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Raffaele Riva Combines A Strong Educational Background With His Natural Talents In Business To Excel:

September 13, 2019 - Author: steph

In the vibrant world of international business, Raffaele Riva is a name of great distinction. The businessman has worked in many areas during his entrepreneurial career. These areas include asset management, the real estate market, and investments in the area of trusts. Raffaele Riva is also notable for his work in planning for estates. The main avenue that he has accomplished his work through is his company called AUREA Multi Family Office. Raffaele Riva is the founder of the firm as works as its President. In this role, he has guided it by way of his impressive experience and knowledge. This has led the AUREA Multi Family Office on a successful path of growth.

As far as his educational background is concerned, Raffaele Riva brings strong credentials to the table. He studied at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore based out of Milan. During his time at the university, he earned a degree in the field of economics which has served him well throughout his extensive and successful career in international business. After completing his economics degree, Raffaele also went on to continue studies at the university and attained his Dotore Commercialista. This strong educational background helped to provide him with a great base of knowledge which he has combined with his natural skills as a businessman.

Passion is something that Raffaele Riva is known for bringing to the companies that he works with. In his opinion, this has been a major element of his success as a businessman over the years. He is always looking for ways to innovate and loves to discover new ideas that yield positive opportunities. Raffaele is also an individual who works diligently to stay on top of the most recent trends in the market so that he can make wise decisions when it comes to growing his business ventures as well as those of his clients that he works with.

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James River Capital Reveals Funding Opportunities

September 5, 2019 - Author: steph

An article was recently published on Premier Gazette titled, “How Entrepreneurs Can Fund Their Business: Tips from Paul Saunders, Founder of James River Captial.” The article describes the advice of the founder of James River Captial for new business owners. Paul Saunders began his career in finance and investing after studying at the University of Virginia and the University of Chicago where he completed his B.A. and M.B.A. Saunders had a number of different roles before starting his company including in investment banking and trading. He worked with the Commodity Department at A.G. Becker and the Corporate Finance Department at Warburg Paribas Becker.


One of his suggestions for new entrepreneurs is a business loan. There are a number of different kinds of loans available, but Saunders suggests the Small Business Administration loans and bank loans. These loans have low-interest rates. Unfortunately, the approval process for a bank loan can be lengthy. SBA loans tend to be more expensive, but entrepreneurs can get the loan much quicker. To qualify for the bank loans and the SBA loans, you have to have a strong credit score. Lines of credit are also available when the lender approves a pool of funds for your business. The entrepreneur will only have to pay interest on the funds they actually use. Once the business owner has paid back the money with interest, the funds will be available to use again. If the entrepreneur has a low credit score, they can use equipment financing. The loan will be paid back in monthly instalments for the upfront cost of the equipment. However, the equipment becomes collateral for the loan.

Paul Saunders also suggests local loans for business owners. The local Chamber of Commerce can provide information on funding your loan locally. They may suggest the business development centres at local universities that also allow business owners to meet other entrepreneurs and investors. They also provide information for local loans and will even assist in the application process.

Venture Capitalists are another investment option, though there is often more pressure. Venture capitalists want a high return quickly. Business owners should be well-prepared to pitch their business idea.

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Sudhir Choudhrie an Influential Figure in the World of Business and Philanthropy

August 24, 2019 - Author: steph

Sudhir Choudhrie is an internationally recognized figure in the world of business and the philanthropic world. As a philanthropist, he has supported charitable activities in different parts of the globe, such as the US, UK, and Asia. Choudhrie success story began in India where he was born in 1949. Choudhrie at a very tender age lost his father and was raised by his mother who after the death of his father became his role model. Choudhrie comes from a well known Indian entrepreneurial family. His grandfather was a successful businessman dealing with real estate.

