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Glen Wakeman: Writing The Way

May 15, 2018 - Author: steph

Success is something we are all after as people. Some get to it faster than other, but it is something we all pretty much inherently want. When someone does figure out how to be a successful person they have two choices. The first is to hide the ladder they climbed and keep raking in the benefits. Second is the choice to help guide others to the same positive outcome. Someone who as obviously chosen the latter is Glen Wakeman.

Glen Wakeman is a writer and the CEO of a company called Launchpad holdings LLC. As a writer he Is dedicate dot creating material concerning management, administration, and the market. This is to help and inform those who are still seeking to implant their businesses firmly. His main demographic are young entrepreneurs who are trying to establish something for themselves. He charges 100 dollars for something that could lead to so much more revenue generation.

Glen is qualified to so this as he has extensive knowledge earned in many ways. He attained a bachelor’s degree from the university of Scranton in the fields of economics and finance. Using this knowledge, he started to create a platform for himself to communicate with his target demographic. Glen believes that most companies fell because there is a flaw in the plan from ignorance of what is viable and what isn’t. He believes that what drove him to success as CEO is his curiosity and wanting to know how things work. His philosophy for success is to demand absolutely excellence and nothing short of it. I guess this approach work wonders as he is immensely successful. Glen Wakeman wants to accomplish even more in the future and believes he can do it because he stresses the points of discipline teamwork and good preparation. And who can doubt him, as he has knowledge of the industry and people he has helped in the passed both backing him up.


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