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Beneful Makes my Cassie Happy!

June 23, 2017 - Author: steph

If you’re wondering who Cassie is, she’s my five-year-old Saint Benard. She’s a pretty girl and lately, I’ve noticed she’s been watching her figure. At least that’s what I told myself until she went two days without eating. At that moment I said enough is enough. We rushed outside, I threw her in the back seat, I hopped in the front and we went to BenefulWalmart.

While in Walmart I took my time scanning the Beneful Dog food section. There were so many options and I had no idea what would make Cassie enjoy eating again. The only thing I knew was that our current brand wasn’t working. I also knew that I had a budget of $35 per week.

While walking the isle, I noticed Purina Beneful dog food had a very attractive section with many options. I stood there for maybe seven minutes reading the Beneful packages and ingredient lists. I couldn’t believe the number of quality ingredients that were in the dry and wet options. And what options! I saw chicken, beef, beef stew, and even salmon options. I’m sure you know which one I picked. Salmon of course! I just knew Cassie would love the Beneful Incredibites with real Salmon.

When we made it home, Cassie immediately ate every bit of Beneful wet dog food. She absolutely LOVED it. And to top it off, it was only $1.77 for a 10oz container! If your dog is a picky eater like my Cassie, then give Beneful a try. You won’t regret it!

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Some of my favorite Beneful lines

December 11, 2015 - Author: steph

For quite some time I have been a committed user of the Purina brands of dog food. Most of my dogs have always preferred the dry kibble, that is they have learned that if they prefer to eat they will like what I make available and wet food can make them into snobs. After I experimented a little bit with the Beneful line when it first came out on Twitter I slowly came to only get that brand. Now it seems all my dogs do is eat Beneful and I don’t go back. The dry dog food Originals is the old stand-by and it has plenty of beefy chunks and vegetable products that my dog will enjoy and I know I can relax as I know they are eating healthy and hearty. It comes in a few flavors and has real meat in each kind – I just don’t think “chickeny chunks” rolls off the tongue as well. The Beneful dry dog food Healthy Puppy I like because of the smaller constituent chunks that they make it in and the mix of chewy and crunchy nuggets is good for me and my dogs when they are young pups. It has the right mix of all the essential ingredients that they need and it is a good introduction to eating dry dog food for them. They seem to enjoy it and are excited for meal times. The Playful Life dry dog food from Beneful is one that some use more often but I would recommend for the most active of dogs, so it is not for everyone. If you need a food that is full of extra proteins and caloric content for a sporting and active dog, this is the one to consider as it made with extra egg and other changes from the Orginals formulation to better serve the needs of a rambunctious dog. The Healthy Weight option I only sporadically fall back on or sometimes mix in with Original in different proportions depending on need. As you can guess, this is the same Beneful brand on Amazon but for when your dog gets a little extra around the middle.

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