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Class Dojo Creates the Most Incredible Classrooms You Ever Saw

July 29, 2017 - Author: steph

Every other person one meets has something to say about the abysmal state of education everywhere. However when it comes to providing a solution, there usually not much that one hears. Thankfully initiatives like the incredible educational app Class Dojo certainly show the way forward.

Class Dojo seeks to bring about a transformation in education so as to positively impact every child in the world. The way that this app plans to bring it about is by connecting teachers, parents and students in classrooms around the world and plan out something that leads to the creation of outstanding ideas.

There is no one size fits all or single template of an ideal classroom that Class Dojo offers. On the contrary, it wants to empower students, teachers, and parents to decide the way forward. Teachers can go ahead and take inputs from students about what they want to learn or what skills they want to imbibe. The children might just want to learn the right values like empathy and kindness.

Students on their part will get the opportunity to display what they have learned by putting up their pictures and videos in their portfolios. The parents can be engaged by sharing the important moments that occur in the classroom. The digital age is one of great opportunity and what better way to utilize that than by deploying it in a manner that will make our children better members of the community.

You catch children when they are young and imbue them with a sense of morality, wonder and innovation and you will surely have built a better tomorrow for the world. That is exactly what the Class Dojo app has set out to do. This app is a most laudable effort to guide today’s little ones to a future that is way ahead of ours.

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