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Lime Crime Turns Beauty into Art

August 28, 2017 - Author: steph

Beauty is highly admired. Some people are praised or their beauty while others are dismissed. However, there is one thing that needs to be understood about beauty before people can find their own sense of beauty and enjoy the benefits. One of the largest factors in beauty is the art of it. People who know how to express themselves and bring forth something that works well for them are going to enjoy the benefits. The only thing is that they need the right products to be able to achieve this. Fortunately, Lime Crime offers people a chance to do just that.

One of the amazing aspects of the company is that the company goes way beyond convention. After all, conventional beauty only works for a select few. However, an open mind with a sense of creativity gives more people the chance to realize their own beauty. This allows them to feel even better about themselves than they would if they just had a natural beauty. After all, people like to be complimented on what they have achieved, not on what was given to them. Lime Crime gives customers the opportunity to enjoy their own beauty and achievements.

Lime Crime has recently released unicorn hair dye which allows women to experiment with some very unique hair colors. This can encourage them to bring out their artistic side and find a look that makes them feel good about themselves even though they are outside of convention. One of the best things that they get to experience is that they become comfortable in their own skin. A large part of beauty is in comfort. Women can set their own standards so that they can meet it. Once they meet it, then they can be comfortable with who they are and not worry about what others are thinking or saying.

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Lime Crime: Where You Are Free To Be You

November 21, 2016 - Author: steph

Doe Deere is a force to renown with in the cosmetics industry. With her unconventional attitude and philosophy, she has been able to leave her customers wanting for more. Three days to the 2008 Halloween, Dore Deere could not find make up and cosmetics to match her outfit. With her revolutionary ambitions, she decided not to sit and wait for someone to come to her rescue and established the Lime Crime Makeup.

The makeup company is centered towards being free and unapologetic. It encourages all its stakeholders to be wild and comfortable. Doe Deere’s love for colors is seen through the way she plays with them to come up with the most incredible lipsticks and makeup. The self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen ensures that her customers get the money’s value and worth.

Doe Deree is passionate about animals. In respect to this, the company is cruelty free. The products manufactured are not in any way tested on animals. As a matter of fact, the company has a certificate from PETA. The company is committed to launching products that are vegan. More importantly, is the fact that all the company is focused on ethics and thus, all the products are all respectful of animals.

The company has authentic retailers from which all their clients are advised to buy from. Customers can get older and latest products at:

  • Dollskill
  • Beauty Bay
  • Lime Crime Amazon
  • Urban Outfitters

Also, the company has outlets in Russia at ILOVEMAKEUP, Mexico at Vorana Cosmetics, UK at Love Makeup and also in Australia at Pepper Mayo.

Additionally, you can contact us @limecrime on Twitter, and on Lime Crime on Facebook for our magical products.

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Makari Offers Top Skin Lightening Creams

May 25, 2016 - Author: steph

Makari is a beauty care and cosmetics company founded in 2000 by New York entrepreneur Jack Aini and Belgian chemist Maurice Bertrand. The company’s product’s are manufactured in the Swiss town of Aigle. Makari is well known for offering luxury skin whitening and clarifying creams, soaps and serums for all complexions ranging from fair to dark.

The company ships its products to over 50 countries around the world currently. Its products are also available in brick and mortar stores in New York City, USA, Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium. One of the highlights of the Makari beauty care company is that the beauty products created by Makari do not contain hydroquinone. This is an inexpensive and common product commonly found in cosmetic creams and soaps that are designed to lighten and clear up a complexion. Despite being shown effective, it is highly controversial because it has been linked to serious negative side affects and is considered a harsh chemical that can damage the skin.

Makari does not use ingredients like hydroquinone in its creams, soap and shampoos. Instead, Makari focuses on using all natural and proven safe synthetic ingredients such as vegeclairine that are gentle on the skin and bring about a whiter and clearer complexion naturally. Makari has expanded the number of products it sells from 7 to now over 70. It also sells cosmetics such as compact powder and eyeliner as well as jewelry and accessories such as a branded handbag and cosmetic bag.

Makari’s original products and one of their best sellers to this day is its line of skin lightening creams. Examples of Makari skin lightening creams are the Carotonic Lightening Cream and the Intense Lightening Cream. The Carotonic Lightning Cream and the Intense Lightening Cream is also available in serum form and is sold as Carotonic Lightning Serum and Intense Lightening Serum. Many lightening soaps are also sold by Makari such as the Clarifying Whitening Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap and the Multi-Action Lightening Soap.

