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Sahm Adrangi Reveals Why Kerrisdale Capital Is Shorting The St. Joe Company

August 9, 2018 - Author: steph

Sahm Adrangi is letting investors know that while the St. Joe Company and its $1 billion evaluation may appear to be exciting on the surface, it is really over-valued. He has been dismissing efforts to build buzz around the company, and his company Kerrisdale, where he serves as chief information officer, has been trying to warn investors that the St. Joe Company’s true value is just a bit above half of what is being reported. The value of the company has been rising due to reports that it is trying to develop one of the world’s greatest retirement communities.

The problem with this, according to Kerrisdale and Sahm Adrangi, is that the land that the St. Joe Company is targeting to develop for the project is actually remote, swampy, and is not realistically going to be undergoing development any time in the near-future. Sahm Adrangi has made it clear that there is no development or plans to develop the swampy land into anything anytime soon. The truth is that there has been barely any activity, at all, related to developing the land. This means that there have been zero public hearings and there have been no filed permits.


Sahm Adrangi has revealed that the St. Joe Company has already developed a large part of the best land that it owns near the beach and that the market may be saturated in the area where its other land is located. On top of these issues, Fairholme Fund owns 22.7 million shares of St. Joe Company’s stock, and the company plans on limiting its illiquid investments, which is leading the Fairholme Fund to close to half of its holdings in the St. Joe Company. This will be happening over roughly a five month period, which can definitely have an effect on the overall value of the stock. Sahm Adrangi has also revealed that the manager of its funds, Bruce Berkowitz, sits as chairman of the board for the St. Joe Company along with a couple of other directors from Fairholme. This, obviously, can breed conflicts of interest and litigation could be forthcoming.

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Mullen Lowe is Very Passionate About Culture

September 1, 2017 - Author: steph

Jose Henrique Borghi among all things has shown a lot of passion for culture. For one thing, he has demonstrated it in his advertising. He has also put together a company that shares his values effective at advertising. His company has been such a success that it has grown into a global enterprise. It has grown from serving some of the largest Brazilian companies to serving some of the companies in the world. Mullen Lowe serves companies that deal with all kinds of products and topics. They also serve cultural companies. Among the clients that have been featured on the site is BET.

Companies that have signed up for service from Jose Borghi’s company have experienced a lot of growth. For one thing, Jose Henrique Borghi’s company has looked at the market in order to find where the company fits in. One of the best ways to profit with a business in an industry is to find a gap. For instance, in the fashion industry, one can find areas that may need a little bit of creativity. The best way to find a gap is to do some research on all of the issues that are present in the industry that one is passionate about. Then look for ways to provide a solution. Then the best thing to do is advertise this new solution.

Jose knows how to bring something new to the attention of the audience through advertising. He knows how to not only reach people in the industry where they are gathering but also how to get their attention and influence them on interacting with a certain company. There are many types of advertising campaigns and messages that a marketer can send to customers so that they will get on board with what is being advertised to them.

For more info about us:

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Jose Borghi Excels In The Advertising Industry

April 13, 2017 - Author: steph

Jose Henrique Borghi is the founder of Mullen Lowe Agency. He is also the brain behind notable campaigns like Mammals of Parmalat. Inspired by a presentation of a commercial display at the Castro Neves Theatre, Jose ventured into advertising. He watched the show while still in high school He had no clue that he would one day become a source of reference in the industry. Jose was born in Presidente Prudente. He went to PUS Campinas where he studied Advertising and Propaganda. After his graduation, he started his career in the Brazilian advertising industry by working for Standard Ogilvy agency as an editor. Later, Jose worked for other prominent brands like DM9/DDB, FCB and Talent and Leo Burnett.

After working for different companies, Jose Henrique Borghi gained extensive experience and knowledge about the industry. To this end, he partnered with his friend, Erh Ray, to establish BroghiErh. The two managed to enhance the company’s operations through hard work, determination and discipline. Without investors, they built the company from scratch. The executives performed all roles, including planning, management, and marketing. In 2006, Lowe acquired the successful company. The brand changed to Borghi Lowe. The advertising firm quickly gained popularity in both domestic and international market. The ad agency merged with the Mullen Group to form what is now the Mullen Lowe Brasil. Jose and Andre Gomes are the CEOs of the corporation.

Borghi manages to achieve his goals through persistence. He believes that nothing comes on a silver platter. As such, everyone should work hard to achieve what he or she needs in life. It is for this reason that the energetic and enthusiastic advertiser handles every matter in an aggressive manner. Some of his industry achievements include the review concepts by Fiat Carlinhos for the Down Syndrome Association and Honda Campaigns. In addition, José Henrique Borghi has worked with other award winning organizations such as Delta Airlines, America on Line, BankBoston, Coral Paints, Itau, American Express, Asia Motors and Antarctica. His excellent performance in the industry has earned him multiple awards and recognition from renowned organizations. He is a proud recipient of the London Festival Awards, Cannes Lions, The One Show Awards, April Advertising Awards and Clios Awards.

