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Avery Ranch Golf Club The Perfect Wedding Venue in Austin, TX

July 20, 2018 - Author: steph

All you can think of is your wedding day. How wonderful the day will be? How much fun you and your friends and family will have as you celebrate your day. However, one of the most challenging aspects of planning this day is choosing the venue. When choosing a venue, you must consider several factors. Can the venue accommodate all your guest? Is the venue welcoming and comfortable? Does the facility provide catering? Most importantly, does the venue provide exceptional service?
If you are looking at golf course wedding venues near me, then Avery Ranch Golf in Austin, Texas is your solution. The ranch provides an all in one solution to your wedding needs. There is no need to travel far from Austin to discover the perfect location for your wedding. The Avery Ranch is just a short distance away. Our reception areas can accommodate a wide range of guest and we offer a variety of amenities to meet your needs.
The Avery Ranch is an all in one solution. The setting is not only perfect for a wedding reception, but the perfect place to hold your wedding. With the majestic views of Brushy Creek, there are an assortment of stunning views to enjoy.
The Avery Ranch is nestled in a beautiful and scenic location. There are also a variety of settings to take beautiful pictures and enjoy a stroll outdoors. During a stroll along the creek banks, your guests can enjoy a scenic view of the golf course as well as Brushy Creek. From every view point, your guest will appreciate the natural surroundings of the Avery Ranch Golf Club. Don’t miss out of this experience and contact us today to book your wedding venue.
Whether you want to enjoy a small or large gathering the ranch is an ideal option. Parties can be as small as 60, however are facility has the ability to hold up to 200. In addition, there’s no need and to hire a separate catering company. There are skilled professionals onsite who can provide and make quality meals. Every aspect of your event will be planned by our skilled staff. There is no need to be concerned about the timing of the meal or the condition of the facility. Our staff strives to create a menu that will satisfy your palate. In addition, we pride ourselves in our exceptionally maintained facility.
Choose today to place your concerns aside. The Avery Ranch Golf Club, will provide you with a unique experience for your wedding. We have an all inclusive package that will meet your needs. Including a bridal dressing room, catering team and breathtaking views. Contact us today to start the process of making your wedding dreams into a reality.

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Incredible Financial Management Tips from David Giertz

September 20, 2017 - Author: steph

Most people are always cautious when it comes to spending because they don’t know what the future holds for them. They minimize their spending sprees because they want to have a fruitful retirement period. As such, most of their cash is in the savings account. Nevertheless, David Giertz, a prominent financial advisor says it’s possible to spend while saving. All you need is to ensure you create stability between the two. However, the question that pops up is how you can create this balance? According to David Giertz, discipline plays an important role when it comes to balancing between expenditure and saving.

If you want to achieve your retirement goals, learn how to spend wisely to ensure you have something left to save. For you to achieve this, you ought to have a budget. It’s quite a useful tool for a retiree who is afraid of spending their savings. With a budget, you can plan on what you have and know what amount should go to pleasure and entertainment. That will ease your worry as you can enjoy knowing you still have money left for emergencies. However, while it’s wise to invest, don’t invest all your money. Leave some for yourself just in case things don’t go as planned.

About David Giertz

Besides being a financial advisor for more than three decades, David Giertz is passionate about charitable initiatives. He has worked for many companies and has been an advisor and President of Nationwide Investment Services Corporation since 2013. Giertz is a broker with FINRA and previously served as President and VP of numerous large enterprises such as Nationwide Financial services. Besides, he has an impressive educational background. He holds an Executive MBA as well as a Bachelor of Science in Finance. David has been in the finance industry for over three decades. Therefore, his advice regarding retirement has been helpful to and significant in the industry. Overall, David Giertz is an expert when it comes to developing business and financial strategies.

Find out more about David Giertz:

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Smooth Lips For the Win

March 21, 2017 - Author: steph

Those little spherical lip balms in the check out lines are EOS – or Evolution of Smooth – brand. They’re rather popular, and for a good reason. They’re meant to help keep lips smooth, sweet-smelling, and amazing. They’re constantly releasing new flavors, and some of the new flavors are meant to specifically keep lips silky smooth. They’re gaining popularity fast.


One of these flavors is a vanilla mint. Instead of a single colored pod, the vanilla mint comes in a light and dark blue striped pod. When it is opened for the first time, it gives off a sweet vanilla with a mint undertone. The same kind of tingling felt when applying the classic sweet mint is felt with this particular lip balm as well. The vanilla and mint balance each other out to offer a scent that no one can hate.  More on



Another silky smooth flavor is called coconut milk. This one comes in a pink and white striped pod, again doing away with the typical single colored pod. Unlike the vanilla mint, it has a much softer, almost non-existent scent. The scent has an undertone of coconut, however. For fans of coconut anything, this lip balm is a guaranteed favorite. This one has a particularly strong coconut taste to it – which any fan of coconut desserts will love. Since coconut is known for its abilities to keep things smooth, it’s no wonder that coconut milk is a flavor.


Head over to this.


Both of these new flavors are meant to do the same things as the classic ones. EOS are designed to keep lips silky smooth. This is the one part that makes them different from the classics. Since they are designed to keep lips smooth – more so than the classics – they have been formulated to help do just that.



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