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How Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Expanding

April 17, 2017 - Author: steph

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), has recently joined forces with Allcripts and Nanthealth, in an attempt to get access to a powerful technical solution that offers clinical support. This will enable Allscripts to quickly and easily access health records for Allscripts Sunrise. The technology was implemented flawlessly, and CTCA is now looking forward to watching the purpose of the technology come to fruition. This means that the daily clinical processes at CTCA will be unaffected while providing thousands of oncologists the data they need to review regarding various types of cancer treatment.

As stated in Wikipedia, this program, known as Clinical Pathways, is designed to make the work of oncologists not only a priority, but it helps oncologists make decisions regarding treatment. The data is helpful when seeking the best treatment options for all patients, regardless of the type of cancer. The new program is highly regarded by the Chief Medical Officer at CTCA, because it aids in eliminating guesswork. The goal of the medical community is to continually raise the bar when it comes to not only clinical research, but it will help physicians take a stronger stance in the care they feel is best for their patient with sound data to back it up.

CTCA is widely known for their commercials promoting their centers across America, and addressing the whole person rather than just treating cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America, CTCA takes the position that every case is unique just as the patient is unique. Personalized care has never been as important as it is today with the modern technology and care provided to all patients by knowledgeable cancer doctors.

The approach is guided by the complete effort of the patients and the doctors together, giving treatment a team approach and thus promoting a better outcome for the patients and their families.



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Bruce Levenson Helping Others

March 28, 2017 - Author: steph

Do you want to take your life to the next level? If you do, you need to be around people who are going to challenge you to be your best. Over the long term, Bruce Levenson has proven that he understands how to add value to others in a variety of ways. Not only that, but he truly cares about the local community in which he lives and works. Many people are excited about his work that he is doing with the Do Good Institute. With the work he is doing, he is helping to take the lives of people from their current situation and improve it in every way. A lot of people are ready to see what he is going to be able to accomplish at a high level.

Bruce Levenson

There are a lot of people who look up to the work that Bruce Levenson ( has done in a number of areas. If you are ready to change your life for the better, he is the type of person who you should be working with. Not only does he care about others, but he has the business acumen that you need to make quality decisions in a number of areas. The work that he did with the Atlanta Hawks was one of the best in the league. He has proven that he really wants to work to help others with their life and career.

Final Thoughts

In the coming years, Bruce Levenson wants to continue the good work that he is doing with the Do Good Institute. He is ready and willing to invest in the lies of other people who are ready to change their lives forever. According to PR News, with his work, he is hoping to make a lasting impact in the community for many yeas to come.


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Michael Zomber Has a Fascinating Life

October 6, 2016 - Author: steph


Michael Zomber has become famous around the world as one of the leading experts about ancient samurai culture and antique gun collecting. His advanced knowledge in both of these unique subjects has taken Zomber on a journey that he could never have dreamed of. He has led a very exciting life where he has traveled the world and met many interesting people. He has stated on numerous occasions that he is doing what he truly loves to do. Michael is highly sought after on the lecture circuit. People are willing to come from very far away to hear Michael speak about his extensive gun and samurai sword collections. One of the things that Michael loves to do at these lectures is to answer questions from the audience.


Michael Zomber is an author who has written several books. Michael is also an accomplished filmmaker. One of his film projects received a great deal of acclaim when it was released. He wrote the screenplay for a documentary feature film. The subject of the film was the life of an ancient samurai warrior living hundreds of years ago in feudal Japan. Zomber has had a passion for the samurai way of life ever since he was studying at the University of Illinois. One of his professors gave him a book about the samurai and he was hooked from that moment. Michael has degrees in psychology and English from the University of Illinois. He also has an English literature master’s degree from UCLA.


Michael Zomber achieved his greatest level of fame from amassing a huge collection of antique guns. He has become an expert in the history of these guns to the point that he is frequently asked to give interviews on the subject by some of the major cable networks. Michael Zomber believes that antique guns should be preserved because many of them are works of art that took many years to produce. He believes that the craftsmanship used to create these old weapons should be respected and admired. This is why Michael often publicly displays his collection so other people can enjoy it.


