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Jordan Lindsey’s Biography

May 1, 2018 - Author: steph

Forex trading is an art that requires an immense input of studying the current trends. There are numerous ways of identifying trends. One of the most commonly applied techniques is through watching moving averages. Moving averages are commonly referred to as lagging indicators. This is because instead of projecting the future, they usually give the current market trend. One of the fundamental rules of forex trading is that when the price of a particular stock is above the moving average, then it is considered to be in an uptrend. When the price is below, then the stock is in decline in value. It is, therefore, imperative to know these trading rules before putting money in the market.

Jordan Lindsey is a well-informed guy in various online trades such as forex trading and cryptocurrencies. Mr. Lindsey is the founder of JCL Capital that is an investment firm in the technology sector. He is immensely knowledgeable in cryptocurrency trading. Many people widely know him for the creation of the Bitcoin Growth Bot.

Jordan was born in New York City where he grew up participating in sports such as ice hockey and tennis. During his early years, Jordan always wanted to become a successful entrepreneur. Changing the society was one of the key things during his formative years, and through hard work and dedication, he has managed to effect it. Mr. Lindsay attended Mount Angel Seminary and St Joseph’s College. It was in these two institutions where he continually developed his skills in programming and architecture.

Mr. Lindsey has lived in numerous countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. One of the most exciting topics that he discusses with a smile on his face about Bosnia and Herzegovina is how he met his wife. During this time, he had gone to the country as a volunteer. Apparently, her wife to be was also volunteering at the same village. They became great friends, and that was the beginning a long journey together as partners. They got married, and Mr. Lindsey is always grateful to her wife for being a good mother to their three daughters.

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The Attainments of Louis Chenevert

December 7, 2017 - Author: steph

Louis Chenevert is a well-known business person in the entire globe, he is known for his skills in the production world where he has been in over twenty years. He is a man with a number of achievements from different organizations. Nevertheless, his good leadership has also been recognized especially at United Technologies Corporation. He helped in the development of the firm thus taking it to greater heights. Chenevert also manages the daily tasks of the organization through his great skills. He is keen on using the right technology that modifies the growth of the company. The employees are also organized by him whereby he gives them certain programs that bring in scholarship to increase their professionalism. Read more at

Born in France, Louis Chenevert decided to move to Canada to pursue his skills in entrepreneurship. He attended the University of Montreal-HEC and attained his degree in project management. His skills motivated him and as a result, he worked as a director in various companies. He has been part of the following institutions; Business Roundtable, Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, America Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Brand and Cargill. He has contributed to the development of the mentioned companies. He is presently the Sole advisor of the Marketing Bank Division of Goldman Sachs.


He began his first job at General Motors-St Therese Branch. Louis Chenevert served as the general manager who administered the daily tasks of the organization and made sure they are well taken care of. Furthermore, he got another employment at Pratt and Whitney in 1993. Chenevert acquired this job due to his good skills in what he does thus he contributed to the growth of the company. He was with the firm for over 6 years and was appointed as their president.

The organization achieved their objectives through the hard work of Louis Chenevert and as a result, became part of United Technologies Corporation. Louis’s other great achievement is becoming the best manufacturer of a helicopter after partnering with another firm in the US. Louis Chenevert and the firm provided GTF and F-35 engines to their clients. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Daily Forex Report.

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Brazilian Jorge Moll’s Passion in Healthcare

November 13, 2017 - Author: steph

Jorge Moll is a Brazilian citizen in his early 70s and lives in Rio de Janeiro. He is a successful entrepreneur who trained as a cardiologist and began his career in 1977 when he first founded diagnostic imaging company. Jorge with his aggressiveness in hospital matters expanded it until now is it the most significant laboratory operators and hospital across Brazil.

Currently, the company has more than 24 hospitals with over 4 000 beads spread in all parts of Brazil. Jorge Moll sold out its subsidiary laboratory in 2010 to Fleury SA, a publicly traded company and the provider of medical services in Brazil for $414 million. In 2010 also he purchased Sao Luiz Hospital based in Sao Paulo. The deals were mainly funded by Andre Estevez from BTG Pactual Banks through convertible debentures. Know more about Jorge at Crunchbase.

