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Jennifer Walden Exhibits the Strength of a Woman

November 12, 2016 - Author: steph

Walden was born to a dentist father and a mother who worked as a surgical nurse. She pursued an undergraduate degree in biology at the University of Texas. She later proceeded to medical school at the same university but at a different branch that majored in medicine. She landed her first job with Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She was based in the upper part of New York and stayed there for seven years. During her time there, she participated in trials that consequently, led to the approval of silicone breast implants.


In December 2011, she moved back to Texas and started her practice. Obviously, she had acquired years of experience in plastic surgery from her employers. She based her practice at West Lake Hills and opened up a satellite location at Marble Falls in the year 2014. She named her practice after her name, Jennifer L. Walden, M.D, PLLC, and Walden cosmetic surgery Center. She has listed as the best beauty plastic surgeon in 2014. Walden also commentates in the media in regards to plastic surgery. She also sits on the board of directors in Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practice. She has also authored several plastic surgery books.


In time, priorities change, and in her thirties, Walden felt she needed to be a mother. She gave birth to two baby boys and moved back Texas. Walden wanted to make sure that her children grew together with her family. Moving to Texas meant that she had to start over. With the help of her mother and nannies who took care of her sons, she was able to establish her practice. There, she has exceeded her expectations. She operates a fully equipped surgery room that is certified by AAAASF, and if need be, patients requiring admission spend the nights at Westlake Hospital.


Dr. Walden is keen to point out that she is a doer. She believes in making things happen. Her primary goal is to see her children happy and live a fulfilling life. For this reason, she remains proactive and results oriented. These are the traits she wishes to pass on to her sons. Moreover, when faced with challenges she makes sure that she sees the solution to the end.


She also lives and hopes to be an inspiration to women. Her advice to women who desires to have families and a demanding career is to brace themselves. It is challenging but achievable. Most importantly she says such kind of life needs an internal drive and personality to sustain it. She points out that a woman can’t do it all. Instead, she should have support from spouses, family, and professional nannies. She considers herself a lucky lady.

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Jennifer walden Has A thriving Career and Family Life

September 30, 2016 - Author: steph

Today, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a widely known surgeon in the field of plastic surgery, and she has opened up about some of the details in her life and career in an interview not too long ago. Jennifer Walden stated that it is difficult having a successful career that is demanding on her time as well as maintaining close relationships with her family. It takes a lot of persistence and drive to meet one’s goal in order to succeed without falling to distractions.

To many, Jennifer Walden appears to have the american dream that many people desire to have, a high profile career as well as a big and supportive family. She has also been recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons in the US, with an extensive amount of experience, including many hours training with some of the biggest names in surgery. Jennifer makes the total package with her happy disposition and kind attitude towards others on a regular basis, especially her patients, which she always makes sure are completely comfortable in her care.

More impressively, Jennifer has had the time to become an author, writing on her experiences and knowledge in the field of plastic surgery. Jennifer was also able to take up a position on the board of directors for the ASAPS, the only women so far to do so. She always stands by the highest standards in her practice set forth by the ASAPS, and her expertise will surely be able to help the organization in the future.

Jennifer Walden’s family and personal life is home to Texas. Specifically in the town of Austin. Her family is caring and have been supportive other decisions and career all of her life. Both her mother and father were highly educated and had good careers, which put education and achievements at a high place in her home when she was growing up. It was this foundation and large amount of support from her parents that allowed her to become the women she is today. Leading a wonderful life with family and a thriving career along with it.

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