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Sam Tabar Appointed COO of FullCycle Energy Fund

May 25, 2016 - Author: steph

As of December 2015, FullCycle Energy Fund’s Chief Operating Officer is Sam Tabar, formerly Head of Capital Strategy for Bank of America. In his new role, Tabar is responsible for the fund’s management strategy. According to a press release on PR Newswire, Tabar is pleased to work with a fund that invests in low-cost eco-friendly fuels, as opposed to expensive fossil fuels. FullCycle Energy Fund’s mission is to finance the re-fit of electric generation plants to burn municipal solid waste, focusing on communities burdened with high electricity costs and waste disposal issues.

Founded in 2013, FullCycle Energy Fund is a relatively new firm, however, Tabar will work with an experienced team. Tabar also brings a great deal of experience to FullCycle, in addition to his time at Bank of America; Tabar was Co-Head of Marketing for Sparx Group, where he managed their global marketing campaigns. In addition, Tabar was the director of Adanac, LLC.

Sam Tabar also has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oxford University and a Masters of Law degree from Columbia Law School. Tabar is a member of the New York State Bar where his specialty is finance law. Tabar’s law experience includes positions at Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate and Flom, where he began his career, as well as the law firm of Schulte, Roth and Zabel. Tabar has mentioned in interviews that he was always interested in investment and finance law. He brings an expert knowledge of how the law affects businesses to FullCycle Energy Fund, where his practical experience in the legal and finance professions are an excellent fit.

Tabar is also a private investor in SheThinx, a socially responsible feminine hygiene company. Sam Tabar currently lives in New York City, where he enjoys hosting events. Tabar also enjoys traveling and he speaks French as well as English.

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Alexei Beltyukov Giving Back To Russia

May 23, 2016 - Author: steph

Russia has been a country in transition for many years, since the fall of communism. Many entrepreneurs face significant challenges in building successful businesses and powerful lives. Alexei Beltyukov is a person who is interested in helping his fellow Russian citizens overcome their situation and establish a successful and profitable business that will change their lives. Beltyukov founded his company Endemic Capital in 2013 in order to find appropriate startup companies in Russia to help. He was a former member of INSEAD which is a scholarship program for Russian Students that provides financial support to enhance their education.

Recently Beltyukov attained the position of Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation. This organization seeks viable economic leadership and support for businesses that are in need of funding. They are able to provide investment opportunities and financial grants to IT companies that are being started in Russia. This expands the capabilities of the entire region to compete in the world economy that is based largely on technology. The program also provides an opportunity for expanding opportunities across Russia for those who need to grow their unique brands across the country.

It was in the medical field that Beltyukov started his career. It wasn’t long before he realized that his passion really lay in the field of business. That is when he embarked on his learning experience at INSEAD Business School, earning an MBA and kick-starting one of the most important careers in history. He has really been a cereal entrepreneur since that time becoming involved in and building many opportunities to make money. At FORO Energy, he is in the unique position as an observer. At the beginning of 2014, he reached into the education system by launching a product called SOLVY. This is a unique interface that allows teachers and students in high school to interact and communicate with each other, even from home. It has enhanced education, teachers can check up on student progress and students have the ability to check their current status on assignments and grades. It has provided a positive interface for all involved.

Beltyukov wanted to enhance the education process in Russia to allow for greater achievements and accomplishments by students. There is a need in all countries in the world to develop better mathematical problem solvers and critical thinkers. Founding SOLVY is a way of providing raw materials for students to grow and prosper. It is an online educational solution that helps students improve their critical thinking skills in solving problems. All students need to explain how they arrived at their answers which encourages sharing understanding.

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Qnet Looks To Help Female Entrepreneurs Accomplish Their Dreams

March 25, 2016 - Author: steph

Qnet was established in 1998 near Hong Kong. Qnet is a member of the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Qnet is part of the Hong Kong Health Food Association. They are also a part of the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore. 

Qnet is a direct selling company that provides a number of different life style products, including products for nutrition, home care, personal care and fashion. Qnet’s e-commerce platform has reached customers and distributors in many countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Egypt. Qnet has over 25 offices around the world, including ones in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The company is looking to expand into countries such as India and Turkey. 

