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Article Title: Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

March 31, 2019 - Author: steph

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a highly respected successful joint doctor and surgeon. He currently runs his own practice that handles around 500 joint replacement surgeries a year. He was the Chairman of Orthopaedics at the Bronx Health System in New York City. He is also very internet savvy and has helped to grow websites. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum played a role in the development and sales of Medscape to WebMD.

In 1979 Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum earned an undergraduate degree at Brown University, from here he went on to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Here he graduated and did his residency requirements to become a doctor. He then went on to Thomas Jefferson University where he was trained in reconstructive surgery and hip and knee replacement.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum likes to keep very busy with all of his endeavors. He also likes to work with patients one on one as well. He wakes early in the morning and takes care of his electronic life. He checks on social media accounts and his email. He does a lot of connecting on LinkedIn with people in and around the health care industry. After this, he works with the administrators of his practice and then some days he will see patients and other days he works on projects.

Dr. Kirschenbaum loves the idea of value-based healthcare. This is where healthcare is based on the real cost and patient outcome. He thinks that a system like this will help doctors always to do their best for their patients. Dr. Kirschenbaum does not see the future of United States healthcare as all gloom and doom. He actually sees healthcare in the United States improving significantly over the decades to come. He understands that it will improve both in its abilities and in overall costs or value.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is an avid reader and believes that connecting with the people in his business is the best thing for his entrepreneurial endeavors. He suggested that people read “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell to learn about subconscious decision making.

Book an appointment to see Dr. Ira here

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Still One of the Best in the Industry

June 14, 2017 - Author: steph

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board certified, fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon in Texas. Her specialty is aesthetic surgery for breast augmentations, lifts, tummy tucks and rhinoplasty. Dr. Walden is committed to offering the highest quality of services. She and her team of professionals will make your cosmetic procedure a pleasant one.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews built a highly successful practice in Manhattan before returning to her Texas roots after the birth of her twins, Houston and Rex, in 2011. Family is Dr. Walden’s number one priority and she was determined to have her children grow up around family.

She got her start after graduating from the University of Texas with a major in Biology. Although wait listed, she was admitted to the University of Texas Medical Branch, Arlington. After graduating with the highest honors, she moved to Miami where she spent completed an externship at the prestigious Plastic Surgery Associates. After moving to New York, she worked at Manhattan’s Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic.

Dr. Walden is in a very unique field that is dominated by men. In fact, of the nearly 9,000 plastic surgeons in the U.S., there are only about 851 women. Dr. Walden says the industry is very demanding and for women who want to start a family are often forced to put if off for an extended period of time. Click here to know more.

Dr. Walden has won several awards for excellence and she also serves as spokesperson for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Her commentary on plastic surgery has been seen on ABC, MSNBC, CNN and Redbook. She has been named one of Texas Super Doctors for three years in a row. She was also named one of the top 20 doctors in the U.S. by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. Instagram Photos.

An avowed feminist, Dr. Walden says it has always been her goal to empower women. Some women shy away for plastic surgery for a variety of reasons, but Dr. Walden says women should embrace cosmetic surgery if they want to feel better about themselves and improve self-esteem.

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The Fat Transfer To My Buttocks Was Performed By Dr. Jennifer Walden

January 26, 2016 - Author: steph

I had no idea what a fat transfer was until I heard about a particular celebrity who had the procedure done. I never believed that this celebrity had her behind worked on, especially since she looked so perfectly sculpted. The problem is, I saw older pictures of this particular celebrity, and her butt looked awfully flat. Later on, the same celebrity had a voluptuous behind, and that’s when I realized she did have some work done. Instead of getting silicone in her butt, the celebrity got a fat transfer, and that’s how I know what the procedure is.

Call it cliché, but I wanted a fat transfer for my behind as well. I seemed to be thick in every place on my body, but my butt could use a bit of a boost in size. I wanted something that would look good on me, so I chose to get a fat transfer to my buttocks area. I heard a lot of horror stories when women have these surgeries performed, so I knew that it had to be done by someone who knew exactly what they were doing.

Even though the whole procedure seemed extreme, I was ready to get it done. Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who was recommended to me by another plastic surgeon that I had gone to for the procedure, and she is a top doctor in Texas. I looked up Dr. Walden before I did anything else, and she definitely was more than qualified to work on my body, so I made an appointment to go and see her.

I have mapped out exactly how I wanted my behind to look, and Dr. Walden let me know what was realistic and what was a pie-in-the-sky dream. She let me know that they could only take out so much fat, but I told her I believe she would be able to do what was best for my body. Was I ever right about her because my final results after the surgery were incredible. I had a behind that looked amazing, and I can truly say that Dr. Jennifer Walden did a great job.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Took On A Risk In Moving Her Practice

November 2, 2015 - Author: steph

Dr. Jennifer Walden took on a great risk when she decided to move her cosmetic surgery practice from New York City to Austin, Texas, but she knew that the risk would be worth it for her children. She wanted her twin sons to be closer to all of their extended family as they grow up, and she knew that the move was the only way to make that possible.
So, through the help of her mother and many others, Dr. Jennifer Walden was able to take her practice and move it to Austin. She was able to get it up and running again, and she has far exceeded many people’s expectations, as she has continued to have success even in Austin.
Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the best beauty surgeons in the country, and many people look up to her for all of the hard work that she has put into her career and making herself into something great. Many people respect her for the work that she does, and how she just keeps learning and growing, and many people trust her to take care of them and their needs because of how careful she is to always do what is right.

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