Jorge Moll sold part of the company stake to GIC Group in 2015 and Carlyle Group in 2010. Majority of Jorge Molly`s Fortune is from his hospital company. The Carlyle group bought 8.3 percent of stake while Singapore Sovereign wealth fund bought 11.7 percent of the stake. The annual revenue of all the independent hospitals owned by Jorge Moll is estimated to be $1.7 billion according to the annual report from company`s website in 2015. It has about 35 hospitals spread throughout in Brazil and has more than 5 000 bed spaces. The hospital has well-furnished emergency rooms and 30 oncology clinics. The company received more than 2 million patients each year. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

After selling part of the company`s stake, Jorge Moll currently holds 59 percent of the shares by Dec 14, 2015. The press interviewed him outside his offices. The overall value of the company is estimated through price to earnings of the main three public traded peers: Healthscope, Gennoma Lab International and Instituto of Diagnosis. In 2014, he resigned as CEO of the company and took over the position as chairman of the Board. Jorge Moll as mentioned above is a cardiologist who attended University of Federal de Rio De Janeiro for his master’s in public health. Jorge Moll has a wife and nine children, and all lived in Rio de Janeiro.


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David McDonald is Taking OSI to New Heights

October 9, 2017 - Author: steph

Almost immediately after graduating from Iowa State University in the early 1970’s, David McDonald joined the OSI Group. He worked his way up the ladder, by first learning how the company operates on a day to day level. OSI is a food distributing company that dates back to the early part of the 20th century when it was started as small meat shop by German immigrants Otto Kolshowsky. As the decades went by the company’s fortunes grew, and David McDonald eventually became the CEO of the company. Before becoming CEO, he worked in other highly responsible positions such as Project Manager.

After David became CEO, the company never looked back. He brought a vision for the company that put it on the path of sustainable growth. OSI began snapping up food processing and distributing companies around the globe. Today, the company can boast of nearly 80 branches in 17 countries. Not only that, it has also become the main supplier of raw materials for such global behemoths as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King, Papa Johns, and Subway. Recently, the company made its presence in two new countries, Switzerland and Hungary and expanded more into Asia as well.

As far as snapping up other companies are concerned it is not done only with the intention of growing bigger. Some of the companies have other verticals connected to the food industry. Thus, it is as much a part of growing the companies’ capability as it is about expanding. An example of this was OSI’s purchase of Baho foods, which is a Dutch company with offices in Germany as well. Baho Food is not only involved in food distribution but food processing as well. They also have a wide menu of food items which they distribute to these two countries.

Another reason for David’s success is that he treated each country differently. It was not a one size fits all when he began his global expansion. He was aware that every country and culture needs to be treated differently and that there need to be customized solutions for each market. Cultural sensitivity is the name of the game when it comes to food because there are only a few things people take more personally than food. One way David ensured success in this was to hire regional managers who have knowledge of local food tastes. This also the reason why OSI celebrated its 20th anniversary in China recently.

Learn More:

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Nick Vertucci and the Principles of Real Estate Investing

September 24, 2017 - Author: steph

If you’re unfamiliar with Nick Vertucci, he is a real estate investment mogul who made his fortune by flipping properties. Vertucci has lived somewhat of a Cinderella story; during the dot-com bust in the early 2000’s, he lost a tremendous amount of money and ended up being homeless. While living out of his van, he attended a real estate seminar that would teach him how to generate wealth, and create the financial freedom that would allow him to truly live the life of his dreams.


Since attending the three-day real estate seminar, Nick Vertucci has amassed millions in the real estate market and has created his own seminars, to impart his wisdom onto his students. Vertucci has created “Flip with Nick” investment seminars, which is an aggregation of information he received while attending his first seminar, and new information that he has gathered through years of experience. When asked about the basis for his “Flip with Nick” seminars, Vertucci states that idea was born from a desire to help others realize their dreams. Additionally, he states that although many people want to create financial freedom for themselves, they are uncertain about how to make that happen. Vertucci’s seminars, in his words, “is a tried and true formula for achieving success.”


Nick Vertucci’s seminars have enjoyed considerable fanfare; in fact, since 2014 “Flip with Nick” has held an A-rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), a nonprofit organization focused on advancing marketplace trust. In addition, many former students have lauded the seminars for helping to change their lives and bring them closer to financial prosperity. Furthermore, “Flip with Nick” seminars have received a favorable star rating from, an online consumer services company. In fact, many current and former students have rated Nick Vertucci’s seminars at 4.5 stars (based on a 5-star rating system).


So, how does the “Flip with Nick” seminars work? Well, according to, the program instructs students on how to locate real estate deals and secure properties; additionally, students are given tips on how to either sell those properties or create another revenue stream, by turning them into rentals. Nick Vertucci believes in living the American Dream and bringing as many people along for the ride as possible, and he believes that his investment seminars can help accomplish this.


Real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth, but it requires a certain amount of aptitude in order to recognize trends, avoid pitfalls, and capitalize on opportunities. The “Flip with Nick” seminars addresses these fundamentals of real estate investing.

