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Robert Deignan and Technology Pondering

July 30, 2019 - Author: steph

Robert Deignan is the name of the man who is ATS Digital Services’ Chief Executive Officer. He’s also a Co-Founder for the business. ATS Digital Services is a full-service company that’s associated with in-depth support that’s digital in nature. It can come in handy for individuals who are exasperated by network connection glitches. It can come in just as handy for those who are irritated by residential desktop computers that are alarmingly sluggish. Deignan is a resident of the United States’ bustling Miami, Florida. He’s been at the helm of ATS Digital Services since the end of the summer back in 2011. He’s an alumnus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, too. He has a B.S. (Bachelor of Science) degree from the public research school. He went to the college between the years of 1992 and 1995.

Deignan is a technology aficionado who knows a lot about crazes that are part of the technological field at the moment. He regularly discusses the phenomenon of AI or “Artificial Intelligence. He believes that emergences that relate to AI are going to become more and more plentiful with time.

Voice recognition is yet another concept that Deignan is following. He thinks that it’s going to be a substitute for user interfaces that are standard. Mobile networks are also on Deignan’s radar at the moment. The businessman states that these networks are going to go through all kinds of adjustments. 

Automation is a big subject that enthralls Deignan with significant regularity. This individual has many suggestions for professionals. He thinks that they’re going to have to go through transformations in order to adjust to automation. Deignan does not think that automation will be anything that anyone can avoid soon. He indicates that he thinks that there are an abundance of human beings nowadays who feel nervousness that relates to the automation path and where it’s going to go.

This man is and has always been an individual who thinks that people should have confidence in intuition. He strongly objects to the track of professionals collaborating with individuals who are already in their existences.

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Networking At The Academy of Arts Univeristy

July 25, 2019 - Author: steph

The Academy of Arts University is located in San Francisco. California. It was founded in 1929 and since then has continued to help students excel in all forms of art. The professors, alumni, and business leaders have all collaborated together to make the University a world class university. It continually enrolls new students who desire to become the best in their field.

Each year the Academy of Arts University hosts a spring showcase that shows off the best work of their current students. These lucky students have the opportunity to showcase their best work to industry leaders, alumni, current students, professors, as well as the public. From May to June 2019 these artists and their work have been on display. Students whose work is being displayed are able to network with leaders of the art world to hopefully line up jobs upon graduation.

Networking is a crucial aspect of any undergraduate or graduate student’s life and schooling. Networking allows students to connect with professionals who can help them find jobs, interview for jobs, and accept jobs. All students have difficulty finding jobs upon graduation, however the students at the Academy of Arts University are given ample opportunities to network, thus making the seek for employment much easier.

Students at the Academy of Arts University go there to study a variety of different arts. At the Spring Festival there were artists that had pieces of artwork in over 40 different areas. The Academy of Arts University in San Francisco has professors who are skilled and knowledgeable about many different arts, making it one of the best colleges in the world to attend. They offer majors in photography, graphic design, art history, fine arts, sculpture, communications, mass media, and so much more. Students who attend the Academy of Arts University are lucky enough to take courses in a variety of different areas so that they can find their true passion. The professors and counselors at the Academy of Arts University help to guide students towards their passion, suggest courses that are best for them to take, and work tirelessly to ensure that all their students are successful upon graduation.

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Genucel and Women Aware 5K

January 31, 2019 - Author: steph

Women Aware, a nonprofit organization situated in Middlesex, New Jersey, supports victims of domestic abuse in the area. The organization was founded in 1981 and offers food, shelter, and recovery programs for women. County residents also have access to emergency shelter and abuse recovery programs.


Chamonix’s Genucel and Women Aware organized the Moving Beyond Abuse 5k Race and Charity Walk for the first time. This 5k was a display of community support for victims of abuse and served as a fundraising effort for the organization.



Physical activity, such as walking and running, has shown to alleviate the symptoms of mental trauma within victims of abuse. This is a form of self-care that all survivors of abuse can utilize to their benefit. This a proven method of recovery.


Walking not only improves your physical condition, but it also is an effective antioxidant therapy. This improves the self-esteem of abuse victims, as well as their self-image. Exercise keeps you looking fit and improves your general physical appearance. Walking just thirty minutes a day helps with the health of your skin and also your general immune system.


Genucel also contributes anti-aging products geared to keeping you looking young. Its products are released in 60-day packages that are based on scientifically tested plant stem cell technology. Even though their products focus on a person’s looks, the company understands that there is more to people than just that. Genucel by Chamonix works to support Women Aware and other organizations that work to fight domestic abuse. Victims of physical and emotional abuse will often exhibit physical symptoms like increased wrinkles, bags under the eyes, and loose skin. This physical marks can negatively affect an individual’s self-image. Additionally, mental stress is not unknown to physically manifest itself in survivors of abuse.


Chamonix’s Genucel and Women Aware are working every day to prevent future domestic abuse, and help the victims of today. As community awareness continues to progress, victims will feel the support they deserve. Both Genucel and Women Aware are making efforts to help survivors overcome physical and mental reminders of their history of abuse.


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Robert Deignan career path to the start of ATS

May 28, 2018 - Author: steph

In the career path of Robert Deignan started off when he was among one of the people that participated in the co-founding of Fanlink. The start of the company was not for long because after two years of offering their services it was closed. In 2012, he joined iS3 he was providing his services in the company as the executive vice president in the firm, in the company, he worked for nine years and later he left the company. The services that he offered the company was the start of the great things because of the experience that he gained. In the company that deals with proving their services to the people that need digital support that is called ATS Digital Services in each, he helped in co-founding.

After a while, the company changed the name, and it’s what is referred to as ATS Digital services now, and Robert Deignan is the CEO of the firm. Robert attended high school at Thomas Aquinas where he studied until he got accepted at the University of Purdue where he attained a degree in organizational leadership. He has worked so hard in getting the needed experiences in the professional and individual life that has helped in his growth. In 2011 that was when ATS was founded this is based in Boca, Raton Florida.

The company is wholly concerned with the products and services that they will offer the customers because they want them to be at the highest level. For the laptops or computer of the clients at ATS, they will ensure that they keep them stable and safe. Because of the services that Robert Deignan offers one of them being leadership that company has been able to deliver just those services. The one thing that will be remembered by so many people is that services that he created and enabling the company to the first one to be given the certification by the AppEstreem Corporation. He cares a lot about the community, and he shows it by offering things to the charitable contributions. As much as the people are accepting technology, the more the company is expanding on daily bases.

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