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Jason Colodne Studies The Risk Market For Colbeck Capital Management

September 11, 2019 - Author: steph

The private equity investment specialist Jason Colodne has spent his career working towards ensuring the companies he works to understand the risks they are taking on the markets. From his first days as a recent graduate working on the markets for the first time where he began to understand the profits that could be found by finding companies in need of investors who may pose something of a risk in terms of credit and financial risk.

Over the course of his career, Colodne has managed assets worth billions of dollars and began his path towards creating his own company in 1998 while working at Goldman Sachs. The leader of the Colbeck Capital Management group was placed in charge of the distressed and hybrid lending sector at the historic financial institution where he noted the large profits that could be made. The history of Colodne was continued at Morgan Stanley in 2004 when he took up the role of Managing Director with responsibility for the Strategic Finance department. Join Linkedin to see Jason Colodne’s profile.

Colodne has been one of the leading figures in the development of the distressed lending markets throughout the last two decades and was one of the few to see the 2008 financial crisis as an opportunity. At the time of the 2008 crisis, Colodne was one of the leading figures in distressed lending and he saw the chance to improve the position of a number of small and mid-market companies who could survive and flourish if they had the correct level of funding to secure their future. Measuring risk now became key to the future of Jason Colodne and the company he established in early 2008 to specialize in the development of companies in financial peril with some positive attributes for the future.

To make sure the brands chosen to be part of the future of Colbeck Capital Management did not see major problems similar to those experienced in the 2008 financial crash, Colodne has worked hard to develop a new way of investing. In the past, companies would receive funding from a private equity firm and largely be left to their own devices. As an entrepreneur himself, Colodne understands how difficult it can be to find the time to research how to go about building a business in the 21st-century. The latest developments from Colbeck Capital Management include the need to maintain a close relationship with the companies chosen as investment partners.

What Jason Colodne understands is that his staff at Colbeck Capital have many years of experience in developing business opportunities and sourcing funding. To take advantage of this level of experience, Colodne believes the best option is to allow his executives and partners to work closely with the brands invested in to provide support and advice as they build for the future. By maintaining close links to the brands he believes can be profitable in the future, Colodne is ensuring he is always aware of any problems that can he can step in and smooth over before they become a crisis. Learn More:

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