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Philip Diehl on US Money Reserve and Gold Industry

February 3, 2016 - Author: steph


Philip Diehl, president of US Money Reserve, did a podcast recently where he delved in to the gold market and how to get started investing. He asserts that gold bullion coins are the best, and most approachable way to get started investing in precious metals. The coins, particularly those distributed by US Money Reserve, are backed by the United States government so customers are guaranteed to get what they paid for. This is not always the case with other forms of gold, which are not considered legal tender either. Recently, some gold rounds that came in from overseas distributors were discovered to be counterfeit. The weight and purity of each coin will be at the exact level that they order or their money back.

US Money Reserve is known industry-wide for their superior return policy, going above and beyond to ensure that each and every customer is completely satisfied. This commitment to customer service starts at the top. From his time as director of the US Mint Diehl has always obsessed over doing everything for the customer. He eventually led the government operation to receiving customer service score on par with the best in private industry. Now, he has taken those ideas and brought them to US Money Reserve. It shows at all levels of staff in the company from the sales force to the back office workers.

Diehl recommends that investors use gold as a form of wealth insurance. The precious metal has been used for thousands of years to do so and he sees no reason why this trend will not continue. Although there are always short-term peaks and valleys with any investment, Diehl encourages those who invest in gold to embrace a long-term horizon.

There are a few factors that Diehl believe will make gold a very attractive investment in the coming years. Primarily the rise of the middle class in BRIC countries will create a strong increase in demand for gold. Also, rising political uncertainty worldwide will force a rise in the desire for a safe place to store wealth.

Finally, Diehl believes that the dollar has reached its peak and will begin to decline in the coming years. When this happens it will force the price of gold down in other countries and give buyers a great opportunity to get in at very low prices.

Follow US Money Reserve on Twitter for constant updates on the gold and precious metals markets.

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Soros Does Not Fund #BlackLivesMatter

November 30, 2015 - Author: steph


When we think of the name George Soros, most people go right to the Quantum Fund – the famous hedge fund company he started and ran for many years, as Investopedia states. He’s also known as “the man who broke the Bank of England” for a bet he had against the British pound, risking $10 billion and making almost $2 million.

So many people believe that Soros is helping to fund the #BlackLivesMatter movement – which was started up by three African-American women on Twitter shortly after the deaths of Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray – among others – at the hands of police. Ben Collins, writing for The Daily Beast, went further into the issue, and went to figure out whether or not Soros was indeed funding the protests – and if the $33 million amount was true.

We are all aware that Soros is pro-Hillary Clinton in this upcoming presidential election. He’s been fundraising for her for a year now. It is no surprise that with the news that democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders gaining ground, there have been protests and speeches called off. The $2 million that Soros has raised for Clinton’s campaign is thought to be tied to two speeches for Sanders that were called off within the past month.

Ken Zimmerman, the director of the U.S. run portion of Open Society foundations, says that the rumors of $33 million being given to the #BlackLivesMatter are false. While Soros has indeed been giving money to the Open Society Foundations, he has not specifically given any to this movement. He further went on to say that they don’t “fund protests, per se” but that they “are continually looking for new voices” and that “it’s a broad array of things – including both immigration and criminal justice reform”.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the two who did interrupt the Sanders speeches – Marissa Johnson and Mara Willaford – would not claim that they do not have ties to the #BlackLivesMatter movement until after the speeches were shut down.

On that note, Zimmerman went on to say that an amorphous movement like the #BlackLivesMatter movement is almost impossible, even if Soros really wanted to do so. He called the idea that he had given $33 million to the movement a “rumor stew”. While he has given $33 million to his Open Society Foundation, about an eighth of that money went to the Drug Policy Alliance – which is a foundation looking to end the war on drugs. They are a nonprofit and are currently helping with the Syrian asylum crisis.

All in all, no one is quite sure how $33 million, #BlackLivesMatter, and Soros were all equated together.

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Joseph Bismark and the power of positive thinking and happiness

July 22, 2015 - Author: steph


Joseph Bismark is an important man in the business world but feels there is something more important in his life and that is that he 36-6has an important mission in life, for him and everyone else to be happy. He believes in the power of positive thinking and making your mind stronger, he feels that that is more powerful than anything else you can do, whether it is a self-help book, a lecture, or anything else you might try. It is a very simple concept that is easy to accomplish, one that he is the first to admit he had to learn himself. He believes that having control over your mind and your body is one of the most important things you will ever do. 

