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Pumpkin Spice Makes Me Feel So Nice!

December 2, 2017 - Author: steph

Beautiful lips are always in season when I have a EOS lip balm in my bag. I bought two of these, one as a gift, and I am so incredibly happy with my purchase. The Pumpkin Spice/Vanilla Beam duo has to my absolute favorite product thus far from EOS! Not only are Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla Beam my favorite seasonal candles to light around the house, now I can also get a whiff of them when I’m giving my lips some lovin’. Both balms are incredibly conditioning and glide right onto my lips, immediately soothing them whenever my lips become cracked from the cold weather or need an extra dose of nourishment. Try this site to read more related articles, My boyfriend is always commenting on how beautiful my lips are and how wonderful they smell! These balms are 100% natural, made with organic oils, and I only like to use the very best on my body. I especially love that the Pumpkin Spice flavor is Shea butter because it is extremely moisturizing and I already love to use it everywhere on my body, refer also to The Vanilla Beam balm is just the right amount of sweet and is soothing, so I love putting it on my lips right before I go to bed. These balms make me feel toasty and warm and like I’m giving myself a treat. I recommend you buy one for yourself and one for your loved one while you still can, click here. Here’s to self care!

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