Both the Carotonic Lightening Cream and Intense Lightening Cream are also available in soap form. In cream form they both have an SPF of 15 against the sun. The Carotonic Lightening Cream is made with carrot oil and the patented ingredient vegeclairine. The Intense Lightening Cream is made with Shea butter and vegeclairine. Both products work wonders to help erase age spots, wrinkles and skin discolorations. The carrot cream also helps fight against blemishes on the skin, while the intense cream is also an excellent moisturizer of the skin and is ideal for dry skin.

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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Establishes New Record

May 12, 2016 - Author: steph


Lime Crime’s light continues to sparkle in a world filled with cosmetic companies that saturate the makeup market with the same dull colors. Lime Crime is a very innovative makeup company that was founded by Doe Deere. The makeup company is a one of a kind company that specializes in exclusive colors that are strikingly bold and revolutionized the makeup industry. Today, Lime Crime has a huge cult following. The social media is one place that those cult followers are able to keep in contact with Lime Crime. In fact, Doe Deere’s Lime Crime cosmetic company has established a new record on Instagram. They’ve attracted over two million Instagram followers.

Lime Crime’s On Social Media
The fact is that there are thousands of fans that are totally obsessed with Lime Crime cosmetics. Now, the makeup innovator has established a social media presence on Instagram. Certainly, Lime Crime was one of the first online cosmetic companies to establish a strong interactive connection with customers. Now, they’ve made an even stronger interactive connection with their customers via social media sites like Instagram. The purpose of their social media connection is to really engage their followers in a dialog and establish a stronger connection. Fans are able to submit their photographs via their Instagram accounts wearing their favorite Lime Crime nail-polish, lip-sticks, or eye-shadows. Deere believes this is a way to inspire even more creativity.

About Doe Deere
Lime Crime Cosmetics is headed by Doe Deere. Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of one of the most amazing, innovative, and stylish makeup companies in the world. Her lipstick, nail polish, and eye shadow colors are luscious, lovely, and delightful. Doe Deere was a true believer in bold, luscious, and lovely colors. However, she had extreme difficulty finding those colors in traditional makeup lines. Deere decided the smart move was to create her own innovative line of makeup for people that were totally at ease with wild and whimsical colors. Thus, Lime Crime Cosmetics were established in 2008. Doe Deere credits the Internet with really establishing her cosmetic company and attracting followers all over the world.

Doe Deere realizes that it is very difficult to start a business today. This is especially true for young women. She relates that she started out small with just a dream. She achieved success on her own terms. She fully believes that other women should follow their dreams too. In addition, Doe Deere fully supports other women entrepreneurs. Doe Deere is one very successful young woman that frequently speaks at major business events across the country that encourage women entrepreneurs to pursue their business goals. Deere also enjoys mentoring other young women that are interested in a business career. She is readily available through social media contacts.

Watch Doe Deere on Youtube.


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Wengie: From Marketer to Millionaire

April 16, 2016 - Author: steph

Wendy Ayche left what she described as an “amazing six-figure job in marketing” to pursue her dream of a full-time career as a YouTuber. In the end, it was a gamble that paid off. Now the beauty guru, also known as Wengie, has more than a million viewers on her flagship channel. What’s even more amazing is she achieved this in only three short years.

The YouTube millionaire’s first video to achieve wild popularity was one that compared American and Korean makeup trends. Since then she has produced videos that compare beauty trends from different cultures. This multicultural approach has contributed greatly to her success.

She has made every effort to remain a positive role model to her viewers. She has even created a different channel called LifeOfWengie, devoted to personal issues such as relationships, bullying, and friendships.

With product deals, Wendy will only promote something she actually uses. Then, she will only take deals that pay fairly. Feeling that the creators of YouTube content undervalue themselves, she created a video titled “How Much Do YouTubers Get Paid?”. She hopes this will help others that are getting into YouTube generate more revenue, and stop what she sees as a trend of big companies squeezing low-budget, or free deals from YouTubers. Wendy looks forward to experimenting with new formats, and new means of self-expression. She also plans some collaborations, and recently interviewed a K-Pop idol. Although at this time she can’t reveal the details of those projects. She has also expressed an interest adding more comedy and education to her videos.

Wengie has come a long way in only three years. Her transformation from marketer to internet millionaire has proven success and accountability does not have to be mutually exclusive. You can be a positive role model and still achieve great success.