Sudhir Choudhrie was introduced to the world of entrepreneurship early in life and as a result, also wanted to pursue entrepreneurship in life. He attended the University of Delhi for his undergraduate studies in Economics and upon his graduation he immediately embarked on his dream career of entrepreneurship. Choudhrie started an electronics import and export business and was so successful. His successes in the business world motivated him to pursue even more, and as a result, he founded a series of companies. For more information about Sudhir Choudhrie, visit his crunchbase profile.

Sudhir Choudhrie, in 1975 founded his second company Magnum International Trading Company that focused on export business. Choudhrie in 1995 ventured into the hospitality industry and partnered with Taj Hotels Resorts. The partnership saw the hotel company expanding to developing Taj Kerala resort and a portfolio of four other beautiful local resorts in India. Choudhrie in 1995 also partnered with Addidas and became the leading supplier of Addidas product across India. Choudhrie from 1999 to the year 2005 served as a non-Executive Director of Ebookers PLC. The firm was among the first online booking travel agencies that allowed clients to make travel arrangements on the online platform.

Sudhir Choudhrie besides business is a celebrated philanthropist who has committed part of his fortune to philanthropic work across the globe. Choudhrie is a long-time supporter of the Green Templeton College at the University of Oxford. Choudhrie helped build a state of the art library that has been named in his honor. Together with his wife and children, Choudhrie supports the Path to Success foundation. The foundation supports several charitable activities in the UK that seeks to assist the disabled and homeless and also promotes educational opportunities.


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TigerSwan Is Owned And Operated By U.S. Army Veteran James Reese

August 23, 2019 - Author: steph
james reese tigerswan

TigerSwan Inc. is an American company and a provider of a range of business consulting services. They serve clients in law enforcement, military, and other business organizations throughout the United States. TigerSwan has over 300 employees to date.
james reese tigerswanThe expertise of TigerSwan encompasses security topics that include worldwide instability, risk management in organizations, training, and logistics. The company also consults and advises on business intelligence, mitigation and security. TigerSwan is led by James Reese, the chief executive officer and chair of the organization. It is a private company with headquarters in North Carolina. James Reese is the founder of TigerSwan.

James Reese has committed the work of TigerSwan to be a highly viable source of effective solutions pertaining to safety and security measures to the business community. TigerSwan brings a new concept of consultancy to organizations of all sizes and industries. James Reese and his team at TigerSwan has a unique approach to the security needs of businesses in today’s global environment, and they create solutions for these inevitable security challenges.

James Reese has the background to offer a breadth of expertise and leadership skills to his role at TigerSwann. He is an entrepreneur who pursued his dream of business ownership in the second half of his career. He is a veteran and the owner of TigerSwan. James has a unique perspective on what it is like to run a small business as an ex-military man in America. The government of the U.S. is in support of small businesses that are disabled veteran-owned entities. He served as a special operations commander and a lieutenant colonel before he started his career in the private sector.

James served in the United States Army for over 25 years. He retired from the military in 2007. James Reese is a highly motivated individual, and he developed his skills as a great leader as a loyal member of the Armed Forces. James learned that, in the military, the role of a leader is primarily to lead. In a small business, it is different. James Reese leads the company and is involved in all aspects of TigerSwan.

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A Pair of Keys to Success with Max Salk

August 6, 2019 - Author: steph

Over the past century, humanity has evolved from basic technology into some of our most advanced creations to date. Now the average individual can do anything they desire from just the push of the button. Max Salk is right at the center of this constant culture shift. He lives in New York, where modern innovation and culture clash in ways like no other around the world. There are countless individuals who like to ride the waves of the future, but Max Salk prefers to keep his feet planted firmly on the ground. He expands on his unique professional outlook in a recent Positive the Facts article.

In such a rapidly changing world, there are two vital keys to long term sustainability. The first is simply being prepared for the unexpected. A chance encounter or being in the right place at the right time can do wonders for opening up opportunities. Max Salk describes an incident that took place during a trip to the Netherlands. One morning he took a walk and choose to bring along his camera. The goal wasn’t to take pictures, but rather be prepared to take pictures. This decision turned out to be correct as he took one of his best nature shots that morning.