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The Success of Adam Goldenberg as the Head of Fabletics

July 15, 2017 - Author: steph

Of the numerous entrepreneurs that have found success through the funding of innovative and new ideas that have the idea of offering a product to the consumer that is not only fun, but will also make their lives better, one individual in particular stands out due to his vast success as well as his ability to understand the consumer and be able to use the consumer’s input on every business plan that he makes. This individual is Adam Goldenberg, an entrepreneur is focuses on finding innovative and new startups with a great idea that is worth funding and building for the future.


One of the most successful businesses that Adam Goldenberg has become a part of is that of Fabletics, a company that was designed by Kate Hudson who wanted to make sure that woman had a clothing open that is not only comfortable, but is also affordable to all women. When Adam Goldenberg heard this idea, he had to fund it and created a business model to make sure that Fabletics is not only seen as the comfortable and affordable athletic gear for every women, but that it is also seen as the most stylish choice for all women that can fit all shapes and sizes.


Adam Goldenberg has worked hard over the last couple of years to make sure that the company of Fabletics takes off. As a mother, Kate Hudson showed that she truly wanted to help the consumer and help mothers who have a career with their everyday lives. Thanks to the innovation behind Fabletics, women can wake up in the morning and have a dependable outfit to wear that they can rely on to be not only comfortable, but also stylish that will leave any women feeling confident. The goal of Fabletics is to push an active lifestyle and to make living an active lifestyle seem like an everyday enjoyment rather than a task.


Thanks to Adam Goldenberg, millions of women all over the world have access to this affordable athletic gear option that is of high quality. With expertise in the business world, Adam Goldenberg was able to find a combination of both cheap gear as well as high quality gear. With success already under his belt, Adam Goldenberg has many plans for the future and looks to fund even more startup businesses in order to help the consumer have access to better products.

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Whitney Wolfe Build Dating App With Global Appeal

May 24, 2017 - Author: steph

Whitney Wolfe has lived in America and different countries outside of the United States. She has a plethora of friends on different continents. Texas is where she went to college, and this is where she also started her Bumble company.

Whitney Wolfe has lived on the west coast and spent time in New York as well. These are the places where all the other dating app entrepreneurs have launched their own businesses. Many of these male-dominated dating apps are similar, and the companies are typically located in the same states. Whitney Wolfe knew that her dating app would be different. This may be part of the big reason that she made a move to Texas, a state where there are no other dating app companies with headquarters in Austin.

Whitney Wolfe is no stranger to doing things differently. She made a decision to create what she called the feminist dating app, and she wanted to surround herself with a team of women that would help her bring her bring this to fruition. She grew up in France at one time, and she has also spent some time in Salt Lake City. Wolfe has a wealth of knowledge from her time of living in Paris, and she believes that love is a universal language that many single people around the world are looking for. This is why she decided to create an office in Texas and also have other Bumble employees that worked outside of the United States to give her Bumble app a sort of global appeal.

Whitney Wolfe has been able to do a lot of interesting things in time, and it appears that she may be building a whole new world of excitement for the single people that want something different for their lives in concerns to dating.


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Chris Burch: A Multitalented Man With An Aim To Preserve History

May 4, 2017 - Author: steph

Chris Burch is a well-known and famous realtor who is famous because of his resort on a remote island in Indonesia. He made that hotel with same amenities that a five-star hotel can offer, yet the charges are so nominal that even an individual from a low class can go and stay there and enjoy the real pleasure of living in a five-star hotel.

Chris’s primary purpose for construction this hotel was to save it at souvenirs and give that hotel to the upcoming generations, check this on here.. His intentions were not to earn from it. Chris is also an acclaimed serial entrepreneur. He is a multitalented entrepreneur with expertise in different business sectors such as technology, fashion, and real estate. Presently Burch is working in Burch Creative Capital as its principal.

He is nearly 50, yet he works as a young entrepreneur. He is an active financial investor across the globe in a different industry. His name is on the back of many luxury and technological products such as Jawbone, Poppin, Voss Water and much more. He worked as a board member of The Continuum Group and also a world renowned Guggenheim Capital.  Refer to for some additional details.

Chris Burch has invested in many national/international real estate ventures with different companies and realtors. Few of his projects that became the reason for his success in real estate are the development of Nantucket’s luxury homes, New York, Southampton and Florida, Palm Beach and much more, don’t forget to hit on, for a related article. Burch after conquering many business sectors ultimately turned to Hospitality to come up with a project so that coming generations can remember him. And for that, he teams up with most famous, renowned and top realtor of this time Tory Burch and C. Wonder.