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Fabletics Officials Planning to Open New Stores

March 21, 2016 - Author: steph


Fabletics, one of the nation’s most respected e-commerce clothing retailers, is planning to respond to increased customer demand by opening between seventy-five and a hundred new stores in the next three to five years according to an article in Racked. The hugely popular line has been appreciated by customers who love the comfortable clothing that allows for relaxed movement. Company officials are pleased to offer customers many kinds of choices to buy clothing that is stylish yet affordable. Many customers have been pleased to find that they are able to purchase the company’s products via both an in-line store and a subscription process that lets them buy clothing each month.

A Fashion Laboratory

The new stores being opened aim to give each buyer the chance to shop in a brightly lit space that lets them try on new clothing and then decide if the company’s overall design philosophy is right for them. The founders hope that each store will serve as a sort of fashion laboratory to help them reach out to customers and find out what is right for them. Each store will offer merchandise that is made from fabric designed to breath and allow the wearer to be comfortable but fashionable at the same time. The new stores being planned are part of an overall marketing strategy that is aimed at helping the brand build up a base of satisfied customers who it is hoped will return again and again as loyal customers both online and in-person.

The Company

Co-founded by widely respected actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics offers clothing that is designed for the active person who needs high quality sportswear in her life. The company was created in 2013 by several people including Ms. Hudson. Since that time, it has grown massively as consumers have flocked here in search of clothing that is allows them to work out in style. Each piece offers is designed to allow the wearer to look good while exercising hard. The entire line has been carefully created with the needs of those who love to work out but still want to have clothing that will provide support, comfort and style. Company officials have worked hard to provide pieces that are innovative, elegant and also very affordable. The net result has been a highly popular line of products that are expected to continue to attract buyers in search of great work out clothing.

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March 20, 2016 - Author: steph

JustFab is an online store that sells shoes, bags and items for the overall head to toe look. Their personal shoppers have ensured that the store is not lacking in trendy items. Stylish handbags, jewelry, denim, boots, and shoes are some of the fashionable products that are in stock for women. Owned by Kate Hudson and Adam Goldenberg, the store has revolutionalised online shopping with interesting features and great customer care.
The company keeps expanding and targets even bigger success this year. The CEO, Adam Goldenberg, expressed optimism in their line this year stating that they hoped to change how men and women shop online. This comes in the face of criticism over customer service practices which have since been cleared as the company soars with profits.

Lots of satisfied customers have attested to the excellent service offered and the quality of delivered products that do not disappoint. The online company boasts millions of sales as a result of satisfied customers. It has a VIP program that helps shoppers find on-trend essentials that suit their personal style with discounted prices and fun perks.
For a curated, fun and an enhanced shopping experience, JustFab is just the right place to shop.

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Beautiful Eye Make-Up Tips Using Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Cosmetics

September 22, 2015 - Author: steph

Your eyes are your most soulful feature. Flawless eye make-up can play up your natural beauty. When you think about how much your eyes say when you don’t utter a word, it feels only natural to accentuate them. Your eyes express so much, so follow these few tips to ensure that your eyes look intriguing.

Make sure to utilize primer, because it will help your eye shadow stay in place. Whether you are naturally inclined to have dark circles because of allergies or you are trying to cover the tell tale bags of a sleepless night, a concealer that reflects light can brighten your eyes.

Many women make the mistake of just applying mascara at the tips of their lashes. In order to achieve length, you need to apply the mascara at the root and lightly wiggle the mascara wand out to the tip. This helps to extend your lashes. If you want to make your lashes look longer, consider applying individual falsies. The individual falsies are more natural looking than appealing an entire fake lash line.

Your brow line is important. A thick natural brow line in associated with youth. Use a brow pencil that matches your brow line to fill in areas where the brow might look a little thin.

Use the the darker color in your eye shadow palette to play up the point in which the bone of your brow meets the center crease of your eye. If you are a beginner to applying eyeshadow, you may like the technique of using a cotton swab to apply the darker color of eye shadow along the crease and as well as a very fine line along the upper lash line. If you apply a bit of white or very light neutral shadow in the corner of your eye and directly under the brow bone, it helps your eyes to appear more awake.

