American education sector. Rocketship is using teacher-led activities and the use of technology to engage its students in its pursuit to end the achievement gap.

Contemporary teaching techniques are proving beneficial in the fight to bring parity to achievement levels in American schools. Rocketship (R) chief objective is the provision of quality education in low-income neighborhoods. Parents in these neighborhoods can’t afford their children quality education; hence the intervening by charter schools such as Rocketship.

Rocketship Education (R) operates from various cities and local communities. The non-profit establishment runs a series of schools in areas such as the San Jose Bay Area, Washington DC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. Rocketship is using its elementary schools across various states to eliminate the achievement gap.

The institution believes that helping students from low-income neighborhoods to grow in both academics and character will go a long way in preparing them for an ever-changing, fast-paced career environment that needs exceptional interpersonal skills.

Over the past few years, Rocketship Education (R) has been a recipient of a fair share of criticism, something not unique to the institution as other charter schools has been facing similar critique. Rocketship Education uses multiple teaching approaches to ensure the success of the students learning at its institutions.

The charter school’s most popular learning approaches include differentiated instructions and whole grade group learning. These learning approaches are in use at Rocketship elementary schools to tailor the education of the students.

The use of differentiated instructions and the whole grade group learning approach are technology intensive. According to education experts, these two approaches require the use of technology as an educational tool when the teachers are working with students either in small groups or when working one-on-one with an individual learner. The programs in use at Rocketship Education (R) that allows each learner to be given a specific set of instructions is beneficial in the creation of different learning opportunities for the learners. Consequently, the learners at Rocketship Education’s centers can grow in different areas.

Read more about Rocketship Education here


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Dick DeVos – who is he?

March 12, 2019 - Author: steph

Have you seen Dick DeVos in the news? As the son of the recently past Richard DeVos Sr., owner of Amway, Dick DeVos has always worked with his father on various projects, but he is well known for putting Grand Rapids on the map. Like his father, he has an incredible business acumen and once led record-breaking numbers at Amway in global sales.


When he left the company, he started looking at his hometown and wanted to help the business owners there with multiple projects. There were plans to build a sports arena and convention center, but DeVos noted that they were slightly off and not in the right location. He didn’t think it would support business leaders in the central areas of Grand Rapids.


DeVos had been there for the abandonment of Detroit and had seen what had happened to the Pontiac SilverDome when the teams left. The fall of the city happened around that arena. DeVos didn’t want to see that happen with Grand Rapids, so he worked hard to block those plans and create new ones with business leaders. He saw that they could build areas up around downtown businesses just by choosing the right locations and looking at a new strategy.


The strategy was to bring in business conference meetings to the area with a brand new sports complex and convention center. So, DeVos and the Grand Action committee worked on several projects in the 1990s. The first was the building of the DeVos Place Convention Center, then the DeVos Performance Hall, and the Andel Arena. These were going to be magnificent business travel destinations, and DeVos worked with the airport as well.


At the time, the airport was quite small and didn’t have enough flights to the destinations that would be on the business traveler’s list. This included destinations like Orlando, St. Louis, Denver, and Vegas. He worked with the AirTran Airways CEO to get these flights into the airport. Once that happened, ticket sales took off, and Grand Rapids started to grow rapidly.


Now the airport is seeing over 3 million passengers per year. The airport will also complete its latest renovation as part of the Gateway Transformation Project in 2019. Just last year, they added a business center and food court upgrades. Now they will be working on new technology and curbside services.


DeVos joined the FAA’s Management Advisory Council and will be meeting with the civilian board through 2020.


Visit to learn more.

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Sandy Chin Shares Her Love Of Books With Her Son And His Classmates

February 9, 2019 - Author: steph

Sandy Chin is helping to make a group of elementary school students become better readers. When she learned that not all of the parents of children in a New York City school could afford to get them books, Sandy Chin took action. The faculty at PS 11 encourages the children to read books over the summer, however, many students could not take advantage of this opportunity. Some of the families in the school district of the William T. Harris School, the other name by which PS11 is known, reside in housing projects. The cost of books was out of their reach, and Sandy wanted to help.


