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Drilling with Gulf Coast Western

October 1, 2018 - Author: steph

The company, Gulf Coast Western is the Managing Venture of the Oil and Gas Partnerships. The Gulf Coast Western company is responsible for the exploration, development, and has the responsibility of obtaining the oil. They have drilling locations in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The company is always looking to research new land that may have oil. The drilling process is designed to be efficient and profitable.

Gulf Coast Western is always looking for a way to improve their business and drill for oil. They work hard to develop a complete exploration plan and development activities to find areas in the country where oil and gas have been found. They carefully research the geographical areas to make sure they live up to a high criterion and will improve the success of finding oil in the chosen location.

Gulf Coast Western has a history of success. The company opened in 1970 and Dallas, Texas. They have enjoyed success over the years due to their open and transparent business relationships. Their partners know every step of the process and can see which areas their money is being invested in. this helps them gain accreditation as well. The relationships that are built with their partners are based on trust and respect.

When Gulf Coast Western is drilling for oil they will use the latest techniques. This will make the drilling more efficient and will help protect the environment as well. They also maximize the amount of oil or gas they drill to bring the highest return to their partners.

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Bob Reina Recounts Path to Success with Talk Fusion

October 17, 2017 - Author: steph

Entrepreneurs around the world are constantly trying to find a way to leave their mark and become an effective part of the industry. For Bob Reina the goal has always been to improve and innovate around the realm of video marketing. Reina is one of the foremost advocates of the power of video in relation to online marketing and as a result, he has gotten quite the reputation for himself. Reina established the company Talk Fusion back in 2007 with the sole intention of providing high-end video marketing and communication solutions to customers around the world. A decade later his business is still at the top of its game. Let’s learn a little bit about Bob Reina’s work.


Bob Reina was working as a police officer, hired out for a traffic gig, when he first was introduced to the concept of network marketing. This chance encounter would plant the seeds that would rapidly grow into the career he is chasing to this day. Reina was particularly in love with the idea of controlling his hours, controlling his paycheck, and setting a roadmap for his career going forward. Reina would end up using this meeting as motivation in order to start the company that would become Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion itself has been a labor of love and passion. Reina knows that in order to bring game-changing solutions to the world you have to believe in the product that you are crafting. Reina had fallen in love with the power of video and his sheer love of the craft helped to fuel his early marketing days. Reina knows that if you aren’t passionate about your work, customers will see right through you and pass you for another company. Reina says, “I only sold products I believed in, products I could fully get behind and market with true excitement.”


Now, Bob Reina is working on expanding Talk Fusion onto the next level of their work. Talk Fusion had a spectacular 2016 with a variety of industry awards handed down to them. Reina knows that every year is a make it or break it year so he can never rest idle.


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