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Vinny Parascandola Has Achieved A Lot In His Insurance Career

May 13, 2017 - Author: steph

Many people in the business world enjoy the challenge of competing. Although there are many areas in the business world where competition is very high, one of the most competitive areas is the insurance industry. There are a variety of reasons why the insurance industry is one of the most competitive industries in the business world. A major reason why the insurance industry is so competitive is because the industry is very popular.


Insurance is a product that also combines as a service. Insurance professionals have the opportunity to have a tremendous market that not only wants insurance but also in many situations needs insurance. This results in many people looking for insurance on a regular basis. A huge insurance market is created from the large number of people seeking insurance. For insurance professionals, this provides many people who are actively looking to purchase insurance.


Since the insurance industry is popular, the insurance professionals who work in the industry tend to have many other insurance professionals who are trying to make a living in the insurance industry. Therefore, there is a constant struggle for insurance professionals to find people who want to purchase insurance. This is extremely important because many insurance professionals are paid in full or at least in part on a commission basis so the success of a lot of insurance professionals depends on how much insurance they sell or help sell.


AXA Advisors is an insurance company that employs many insurance professionals. The company has offices in many different locations. The competition within AXA Advisors is one of the reasons why the company is successful. The competition brings the best out of its employees and raises the level of performance by all employees.


Vinny Parascandola is one of the most successful executives at AXA Advisors. Vinny Parascandola has achieved a lot in his professional career in the insurance industry. Throughout his career, Vinny Parascandola has shown a competitive nature that has driven him to excel in the insurance industry.


As a vice president at AXA Advisors, Vinny Parascandola has risen to senior level status. He is held responsible for various areas of operations concerning AXA Advisors. Vinny Parascandola has done an incredible job in his role as an executive at AXA Advisors.

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