Qnet’s marketing strategy is centered around multi-level marketing and direct selling. This model is based on independent representatives who match consumers with products and receive a payment based on the volume of the referrals. The strength of other independent representatives is also important. Qnet is also active in different sporting sponsorships including badminton and football. Qnet believes that there is a direct correlation between the passion found in the company and the passion found in sports. 

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Posted by QNET (Official) on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

To celebrate International Women’s Day recently, Qnet is continuing to help young aspiring female entrepreneurs who can help their families and make a positive impact in the community. Qnet wants to help these women reach their dreams. Qnet encourages women to become members of their team as direct sellers. 

This will help the women achieve their maximum earning potential while also giving these women the freedom to make their own schedules. Qnet also supports women by offering a wide range of female health and beauty products.

#homepure ftw.

A photo posted by QNET Official (@qnetofficial) on

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Brad Reifler Offer Investing Advice to the 99 Percent

March 1, 2016 - Author: steph

In a press release originally published on Reuters titled, “Brad Reifler’s 5 Tips for Investing,” Forefront Capital’s founder and CEO Brad Reifler offers investing advice to those who are not in the one percent of income earners. He believes many people who are in the 99 percent of income earners do not have the investing savvy and knowledge that wealthy investors have, so the 99 percent have to be more conservative in their investing strategies. Brad also believes in another Reuters post that the 99 percent should have access to some of the same investments that the wealthy have access to.

Brad’s 5 investing tips are:

1. Be cautious when investing, know the risks and set goals
2. Focus on safe investing;
3. Have a diversified portfolio by investing in stocks, bonds, precious metals and real estate;
4. If working with an investment manager, know who they are, their investing strategy and their track record;
5. Have a reason for investing, and stick to what works.

Point number three is mentioned as being the most important key to successful investing, but only the wealthy have been able to diversify their portfolios in this way.

Brad noticed the different investments the one percent had access to compared to the 99 percent, so he set out to change this system. This came about from personal experience. Brad invested in a 529 college savings plan for his daughters and ended up with less money in the plan than he started with. Then when his father-in-law retired and sold his business, he asked Brad to invest his money the way Brad’s clients were able to, but Brad couldn’t invest his money that way because his father-in-law was not an accredited investor. To be an accredited investor, he would have needed $1 million in assets, excluding his home, and an annual income of $200,000 for two consecutive recent years.

At this point, Brad and his firm decided to focus on investment strategies and products that would benefit non-accredited investors yet still have the same type of returns that accredited investors experience. He says he doesn’t want to be like Wall Street, he wants his firm to be for the people. From Brad Reifler’s there’s even more information from his career.

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Ricardo Guimaraes of BMG on the Forbes List of Top American MBA Schools

February 11, 2016 - Author: steph
Getting your MBA is a way to tell future employers that you value education; you intend to lead a respectful life and you’d be an asset to their organization.

Many students choose to study for their MBA degrees in the United States at prestigious Ivy League schools, because professionals recognize these credentials all over the world. However, these degrees are expensive and the coursework is challenging. Students must also pay $110,000 to $140,000 per year to attend these schools. They must also pass their Graduate Management Admission Test, (the GMAT); with scores of 720 or higher.

However, you can enter a cheaper, less prestigious American school with a GMAT score of 700 or higher. Unfortunately though, you might sacrifice some name recognition and other benefits if you choose the cheaper route.

The most respected US business schools in order of status are:

1. Stanford Business School: expect to pay $126,000 every year, and have a 730 or better on your GMAT. Only 7% of students graduate from Stanford Business School.

2. Harvard Business School: expect to pay $139,000 every year, and have a 730 or better on your GMAT. Only 12% of students graduate from Harvard Business School.

3. The Booth School of Business: expect to pay $128,000 every year, and have a 730 or better on your GMAT. Only 24% of students graduate from The Booth School of Business.

4. The Warton School of Business: expect to pay $137,000 every year, and have a 728 or better on your GMAT. Only 20% of students graduate from The Warton School of Business.

5. The Haas School of Business: expect to pay $110,000 every year, and have a 720 or better on your GMAT. Only 13% of students graduate from The Haas School of Business.
6. The Tuck School of Business: expect to pay $139,000 every year, and have a 730 or better on your GMAT. Only 12% of students graduate from The Tuck School of Business.

