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A More Efficient OKR With Betterworks

June 24, 2019 - Author: steph


Many businesses rely on an objectives and key results program, otherwise known as an OKR, in order to guide them towards success. While these programs can be powerful tools to growing your business, an OKR requires cooperation, communication, and regular upkeep in order to be effective. Managers looking to develop and maintain an effective OKR should try and keep the following concepts firmly in mind.

Set Priorities, Monitor Progress, Effective Check-Ins, and Appropriate Feedback are the cornerstones of a functional OKR. What this means, effectively, is that you should work with your employees to establish clear goals. Then set up clear communication lines to help ensure those goals are being met at the proper pace. Regular check-ins give team members an opportunity to collaborate and troubleshoot, adapting to the situation at hand. Finally, constructive feedback allows the teams to recognize strengths and weakness so they can compensate accordingly moving forward. For a more in-depth look at each of these factors consider looking here.


A great tool in realizing an effective OKR is Betterworks, a continuous performance management solution. This piece of heavy duty business software is highly scale-able and has a variety of tools available. These can be used to help your team organize data more efficiently and estimate objectives flow. This helps greatly both in monitoring results and planning for the future.

Betterworks provides managers with the tools needed to efficiently assign objectives, review results, and offer commentary all in a single, easy to use and easy to navigate system.

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Betterworks Raises Over $65 Million That Will Be Used in Product Innovation

April 17, 2019 - Author: steph

Betterworks is a firm that falls under the service industry category. In a bid to expand, the company set up a Series B investment. They were able to gather more than $65 million. Many investors extended a helping hand, and they included Kleiner Perkins and Emergence Capital. The money that Betterworks gathered will be used to improve the sales momentum and the product innovation within the corporation. Since the company’s inception, Betterworks has been able to attract a huge pool of clients since they offer performance management software. When a company utilizes such software, the productivity within the firm also improves.

Performance management software plays a crucial role in fueling the outcome of a business. As a result, Betterworks has seen it fit to invest more in innovation. Betterworks has focused on increasing the activities that coincide with continuous performance management. Such activities include feedback, performance conversations, and the creation of goals. By focusing on such areas, the clients of Betterworks benefit in the form of enterprise agility, overall performance, alignment, and high talent retention.

The sales within Betterworks are still strong since many corporations are interested in the continuous performance management software that is provided by the firm. Since companies are focusing on performance management software that is data backed, Betterworks has also focused on improving their professional services. Betterworks focuses on the quarterly OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) of a firm thus enabling the company to offer quality services to each of their clients. Each of these corporations can gain a competitive advantage in their industry of specialization. Many firms are trying to improve their productivity and performance; nevertheless, it has proved to be a significant challenge. Since Betterworks has an in-depth understanding of HR technology, they have been able to offer some assistance by coming up with the performance management software that also adds value to the employees.

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Class Dojo Creates the Most Incredible Classrooms You Ever Saw

July 29, 2017 - Author: steph

Every other person one meets has something to say about the abysmal state of education everywhere. However when it comes to providing a solution, there usually not much that one hears. Thankfully initiatives like the incredible educational app Class Dojo certainly show the way forward.

Class Dojo seeks to bring about a transformation in education so as to positively impact every child in the world. The way that this app plans to bring it about is by connecting teachers, parents and students in classrooms around the world and plan out something that leads to the creation of outstanding ideas.

There is no one size fits all or single template of an ideal classroom that Class Dojo offers. On the contrary, it wants to empower students, teachers, and parents to decide the way forward. Teachers can go ahead and take inputs from students about what they want to learn or what skills they want to imbibe. The children might just want to learn the right values like empathy and kindness.

Students on their part will get the opportunity to display what they have learned by putting up their pictures and videos in their portfolios. The parents can be engaged by sharing the important moments that occur in the classroom. The digital age is one of great opportunity and what better way to utilize that than by deploying it in a manner that will make our children better members of the community.

You catch children when they are young and imbue them with a sense of morality, wonder and innovation and you will surely have built a better tomorrow for the world. That is exactly what the Class Dojo app has set out to do. This app is a most laudable effort to guide today’s little ones to a future that is way ahead of ours.

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