In addition to preparation, the second key to success is adapting to the modern environment. Max Salk does this on a small scale by having to adjust his shot composition based on location or tiny details that crop up in the moment. In a larger sense, this means understanding the market. He suggests to not be afraid of trying new things or adjusting the business model. Numerous companies have been able to thrive on adjusting themselves to their core demographics and the kind of devices they currently use.

Success is not something that can easily obtained, but rather its something that an individual has to pursue. A business leader should do everything in their power to increase the odds of a good day that will advance their dream. There is nothing more resonating to consumers than a passionate leader at the top.

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Steve Ritchie Is Working To Improve Papa John’s as CEO

August 3, 2019 - Author: steph

Pizza is not just a job for Steve Ritchie as the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s it’s a passion and it also has become his life since he started with the company in customer service. Papa John’s is not the first pizza company that he has been part of, he bought his own pizzeria for $16,000 when he was still attending high school as a senior. While he may not have ever gone to college, he has been able to learn a great deal during his time at Papa John’s and jokes about it being a university of its own.

Over the years since 1996, he has gone from taking orders over the phone, to a manager, a multi-unit supervisor before he became the owner of his own franchise. After becoming a franchise owner, Steve Ritchie then became the director of global operations and then Chief Operating Officer in 2014 before earning the position of President around only a year later. The pizza chain is one of the largest throughout the entire world and Steve Ritchie has a great deal of responsibility since he began getting promoted.

While Steve Ritchie may be a strong leader in the world of pizza, he insists that he is rather introverted and shy when isn’t working. He even went on to say that all of his best friends work at Papa John’s as well. Under their new leadership, Papa John’s is planning on becoming a company that is more inclusive by focusing on their team members. Steve Ritchie and his story are proof that you can move up within the company no matter where someone may have started out with them. The company is not just a place that sells pizza, Papa John’s is a part of their communities and so is Steve Ritchie.

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Ted Bauman’s a Leader to Watch

July 15, 2019 - Author: steph

Ted Bauman is a very busy leader. He has been a part of Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. He is an editor of Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and the Bauman Letter. Some of his specialties includes migration issues, asset protection, privacy, and low-risk investment strategies.

Ted Bauman spent a great deal of time in South Africa. After school, he took jobs in the nonprofit sector. He mostly was a fund manager for low-income housing projects. Slum Dwellers International is an organization that he founded has helped over fourteen million people in thirty-five different countries. Visit to learn more.

Even though he always has a large amount of work to do, he focused on things that matter. Every morning he usually takes his daughter to school and then he goes about doing his work. One of the best things about the work he does is he is able to do it from home. He has a basement office and thinks he gets his best work accomplished in the morning. He likes getting most of his workload done quickly. On most days, he works at least until around five in the evening. One thing he does each day is to pay attention to things going on in the news that relate to his business.

Ted Bauman likes writing in a way that makes people want to keep reading. He thinks it is highly important for a writer to do that when they are writing about topics that are not entertaining for many people like finance.

Ted Bauman’s tip for people who want to achieve more within the day is to ensure they are doing the hardest things first. Otherwise, it would become simpler to overlook them. Ted Bauman enjoys the fact that part of his job is ensuring his readers understand things that may not be so easily understood or entertaining.


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Jason Hope Predicts A Better Society With The Internet Of Things

July 10, 2019 - Author: steph

Jason Hope became known for his entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to predict the future when it comes to technology. One of the things he believes highly in is the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things focuses on all the different devices that are able to connect to the internet, such as our laptops, tablets, phones, our SMART homes, watches, and even our cars. It is predicted that over thirty million devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020.

The technology expert, Jason Hope believes that this will be the biggest investment major companies will take. While this seems small to many, it has large implications. Smaller businesses will have to keep up, making almost every device able to connect to each other.

Right now we are using the internet for connecting with others. According to Jason Hope, the day will come when we are waking up and using it to warm our feet, turn on the lights, and brew our coffee. Businesses need to focus on making apps for consumers that are relevant and engaging to their daily lives, and they need to be able to do it across a variety of platforms.