Doe Deere‘s Lime Crime on offers “Venus: The Grunge Palette” which has an excellent selection of neutral colors and earth tones. “Shell”, a feminine light pink color, is especially flattering on lighter skin tones. The earthy terra cora brown color of “Creation” is flattering on medium and darker skin tones. If you have blue eyes, try a color that has a hint of orange or coral such as the Rebirth eyeshadow. Even shadows that have the lightest hint of orange will look striking against blue eyes, because orange and blue are complimentary colors. Green eyes look best when framed against shadow that has a bit of purple. Brown eyes can look amazing against a very broad spectrum of color. Lime Crime’s “Venus: The Grunge Palette” is great for a beautiful day look. The “Zodiac Eye Glitter” collection can be a fun option for a playful evening look.

If eyes are the window to your soul, don’t draw the curtain closed. Showcase your beautiful eyes so that people are able to see you for who you are. When you feel confident and beautiful, it glows from the inside out.

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Investing in the Cosmetics Industry

August 28, 2015 - Author: steph

Investing is a very serious engagement and it requires for an individual to be very cautious on the areas they choose to put their resources. This is a technique that Doe Deere has mastered quite well and has been on the front of things to do with cosmetics. Deere has accomplished enviable success with her entrepreneurial skills and her investments can speak for her on this. She also understands the risks involved in investments and for this she has invested in diversified areas and industries as a precautionary strategy to avert the effects of a fallen industry. Her interest in business include entertainment and fashion industry.

The fashion industry has grown to become a multibillion business attracting many investors but mostly women. One of the companies that are doing exemplary well in this industry today include Lime Crime. This company is a cosmetics producer and it has recorded tremendous growth over there the years thanks to the spread of the western culture. Make ups and cosmetics have actually been boosted by the western influence on the entire world and this has created a great market for lime crime to exhaust. As a result, the company has actually grown and expanded its operation giving its clients a myriad of products to choose from.

Like the aforementioned company, Doe Deere has been in the cosmetics industry for years now and her progress is quite impressive. Her tendency to take great risks in business has enabled her to become the great investor that she is today and her resilience is enviable. She has been through thick and thin being a woman in a males dominated practice. However, she has never let go of her dream to launch herself as a distinguished business woman in the field of cosmetics. One of her greatest philosophy is the power of self-drive.

Doe Deere believed in her dream in cosmetic business and as the demand for makeup products continues rising, she is still reaping from her hard labor. Makeups are rapidly rising in demand and the global need for these products creates a huge gap in the satisfaction measure. This is what Doe Deere is banking on in her quest for greatness in the industry. No doubt whatsoever that the entrepreneur is headed for greatness and going by the trends in the industry, the sky is the limit. The cosmetics market is growing the high demand will propel her business to soar so high in the near future.

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How to Give Yourself the Best Manicure

August 26, 2015 - Author: steph

Your hands and nails are something that everyone sees on a daily basis. When you go to the store and pay for whatever you are buying, you show your hands. When you hug your child or your significant other, you show your hands. If your job entails you to be in front of a large group of people teaching or giving a presentation, you show your hands.

Because of this, you need to make sure that your hands looks nice at all times. No one wants to look at hangnails, loose cuticles and nail polish that is chipping away. This could give people a bad impression of you. As a result, ff you are a woman, this means giving yourself a manicure every once in a while. Of course, you could also go to the salon and get a professional manicure, but doing this every week and keeping up with it is a time waster and a money waster. Why not give yourself a manicure?

How to Give Yourself a Manicure

Here are the steps for giving yourself a manicure.

1. Start by taking off any old nail polish that may already be on your nails.

2. Second, file your nails down so that you don’t have any hangnails sticking out. You may need to clip your nails first if they are very long and you want them to be shorter.

3. Next, use a cuticle clipper to clip off any stray cuticles. Remember not to clip too close to the base of the cuticle or you could cause bleeding and pain.

4. Rub some cuticle oil around the cuticles that you just cut. If you get oil on the nail itself, wipe it off with a towel.

5. Finally, put on your nail polish. You will want to put the polish on in two different coats. There is no need to wait in between coats for the first coat to dry because by the time you get to your tenth nail, you can go back to the beginning and start over.

Where to Buy Your Nail Polish

You will have a lot of options when it comes to where you can buy nail polish. It is available at most stores and online as well. But the best place to go for nail polish is the makeup line called Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a makeup company based in Los Angeles, California.

They use only cruelty free ingredients to make their makeup, and they stand by all of their products, which are amazing. Lime Crime is proud to have a large selection of nail polishes in all sorts of different colors. These nail polishes stay on for days and even weeks at a time, and they look great!

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