7. The Yale School of Management: expect to pay $124,000 every year, and have a 720 or better on your GMAT. Only 24% of students graduate from The Yale School of Business.

8. The Kellogg School of Management: expect to pay $127,000 every year, and have a 720 or better on your GMAT. Kellogg doesn’t make graduate percentages public.

9. Columbia Business School: expect to pay $136,000 every year, and have a 716 or better on your GMAT. Only 18% of students graduate from Columbia Business School.

10. The Leonard N. Stern School of Business: expect to pay $131,000 every year, and have a 710 or better on your GMAT. Only 10.8% of students graduate from The Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

Follow Ricardo Guimarães on Twitter.

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Philip Diehl on US Money Reserve and Gold Industry

February 3, 2016 - Author: steph


Philip Diehl, president of US Money Reserve, did a podcast recently where he delved in to the gold market and how to get started investing. He asserts that gold bullion coins are the best, and most approachable way to get started investing in precious metals. The coins, particularly those distributed by US Money Reserve, are backed by the United States government so customers are guaranteed to get what they paid for. This is not always the case with other forms of gold, which are not considered legal tender either. Recently, some gold rounds that came in from overseas distributors were discovered to be counterfeit. The weight and purity of each coin will be at the exact level that they order or their money back.

US Money Reserve is known industry-wide for their superior return policy, going above and beyond to ensure that each and every customer is completely satisfied. This commitment to customer service starts at the top. From his time as director of the US Mint Diehl has always obsessed over doing everything for the customer. He eventually led the government operation to receiving customer service score on par with the best in private industry. Now, he has taken those ideas and brought them to US Money Reserve. It shows at all levels of staff in the company from the sales force to the back office workers.

Diehl recommends that investors use gold as a form of wealth insurance. The precious metal has been used for thousands of years to do so and he sees no reason why this trend will not continue. Although there are always short-term peaks and valleys with any investment, Diehl encourages those who invest in gold to embrace a long-term horizon.

There are a few factors that Diehl believe will make gold a very attractive investment in the coming years. Primarily the rise of the middle class in BRIC countries will create a strong increase in demand for gold. Also, rising political uncertainty worldwide will force a rise in the desire for a safe place to store wealth.

Finally, Diehl believes that the dollar has reached its peak and will begin to decline in the coming years. When this happens it will force the price of gold down in other countries and give buyers a great opportunity to get in at very low prices.

Follow US Money Reserve on Twitter for constant updates on the gold and precious metals markets.

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Brad Reifler’s Debut In The Business World

January 27, 2016 - Author: steph

Brad Reifler has no doubt achieved a lot when compared to his peers in the financial capital management niche. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital Management, a well-respected advisory board that provides expert professional guidance in the Forex and commodities markets. Being in the business for not less than 30 years, Brad is qualified, passionate and very committed to his job. He graduated with a Political Science and Economics degree from Bowdoin College and after graduating, he started his first company named after himself, Reifler Trading that had a special emphasis on matters related to global derivatives.

Out of being in a position to manage very well, the company carved a very strong niche for itself and the biggest futures company of that time, Refco had to buy it. After selling his maiden company, Brad did not look back. This is one of the many reasons why many refer to him as one the most serial businessmen of the commodity markets and Forex worlds.

He went ahead and started Pali Capital and for not less than 13 years, he served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. His magic touch in business management did so well such that he was able to make over $200 million in profits. The company also had offices in Australia, the United Kingdom and Australia.

He is currently an adviser and Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Advisory, a company that is offering rather unique services. It provides specialized and unique advice to traders in the Forex and commodity markets. Contrary to what many similar companies do, Forefront Advisory does not advice on the most appropriate investment decision a trader has to take.I t takes into deep consideration the trader’s insight and combines it with the market experience it has to offer training that will enable the trader to make a better informed decision.

Reifler has also written extensively on matters related to the financial, Forex and commodities worlds. His articles speak extensively on the different investment degrees have been featured extensively on major publications like Yahoo Finance, Reuters News and even Market Watch.

He also continues to play his role as a very outspoken member when it comes to helping people make better and more sound investment decisions. The world no doubt needs more people like him. People who believe and achieve, people who can be relied upon to walk the talk when it comes to delivering on matters that others deem complex.

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