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Venezuelan True Hope

September 27, 2016 - Author: steph

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is the Venezuelan agricultural, famine, and financial system activist. Born in a Venezuelan countryside, he sought for education in the Venezuelan capital Caracas. He is also a famous entrepreneur and politician. He is particularly troubled by Venezuela’s food insufficiency, and the country’s weakening state of the economy, especially the agricultural sector. He supposes that Venezuela faces this state of economic dwindles due to pitiable administrative management. Many residents of Venezuela look up to Jose Manuel Gonzalez as the only hope for their misery.
Jose Manuel Gonzalez has been the inspirational leader of Technic, Bridco, Thomas Pipe, SGL, and AmericTraders, and other commercial agricultural based companies. Besides, he was selected governor of the Guárico National Assembly, and served as the Venezuelan Federation of Chamber of Commerce leader. These undertakings have popularized his political figure and have won over the trusts of many Venezuelans.

As the top Venezuelan political and entrepreneur, he believes that he can work with his government to bring innovative economic diversity in Venezuela. Using his extensive agricultural and industry expertise, he supposes to help strengthen the weak Venezuelan agricultural economy. To him, it is satirical for Venezuela to bring in food from external markets when the country’s harvests are enough to sustain its citizens. He criticizes the Venezuelan government’s sluggish efforts to support local farmers by buying their farm products. He also supposes that through the re-establishment of just, free, and personal possessive privilege in his country, Venezuela will experience the greatest economic and financial expansions.

Gonzalez has also been a champion against the widespread wealth extortions and kidnappings. He has consistently urged the Venezuelan administration to allocate more resources in combating these social injustices. Gonzalez has all the necessities required of a proficient leader to help handle regime resources and cooperate with leaders to achieve Venezuela’s economic sustainability. Gonzalez has the support of many political parties, for example, Progressive Advance, Christian Party, Project Venezuela, Democratic Republican Union, and the Movement for Socialism. Many Venezuelans consider him the representation of prime civic leadership. Gonzalez is devoted to making other Venezuelan government officials accountable to their citizens. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is indeed the prospect of a fading Venezuela.

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