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EOS Lip Balm Rises Above the Competition

June 27, 2017 - Author: steph

The Evolution of Smooth has certainly grown into one of the most interesting companies when it comes to lip balm. There is a reason that this has become the top company in the lip balm industry despite the competition. Much of the praise and admiration comes from the fact that people recognize this company and the sphere shaped containers much easier than they recognize anything else.

If someone is standing in line and waiting for an opportunity to check out it is inevitable that they will run across EOS lip balm at some point in time. These colorful containers are going to stand out more so than any other lip balm that is out there. That means that consumers are going to be able to spot this lip balm even if they are not consciously planning to buy lip balm products, follow this site.

This is the type of marketing that has allowed this company to thrive in many different countries. It has become popular largely because people recognize it and there is also celebrity appeal linked to this product.

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When people become familiar with EOS they are constantly on the lookout for the new flavors that are being introduced. This is another fun factor that makes people appreciate what the Evolution of Smooth brings to the lip balm industry, shop here at It is no question that this has become one of the most profitable companies in recent years, and there is no telling how far this brand will be able to go. People that are watching the commercials and seeing the print ads are well aware that this is a brand that is even more popular than Chapstick. It is easy for people to appreciate the bigger lip balm containers that are offered by EOS because these containers last much longer.

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Lime Crime: Where You Are Free To Be You

November 21, 2016 - Author: steph

Doe Deere is a force to renown with in the cosmetics industry. With her unconventional attitude and philosophy, she has been able to leave her customers wanting for more. Three days to the 2008 Halloween, Dore Deere could not find make up and cosmetics to match her outfit. With her revolutionary ambitions, she decided not to sit and wait for someone to come to her rescue and established the Lime Crime Makeup.

The makeup company is centered towards being free and unapologetic. It encourages all its stakeholders to be wild and comfortable. Doe Deere’s love for colors is seen through the way she plays with them to come up with the most incredible lipsticks and makeup. The self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen ensures that her customers get the money’s value and worth.

Doe Deree is passionate about animals. In respect to this, the company is cruelty free. The products manufactured are not in any way tested on animals. As a matter of fact, the company has a certificate from PETA. The company is committed to launching products that are vegan. More importantly, is the fact that all the company is focused on ethics and thus, all the products are all respectful of animals.

The company has authentic retailers from which all their clients are advised to buy from. Customers can get older and latest products at:

  • Dollskill
  • Beauty Bay
  • Lime Crime Amazon
  • Urban Outfitters

Also, the company has outlets in Russia at ILOVEMAKEUP, Mexico at Vorana Cosmetics, UK at Love Makeup and also in Australia at Pepper Mayo.

Additionally, you can contact us @limecrime on Twitter, and on Lime Crime on Facebook for our magical products.

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EOS: The fasted growing lip balm company in the United States

October 21, 2016 - Author: steph

Since opening their doors in 2009, Evolution Of Smooth (EOS) has became the best selling lip balm in the country, but how did this company rise to the top of this industry? Continue reading to see what sets this company apart from the rest.

EOS, is a small, New York based company that uses only premium, natural ingredients in their products. With natural moisturizers such as, jojoba oils, shae butter and vitamins, these products are completely safe to use. All EOS products are gluten, petroleum, paraben and phthalate free, meaning there’s no harsh chemicals.

So, how do they stand out on the shelves compared to the competition? EOS lip balms are packaged in small, colorful spheres that match their invigorating scents. Their unusual packaging draws the customer’s eyes to the product. This unique packaging style strikes curiosity in the product, thus causing an increase in sales.

There’s many flavors to choose from, and each one is designed to bring delight to your daily routine. These products can be purchased from online retailers like Ulta, eBay and in Walmart stores across America. So, finding the perfect match for you is only one shopping trip away.

EOS has became the top seller in the lip balm industry with a marketing plan that set them apart from the rest. With unique designs and flavors there’s a product for everyone. So, don’t waste another minute, go find that perfect match for you.

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