As he says, many people search for power their whole life as their key to happiness, not knowing that they already have that power inside of them already, which will then encompass happiness as well. All you have to do is take away all the negativity and as you remove that, you will get down to the treasure that was there all along which is positive thinking and the power that goes with it. It is similar to a treasure in the ground; you have to dig all of the mud and dirt to get to the treasure. Eventually you will dig all that away, find the treasure, remove the mud and dirt and clean it off then what do you have? a beautiful treasure. It is the same concept, you have the power to your own happiness, and all you have to do is take away the negative thinking, when you do that you will find the positive thinking inside of yourself, when you find that, you find happiness. All you need to do now is take control of your life and go out and do all the great things you have the power to do, now go out and do them.

Here are the principles that he lives by to be happy, try them and see how happy you can be. 

1)Understanding People- see things from the other person’s point of view, see how another person sees something, whether it is a certain aspect of business or something in life, this can help you grow as a person and help you be a better person. When you understand people and make an effort to work with other people, when you have humility and listen to someone else’s opinion, it will help you become the person you need to be. 

2) Treat All People with Equal Respect–he says he found that the key to making his business successful was to treat all people with equal respect. It isn’t easy, but doing so helps you be a leader and help the positive atmosphere around you grow. Listen to your heart and it will help you to know how and take the time to listen to other people’s opinions.

3) Inspire others to take charge-take charge of your life, it is a decision you have to make and decide for yourself and encourage others to do the same.

For more of this inspiring article go to Joseph Bismark’s WordPress

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Learn these popular skiing before your vacation

July 14, 2015 - Author: steph


Skiing is truly a unique and exciting sport that has its own unique style and culture. Getting used to this culture can be difficult for novices, but there are a few common phrases that can get you started once you decide that you want to become a skier. 
One of the most common phrases in Skiing is yard sale. While normally a yard sale is the sale of used household items, in the world of skiing a yard sale refers to the scattering of items along the mountain caused by a wipe out. 
Another popular term among skiers is the word “brah”. While the word may be used like the word for a ladies undergarment, the word is actually a term of endearment among skiers. 
You may also hear the word chowder while you are skiing. This term does not refer to soup, but actually refers to wet and low quality snow. You definitely want to avoid chowder. Similarly, corn does not refer to the food, but actually refers to low quality grainy snow and a hot dog isn’t a sandwich, but instead is a person that is making a fool of themselves by acting out on the slopes. 
Champagne may be a wonderful drink that you enjoy after you get back from the slopes, but it also refers to perfect smooth snow that you and your skiing friends are looking for. If you have too much Champagne later in the day, you may find yourself “puking”, but the term also refers to the heaviness of the snow. 
Another term that you may hear when the snow really falls down is Snorkel. This is the term used when the snow really falls down, and thus you might need a snorkel. 
Skiing terminology can be extremely helpful to know, but fear not. Andy Wirth once had to learn all this terminology, and today he is the CEO of one of the most popular chains of ski lodges in the world. He is known for giving skiers a high quality skiing experience. You definitely need to check out his ski lodges if you are looking to have a high quality skiing experience.

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New Period Panties Invented by 3 Feminists

June 3, 2015 - Author: steph

Menstruation is a much stigmatized subject all over the world. In fact, the stigma is so deep rooted that advertisements about feminine hygiene products use a blue liquid instead of a red one. Heaven forfend people get a slice of the real world, eh? However, three feminist individuals have broken the fourth wall and this new fashionable invention might topple the feminine hygiene product industry. It’s period panties. There are 4 layers in these panties and here is what these layers do –

Layer 1: Moisture Free – During menstruation, leaking or spilling is common but the top layer is made using moisture wicking technology that would keep you dry all day long.

Layer 2: Anti Microbial – A silver treatment (invisible in nature) would ensure that you don’t suffer from any bacterial infections that are so common during periods, especially the first and second day.