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Hope understands that there are people that are nervous about the Internet of Things but he encourages them to look at the situation from a different angle, such as having the ability to do things remotely will keep us safer and remove some of the waste issues we have as a society. For a perfect example of the two, we can look at vehicles. Since the invention, we have added blind spot monitors to keep us from getting in the lane with another car there and back up monitors that help us avoid backing into something.

We tend to think about how the Internet of Things helps out larger cities but, according to Jason Hope, they also help people in rural areas by providing GPS tracking so emergency personnel can get to them sooner.

Technology has changed drastically in the last thirty years, and if Jason Hope’s predictions do come true, it will be interesting to see where we are in the next thirty years.

Check more about Jason Hope:

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TJ Maloney Leads Lincolnshire Management

July 6, 2019 - Author: steph

Lincolnshire Management has become a superb firm in the private equity world. They are known for their work with medium market sized companies. They are known for their extensive investment portfolio which includes these medium market organizations. The firm’s purpose is to enable organizations to develop into being fruitful enterprises.

Lately, the private equity firm has brought on new individuals to join their team. Adding new staff was conducted by the leadership of TJ Maloney. Matthew Nacier is a returning employee. He will be a senior associate to the firm. Lincolnshire Management will have another senior associate joining them. Nicolas Vega Llona will be this new associate. Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stolt-Nielsen are coming to Lincolnshire Management as analysts.

Lincolnshire Management has a dedicated CEO by the name of TJ Maloney. He has communicated how energized the team is with a returning member and other new members who will join their expert staff. The firm knows their future is bright when they have a solid team of hard-working experts. TJ Maloney wants his staff to be made of gifted people. He wants investment experts who are individuals ready to deliver and ready to carry out their responsibilities. The objective of these employees is to aid the firm in enhancing its investment portfolio.

For over three decades, Lincolnshire Management has channeled their investment strengths into creating satisfied customers who vouch for their exceptional reputation. The firm has engineered itself for great advancement in the world of private equity. Developing ventures, overseeing mergers and acquisitions and growing the portfolios of clients is what this firm does best. Distribution, manufacturing and service are the three core industries they specialize in. Lincolnshire Management has made effective exits for the three organizations within their portfolios: Holley Performance, Amports Inc. and Fabbri Group.

TJ Maloney has been a businessman for decades. Since 1933, he has been dedicated to improving this firm and growing it to great success. His experience includes law about securities, purchasing businesses and investments and corporate mergers. His professional accomplishments for the firm would not be possible without his many years of studying, practicing and perfecting the world of investments.

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Vijay Eswaran and Future Proofing Yourself

July 2, 2019 - Author: steph

Vijay Eswaran would see that dividends are usually in the form of cash. Now, a dividend is not always great. A company can be on the decline and offer a high dividend rate because it needs to bring in more capital to support its operations in some form or fashion. Interestingly, as a company increases its dividends, more individuals might buy the stock, increasing the price and providing even more strength to the company.

A variety of corporations provide dividends, these companies include Apple, Microsoft, and others that may have more to go.

Dividends provide individuals with money now while also showing investors that there are different ways that the company can increase goodwill, incentivize demand and push further demand. Dividends can be good for financial strength.

There are those companies who decide to go a different route. They will choose to reinvest earnings into the company and potentially make great decisions that increase shareholder value.

A company that is growing in a fast manner will not want to pay dividends. It doesn’t make any sense for such a company to give out dividends. This indicates that the company thinks there are better prospects in allocating capital to growth instead of settling down. For companies such as this one, growth is what matters. It is not settling down and having the cash go out of the business it is increasing the overall value of the firm and not compromising the future for today.

The fact is that mature firms may also increase their prospects by withholding the dividend. The mature firm like Microsoft has been able to increase prospects whilst giving out dividends and this is something that is an interesting feat.

Vijay Eswaran would know that these type of firms are classified as companies that are growing in a fast-paced manner.

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