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Jon Urbana’s Blog Celebrates Art and Culture

January 27, 2016 - Author: steph

Jon Urbana is never going to slow down when it comes to keeping his blog filled with interesting content. Photo art always makes a grand appearance on the former lacrosse player’s profile for personal expression. The arts really do take up a lot of space and this is a good thing, especially after his amazing run at Villanova where he led the lacrosse team to so many wins it’s hard to keep track. Anyone with a love for intriguing visuals will find Jon Urbana’s flight career worth checking up on.


Photo art of food is capable of being very visually stunning for Urbana, the man behind Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Speaking of which, Jon Urbana announced that you can now register for 2016. The announcement first came to light through a LinkedIn update, but word quickly spread to Twitter and his other social media channels (

Just look at “Il Tagliere” for proof of that assessment. Yes, Italian cheese and cured meat does have a visual splendor when photographed with an attention to aesthetics. Creating such photo art is not easy, which is why the material rises to the level of being called art. Fine art is not the only culturally-rich subject on Jon Urbana’s Twitter. He likes to promote his audio work and these files are not exclusive to just music, but they also find themselves on Jon’s CrunchBase biography. A link to a SoundCloud file highlighting a seminar series on the Vikings is shared with readers of the blog. A little bit of history is recreated on the file and the history is worth revisiting.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

A website that Urbana updates does not only highlight fine foods. Fine beverages get a nice display from time to time. “Cold Cream with Coffee” rests on top of a fine wooden table. The way the photographer captures such simple imagery as he raises money for Earth Force is original and affects those around him on a powerful level (Bloomberg Businessweek).

Who would think the way beverages are packaged has artistic potential? Upon seeing the photo of “Boxes of Ligurian Wine“, the question is answered in the most definitive manner possible. The boxes might seem mundane when examined individually. Stacked in the way they are in the photo and captured in a brilliant manner by the photographer, things change. The boxes become pure art.

Anyone with a craving for “Fresh Pasta with Egg” might find a craving for great photo art satiated. The brightness of light in the photo really does bring out the wonder of the simple breakfast.

No one ever knows what to expect on Jon Urbana’s blog. That is a very good thing.

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