Burch, working beside James McBride, a famous name in hotel construction industry, bought a beach hostel in 2012. This hostel was on one of the famous and most beautiful Indonesian island named Sumba. They spent a huge amount to purchase and then renovate, even through their intentions weren’t to earn back.

As mentioned earlier in this post, the reason for investing in this hostel was so that coming generation can preserve it. According to an international journal, Chris splits his time between few of his real estates such as the Hamptons, Miami, and most of them his signature product, Nihiwatu. He also one personal villa that he uses when he feels that he needs some time off from his everyday errands.  For updates of his recent timeline activities, click

For further reading, click

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The Career Achievements of Scott Rocklage and his role at 5AM Ventures

March 23, 2017 - Author: steph

Scott Rocklage is a renowned chemistry expert who has participated in research that facilitates healthcare. He has been working for 5AM Ventures since 2003. The firm promoted him in 2004 to serve as a managing partner, which is the position that he currently holds. He has been working in the healthcare sector for more than twenty years and has held administrative offices in various organizations. His long service in the industry has allowed him to acquire sufficient experience. Scott’s leadership at 5AM Ventures has been successful since he has assisted the firm to develop medicines that have been certified by the FDA and they include Teslascan®, Cubicin®, and Omniscan™.


Before Scott Rocklage was hired by 5AM Ventures, he was employed by different companies. He was Nycomed Salutar’s CEO and president as from 1990 to 1994. Scott then moved to Nycomed Interventional, Inc where he served as the CEO, chairman, and president. In 2013, Citadara Therapeutics appointed him to act as the chairperson of its board of directors. He has been serving Novira Therapeutics as its chairman as from August 2012. Scott sits on the Whitehead Institute’s board of associates and also heads the board of Rennovia, Inc. Other companies that he has served as a board member include Semprus, Achaogen, Pulmatrix and Variation, WaveRx and Relypsa. The doctor holds a degree and Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California-Berkeley and Massachusetts Institute of Technology respectively.


5AM Ventures is a firm that was established to fund innovative science enterprises. It mainly focused on supporting businesses that address healthcare issues and that that have a potential of offering good returns to the investors. Most of the inventions that the firm has invested in deal with science and medicine. It assists companies to develop new approaches that can be utilized in examining, stopping, and healing different medical conditions.


The funding firm provides an opportunity for its board members to take part in short-term roles. It always accounts for all the money that it receives from investors and strives to ensure that they make profits. 5AM Ventures has branches in Massachusetts, Boston, San Francisco, and California.


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Adam Goldenberg’s Opinion On JustFab’s Change Of Name

December 3, 2016 - Author: steph

The recent decision to change JustFab’s business name to TechStyle Fashion Group has left many people with questions. The public has been seeking to know the reasons behind the bold move. JustFab Inc is known for owning many fashion companies and brands. Some people believe that this change may affect the company’s performance. Recently, Adam Goldenberg visited CNBC to clarify on the decision to change the company’s name. He is the chief executive officer of TechStyle Group.

The CEO said that the new name indicates the company’s love for textile and wordplay. Several high levels meetings were organized to discuss the potential effects of changing the name. The management team agreed that its impact would be minimal since the company would still be selling its products under its respective brand names. The team recognized the many operational decisions that the company has undertaken to enable it become a successful global e-commerce company. Currently, the company enjoys a large VIP membership base made of over 4 million clients from around the globe. Adam reiterated that the change of name would not affect the company’s vision for continued growth.

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Goldenberg also reflected on the JustFab growth for the past five years. JustFab started out by selling women’s shoes. Over the years, the company has increased the number of its brands to five. They include JustFab, Shoe Dazzle, Fabletics, FabKids, and FL2. The company offers a wide range of products, including shoes, bags & accessories, jewelry, and clothing. Moreover, it has been able to open five offices in Europe. Its products are available in over ten countries. TechStyle is more than a fashion company. It is involved in developing promotional contents and videos. These services have enabled the company to broaden its sources of revenues and operate as a going concern.

Adam Goldenberg’s leadership has not only been critical to TechStyle’s success, but also Fabletics, which is one of his most successful brands. According to a recent article on Forbes, the business is currently worth over 250 million dollars. Like JustFab, Fabletics is using the subscription-based mechanic to sell active wear to its clients. This strategy has proved to be successful as it is convenient and cheaper to customers.

About Adam Goldenberg
Adam Goldenberg is an entrepreneur and fashion business guru. Together with Don Ressler, they founded JustFab and led the company to become a global e-commerce company. Adam is also the founder of Gamers Alliance and Fitness Heaven. He sold both companies. At TechStyle, he is in charge of operations undertaken by the various brands, which are owned by the firm.

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