Level 3: Super Absorbent – Depending on the underwear style chosen, this third layer would be able to absorb as much blood as two tampons. Now, this is the best thing anyone has ever come up with.

Level 4: No Leaks – Even if you decide to wear your stylish white pants during heavy flow days, the panties would ensure that you get no stains on them.

The cost of these panties is around $24 to $34, and a few styles are available reports Susan McGalla. They have been designed by THINX.

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Jonathan Veitch: Always Edgy but Never Foolish

March 13, 2015 - Author: steph

When most people think of university presidents, the image of a reserved, conservative, perhaps somewhat stuffy individual in a well pressed suit and tie. While this may describe some leaders in higher education settings, Jonathan Veitch, president of Occidental College in Los Angeles, definitely doesn’t fit this mold. In late summer of 2012, photographer Max Gerber got a pleasant surprise when Veitch’s office contacted him about an upcoming photo shoot with the president. The email stated, that instead of the expected conference room portrait, Veitch would prefer something, “edgy but not foolish.” Wary of hoping for something truly unique, Gerber exchanged a few more emails with the president’s assistants until finally his hope was realized. He received a messages simply stating, “Just talked to Jonathan. He wants to do the shoot in the fountain. With the water going.” The resulting photos of Veitch floating, hands behind his head, dressed in a suit and tie (sans jacket and shoes) and head shots taken with water dripping down his face became the established image of Occidental College’s president.

Pictures aside, Veitch has a distinguished academic history, which he continues to expand upon. After completing his bachelor’s degree at Stanford and his doctoral degree at Harvard, Veitch was on faculty in the English Department at the University of Wisconsin. Following this appointment, he accepted a position at the New School in New York where he became chair of humanities, associate Provost and ultimately the Dean of Arts and Sciences. He became the president of Occidental college in 2009, where he continues to teach and publish on 19th- and 20th-century American literature and cultural history, and American film.

A Los Angeles native, Veitch comes from a well- known Hollywood family headed by his step-grandfather, actor Alan Ladd followed by his father, John Veitch who became president of Columbia Pictures. Veitch’s interest in history was extended to subjects related to his own family background when he wrote “American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s,” an award winning book about Natahneal West who examined the more troubling aspects associated with Hollywood and the film industry.

Veitch’s values are evident in the close working relationships encouraged between faculty and students, and he models this by frequently meeting with both current and prospective students whether they major in his discipline or not. He believes that in order to provide the best education possible it is not enough to have great classroom instruction. The mentoring relationship between professors and those they teach is a crucial component in higher education, in Veitch’s opinion. According to his college profile, he fosters an atmosphere that promotes the development of new ideas, comfort with thinking outside the box, tolerance of ambiguity and the ability to communicate effectively through strong writing skills. Whereas some University presidents may focus more on alumni and funding, Veitch goes beyond these traditional Presidential activities, focusing instead on helping future generations grow and prepare for a future where they can establish productive careers and accomplish whatever goals they set.

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Spring Trends for Male Fashion

- Author: steph

Spring is in the air. Men across the country are taking a close look at the clothes that are in their closet. They are certainly wondering if their last year wardrobe will fit the new trends that are currently sweeping across the country. A select few might prefer to stick with their usual style. Certainly, a growing number of men like to keep up with what is trending now in male fashion. One trend that is making the runways is a very simple and basic look that a lot of men look good in. They don’t have to sport model worth abs like fashion model Matt Landis to look good and very trendy.

Spring Renewal Trending Styles

Spring is a time to dust off the old wardrobe and start bringing in the new wardrobe. This is good fashion advice for those that like to stick with the old. Instead, get with the new trends, which are simple and modern. Let’s take a look at this inspiring outfit that is worn by model Matt Landis. Those that would like to forgo the usual jeans and shirt might like to consider this very trendy look.

matt landis abs

The model is wearing a pair of neutral toned shorts and a casual top that is open. The top is also in a neutral gray tone with black striping across the front. Fashion designers always hit the consumer with something new and daring every Spring. This is certainly a daring daytime look for men. The look bares it all. Actually, it is a perfect look for men that are on vacation at a resort, or fun in the sun at the beach. The minimal look displays their best assets in a very positive way. This is actually a very easy look for a guy to wear. The low rider short style is perfect for the man that would like to display their toned body. Check out the casual shoes minus socks. This is the newest fashion statement that is sweeping across new Spring fashions too.

