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EOS Review of Vegan Lip Balm Showcases The Many Talents of EOS

October 4, 2017 - Author: steph

There is a buzz circling around EOS with the new addition to their collection of lip balms. Their latest collection contains lip balm that is free from beeswax and is vegan says For those people who are trendy and chic, the new crystal clear vegan formula has been one of the biggest hits that EOS has come up with.

Customers who were already pleased with EOS had just one more reason to love the brand even more. Some people were not pleased with the fact that the main ingredient in the EOS lip balms were made from beeswax and therefore they opted to please those shoppers and create a vegan formula. The minute that this new formula was released, stores sold out rather quickly. The little round containers kept with the same look as the other leading formulas however it was slightly different in the sense that it had a crystal clear top allowing the shoppers to see inside of their lip balm. More beauty hacks here on

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EOS has been around for quite some time and even though they have been around for a while, they are still among the top leading cosmetic companies. They are the second largest lip balm companies around. Prior to EOS, the leading company was Chapstick. This brand had a select number of choices to choose from when it came to lip balm and that is why EOS thought of the idea to create a variety of flavors. Not only did they consider making new flavors available to their audience but they thought of a new way to sell the lip balm. Their idea of creating a round sphere full of lip balm is another big selling point. Now when you stand in line at checkouts, you have a number of flavors to choose from instead of original and cherry.

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