The summer months are typically filled with activities for kids that do not include reading. Some children will go all summer without picking up a book. Sandy Chin learned to love reading at a young age, and she wants these youngsters to experience the joy of reading as she had in her childhood. Sandy’s son is a student at PS 11, and he reads many books that he gets from the library as well as books of his own. Sandy believes that children learn to cherish things that they themselves own, and she sees this in her own child. Sandy and a group of volunteers decided to sponsor a book fair that became known as “Books, Boxes & Bodies” to reinforce the importance of reading over the summer.


They were successful in collecting an enormous amount of donated books for all reading levels. The books were sorted by the children’s age and reading level and were given out for free as part of the summer reading program. The students were delighted that they had books of their own to bring home, and reading became another enjoyable summer activity for them. Reading over the summer can help better prepare a young student when school reopens in September.


Sandy Chin is successful in her career as a portfolio and risk manager. She puts a balance of research and planning into the financial decisions she makes in an organized manner. Sandy attributes her own self-directed achievements and fulfillment in her life from all she has learned from reading. Read more about Sandy on


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ClassDojo: Changing the Face of Classrooms Worldwide

November 14, 2017 - Author: steph

ClassDojo has an ongoing commitment to the education and betterment of the classroom for every individual child. Putting teamwork and communication between teachers, students, and caregivers alike at the forefront of their mission, this multifaceted academic application, is changing the face of education today. Featuring original content, the ability to share updates between students, parents, and teachers, and a host of other incredible options, ClassDojo has revolutionized the classroom. It’s no wonder ClassDojo is seeing use in over ninety percent of K-8 schools in over 180 countries. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the amazing features offered by ClassDojo.

Learning is a different process for every child, and ClassDojo takes that into account. Empowering educators and caregivers to design unique, individualized classrooms for their students, ClassDojo is not a enforcer of dogmatic learning structures. Instead, the app’s unique setup allows for each student to receive the attention, dedication, and learning structure they need. ClassDojo’s unique Classroom feature allows the students, teachers, and parents to decide just what they will be studying, and how their classrooms meet individual needs. ClassDojo’s commitment to students and their education far exceeds classroom planning, however. The immersive app allows educators and parents multiple ways to implement the processes needed to best assist their students.

With ClassDojo’s Stories, parents and caregivers can receive updates on their students education whenever they like. With School Stories, parents receive information on school wide happenings, while they can do the same with their child’s portfolios, timelines, and photos, with Class Stories. The app also has incredible original content aimed at preparing children morally for big ideas they’ll encounter later in life. Launched in 2016, ClassDojo’s ‘Empathy,’ and ‘Growth Mindset,’ videos have been seen by one in three children ages five to fourteen. With a dedication to providing better communication between teachers, parents, and students, as well as customizing classrooms to better provide for all involved, ClassDojo is changing the way the world’s classrooms look, one school at a time.

Learn more about ClassDojo:

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Andrew Rolfe Focuses On Education Through The Ubuntu Education Fund

June 18, 2017 - Author: steph

The Ubuntu Fund remains as being among the most prominent charitable organizations in the world today. It has been around for over a decade now. The Fund is focused on providing financial support for the educational systems in Africa so that kids get access to quality education. The Ubuntu Fund does raise a lot of money. But it is yet to turn around the educational standards of kids in this area.

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund. He believed that the reason behind this issue could be that several contributors to this fund were investing their money with some amount of strings attached. Andrew Rolfe opposed to this idea. He wanted to give the Ubuntu Fund full authority to do what they wanted with the money. He did not want that the investors should have any say on where and how that money is to be used.

This is the reason why over the past year this Ubuntu Fund has managed to change its approach towards raising of capital as well as on using that money.

Today, the Ubuntu Fund only accepts money from those donors who are willing to give them a free hand in using that money. This has led to the Ubuntu Foundation having much lesser money today. But the fund is able to make a much greater impact than before. This is because the Ubuntu Fund is providing a focused approach today to the education in this area. Each student is given a detailed education plan along with specific attention. With this change, the Ubuntu Fund has managed considerable improvement in the education system. Besides, they are looking at the progress of individual students.

Andrew Rolfe is a leader of the Ubuntu Fund. He is supervising the basic needs of students who are based in the Port Elizabeth area. Under his leadership, the Ubuntu Fund has shown dramatic improvements. These are in terms of its fundraising efforts along with an overall improvement in the education system of the area in which it is operating.

Andrew Rolfe wants to empower kids in a way that they are able to lead a successful life later on.


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