Breaking Trends and Classics

matt landis yellow tshirt
Men usually stay with a few basic new fashion pieces and are quite happy. However, denim is a classic. Denim is still very popular among men of all ages. The best looks blend the traditional denim with the new trendy pieces. The best looks occur when they team the denim with the neutral looks. For example, a basic open blazer look with dark denims or a casual denim top with the low rider shorts. A basic T-shirt blends with the classic denims and the new trends. 

Common Colors

matt landis model

The best advice is to stick with the most common colors that are happening this Spring. The runways are filled with designer looks that are in the basic neutral tones like gray, beige, khaki, off white, blue, and brown. Men should keep this in mind when selecting their new Spring wardrobe this season.

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Caring for an Employee

March 11, 2015 - Author: steph

There are some companies that will make sure their employees are cared for no matter what. When a Costco man found out that he had terminal cancer, the people who worked for the company raised enough money to send his family on a vacation. He was able to relax as best he could while facing a future of death. Brad Reifler knows that this is a man who puts everyone else at the store ahead of himself. Find more on Reifler on Wikipedia. He greets others with a smile on his face, especially the children who are there. When a family needs help, it’s not always the responsibility of a company to provide the extras that they can’t afford. The actions that Costco employees showed for one man and his wife are those that should be carried over to other businesses. If there is an employee who is willing to go to work with terminal cancer, then the business needs to see that dedication and do whatever is possible to make the final days of the employee peaceful.

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Laurenne Powell Jobs Advocates for Socially Responsible Entrepreneurs

March 10, 2015 - Author: steph

At a talk she gave at Stanford University, Laurene Powell recently discussed the benefits of getting involved in start-ups that focus on doing social good, rather than on making profit as the core motivation. While she said that this often comes at a price to one’s income, this opportunity cost is superseded by the sense of satisfaction one gets from helping others.

Asked about the possibility of financial support, Powell recommended that wages be supplemented by private venture funds that are interested in ramping up their social responsibility by setting aside a small portion of their income for this purpose. Investors, in general, are increasingly becoming more interested in values-related investing, meaning that their criteria for social responsibility is becoming more stringent. This development is expected to have a positive impact on corporate behavior over the long term.

Powell also mentioned her post-graduate experience working at Goldman Sachs, which was somewhat difficult for a woman at the time given that it was largely a male dominated environment. Gender equality was another topic, addressed as a particularly big challenge in the tech world where women are typically paid less and have more difficulty getting hired. For Powell Jobs, this was less of a problem given her strong education and a family with three brothers. Ultimately, the allocation of capital for the absolving of such social problems will have a positive impact on the world.

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Skout Survey Reveals Secrets Shared Between Online Friends

February 5, 2015 - Author: steph

The internet has changed the way we do many things, and it appears that making friends is no different. Last year, the makers of Skout surveyed over 52,000 users to analyze friendship trends around the globe. For those who are unfamiliar, Skout is an app designed to introduce people to each other. The interesting results of the Skout survey were first published on PR Newswire on February 4, 2015, which coincides with the first ever International Online Friendship Day.

Apparently, mostly women will be celebrating this new holiday, as women are more likely to maintain a close friendship with someone they met online but have never seen in person. While only 44% of the U.S. men surveyed have an online friend they’ve never actually met, 56% of the women did.

Perhaps more astonishing than how many people have exclusively online friends is what information gets shared with them. A whopping 60% of survey respondents admitted to being more truthful with online friends than they are with friends they see regularly. The topic of many of these heart-to-hearts seems to be sex, as 60% of Brazilians and 50% of Americans, Australians, Brits, French and Filipinos prefer to talk about their sex lives with online friends over friends they see in person.

While the rise in international online friendships may seem only natural for younger, more tech-savvy generations, it appears this friendship phenomenon has bridged the age gap. When surveyed, 52% of adults under the age of 30 claim to have a close friend who they met online. Surprisingly, however, 47% of those over 40 also claim to have close friends whom they have met via the internet.

If you’re part of the trend, consider marking your calendar so you don’t miss the second International Online Friendship day next year.

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