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Michael Phelps Partners with Talkspace to Encourage People to Seek Therapy

March 11, 2019 - Author: steph

Michael Phelps is a retired competitive swimmer. He has won several awards and is admired by many. When he went public about his mental health struggles, many were shocked. For a man who has accomplished so much, people thought it was strange for him to have mental problems. However, Phelps revealed that he suffered from mental health problems for a long time without talking to anyone. He feared people would stigmatize him if they learned about his struggles. He recently partnered with Talkspace to share his experience.

Throughout his career, Michael Phelps struggled with anxiety and depression. He feared what would happen to him if he lost any game and it turned into a big problem. Although he did not want to talk to anyone about it, he decided to speak to someone to find healing. After revealing his struggles, he felt strong, not weakness. He states that many people do not share their stories because they fear losing power and strength. Thus, they suffer in silence instead of seeking help. When he realized that he could connect with a therapist through a text from Talkspace, he was excited. Phelps wants to help others suffering from mental problems and show them that they can access help easily. Visit to learn more.

Michael Phelps partnered with Talkspace to fight the stigma surrounding mental health. People with mental health issues are isolated in some communities because of cultural beliefs. Talkspace is a start-up that provides online therapy through video chats and text messages. The platform has grown to become a force to reckon with. It was started to help many people who fear seeking help due to the stigma attached to mental health.

Talkspace promotes therapy as a tool to improve mental health. The partnership will have a national TV campaign where Phelps will share his mental health struggles and how he found help. He will encourage people to talk about mental health openly with loved ones and seek help. Michael Phelps says that it is now easy and affordable to get help unlike in the past when therapists were few. In the past, there was little information about mental health and treatment options. He tells people not to ignore the mental health problems they are facing.

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January 14, 2019 - Author: steph

Imagine having the ability together all of your newsletters into one location, in an organized way. can do that, not only does have the know how to organize your newsletter, but you can also, set up your account to have each newsletter, arrive at a certain time. So, basically you will choose the time that each newsletter will pop up in your inbox. If that’s not excited, I don’t know what is. No more having to deal with dozens of newsletters swarming your email inbox all at once. has many different features, which is why so many people are jumping onboard. Have you ever felt uncomfortable about having flight or hotel confirmations comeing your email, because of lack of security? You do not have to worry any longer, is dedicated to protecting your information. When shoppers receive confirmations for purchases made online, realizes that could be dangerous, or when your birthday pops up in their system, uses encryption to protect your information.


Rakuten Intelligence owns Rakuten Intelligence is a company that gathers information concerning the purchases of consumers. Analyzing the shopping habits of individuals and communities helps Rakuten to comprehend new trends that may be coming about. It also allows the company to gain insight on corporate performance. This information is important to understand the shopping needs of particular demographics. It also reveals how a corporation is doing, is the company doing well in a certain region or is the company suffering. Rakuten can actually detect this sort of information, all while, protecting your email account.


Personal emails are not looked at by the employees of In fact, employees have limited access to the accounts of customers. takes very seriously the privacy of it’s customers. Employees of are constantly engaged in mandatory classes about the privacy of the customer.

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Talk Fusion; The New and Innovative Tool for Video Marketing

June 20, 2016 - Author: steph

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by its current CEO Bob Reina with the goal of offering effective video marketing strategies. This creation was necessary owing to the emergence of people embracing the internet as a tool for advertisements.

Since its inception Talk Fusion has grown to become a global leader in offering video marketing solutions that are client specific. The company is dedicated to helping start-up businesses grow through effective advertisement strategies. This has the effect of changing people’s lives. This is because these strategies put money in the pockets of startup business owners as well as their employees.

Talk Fusion employs a dynamic approach to video marketing with the website offering the clients a platform to record high-quality videos for video and Email Newsletters using Chrome and FireFox browsers.

Talk Fusion has invested in high-end technology to provide the best experience to users while guaranteeing a user-friendly interface for all people seeking to use the site. This platform links all talk fusion subscribers to the world in an instant.

Talk Fusion has recently incorporated WebRTC Technology in their products; this comes after the technology was recently launched and has only been installed by few players in the marketing industry.

Existing Customers of Talk Fusion continue to enjoy the incredible efficiency offered by web RTC. This fusion has helped clients improve their way of approaching video marketing, hence improving their business affairs.

Talk Fusion is also committed to having a positive impact in the world. The Founder of Talk Fusion offers charities a platform that is effective dynamic and guarantees unlimited possibilities for them.

Having fused the new technology, Talk Fusion offers a 30 day free trial period to individuals, companies and charities seeking to have a first-hand experience of Talk Fusion and the possibilities that they offer.

Talk Fusion is by far the most effective and user-friendly video marketing tool to this date. This is out of the CEO’s commitment to offering real-time solutions to people around the globe.

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