About José Henrique Borghi:

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White Shark Media’s experience Explosive Growth Brought about by Prioritizing Their Customers’ Needs

April 4, 2017 - Author: steph


White Shark Media is an outstanding and broadly experienced digital marketing agency headquartered in Miami, Florida, with affiliate offices in Central America and Denmark. The firm mainly focuses on providing unique online marketing solutions to small and middle sized companies. Having been founded in 2011 by Gary Garth and Andrew Lolk, White Shark Media is one of the fastest developing marketing agency firms, noting that in their 4th year of operations, the company entered into a partnership with Google by us for the Google AdWords Premier SMB. It also entered the association of authorized Bing Ads dealers the same year.


Their Specialization


White Shark Media specializes in managing local SEO, Triton Websites, AdWords Search, AdWords Remarketing, Google Mobile Ads, and Bing Ads. The firm is also a Shopify expert, and it works by referring e-commerce clients to the platform. White Shark Media is dedicated to making their customers compete at the top of the market by creating affordable and clear marketing campaigns and fully managing AdWords campaigns from start to a point where they yield results. The firm ensures accountability to their clients by ensuring immediate email and phone calls responses using keyword-level call tracking. It also uses Google Analytics and proprietary reporting software to ensure timely reporting to their customers. The firm helps clients recognize their marketing needs by placing a team of experts who work with them to reach the desired business target.


White Shark Media Enters the Inc. 5000 List


White Shark Media strives to enlighten clients by training them on marketing issues in their official blog. Being a customer oriented advertising firm, White Shark Media has received many positive reviews consequently increasing their clientele base. It recently entered the Inc.5000 list of the fastest growing companies in America. The massive growth has prompted the need to move to a more spacious facility and are currently in the process of building their top notch facility.



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Celebrities And The Need For Online Reputation Management

February 21, 2017 - Author: steph

One thing that is certain is that celebrities have a need for online reputation management that goes beyond what the average person needs. For one thing, people need online reputation management the more famous they become. One reason is that there is a lot of people that are going to have something to say. For one thing, false information can be sent. Another thing is that the person could say something that is taken the wrong way. As a result, there turns out to be a lot of word going around about the celebrity which he does not want. Therefore, it is important to at least have a plan for online reputation management.

One thing that can help a celebrity is a publicist. The publicist is someone who is in charge of the reputation of his client. He has a few tips for people that can help them manage their own reputation. Among the tips that they suggest is that they keep on a constant stake out for any attack on them and their brand. However, that in and of itself can prove to be too much for the person. Therefore, the person could also look for assistance when it comes to online reputation management.

When it comes to defending against online reputation attacks, it is important to know that one may have to say something. It is important to be bold when talking. One thing that is ill-advised is to show some hint of weakness. Some people that like to attack others do so out of a need to dominate. Some attacks come from predatory figures. Therefore, it is important for people to make sure that they show themselves to be a lot better than they are said to be while also showing themselves to be strong. The most important is to establish a strong reputation so that he will have an easy time fighting off attacks.


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Great Accomplishments of Jose’ Borghi

January 31, 2017 - Author: steph

Jose’ Borghi, who is the chief executive officer of Mullen Lowe agency, a creatively controlled integrated marketing communications network, is recognized as one of the people having great influence in advertising. He is the founder of high profile and attractive campaigns such as Mammals Parmalat. In that advertisement, children dressed in outfits that resembled staffed creatures and sang memorable jingles. Additionally, they sung hit Sazoon songs from Luciano and Zeze di Camargo. This advertisement was amazing and it is still recalled to this day.

Borghi’s Success Journey

Jose’ Borghi’s success story in advertisement began with the big question of what career to pursue basing on his passion and interest. While studying in high school as a junior, José was invited by his sister to an amazing performance held at the prestigious Castro Neves Theater. This invitation to the performance was to help José Borghi make a decision on what career to pursue. The presentation was a great show that focused on commercial Vts that received amazing awards during the Cannes Film Festival. From there, Mr. Borghi was so inspired and he knew that advertising was the way to go for his lifelong career. However, he could hardly predict his fortune of earning a Lions Cannes award in the future.

His Early Life and Career

Jose’ Borghi was born in Presidente Prudente. He went to PUC Campinas College where he managed to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in advertising. Jose’ got his first job in 1989 at Standard Ogilvy. Being a good writer, he raised the bar and began working with other leading ad agencies including FCB, Talent, Leo Burnett and DM9/DDB. Later on, José Borghi partnered with Erh Ray to form BorghiErh Company. The success of this company was great and impressed Lowe who later bought it. In December 2006, the name of this firm was changed to Borghi Lowe and the presidency was equally shared with Erh Ray. With good leadership, this agency has grown tremendously and gained influence in both the international and domestic markets. Not long ago, Borghi Lowe officially merged with Mullen Lowe Group and Lowe & Partners to form Mullen Lowe Brasil.


According to Marathoner, a remarkable advertiser, Borghi has all it takes to overcome all adverse situations and this has been his stronghold through his career. Jose’ always goes for what he wants and strongly believes that nothing can hinder him from achieving his set goals. Additionally, he believes that nothing comes by luck, fate or grace. Through hard work and commitment, José has won numerous accolades from Brazilian advertising such as 14 Cannes Award and 10 Awards at One Show among others.

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Introvert Lori Senecal succeeds in a World that Favors the Outspoken

January 11, 2017 - Author: steph

Outspoken a usually expected to become the most successful. While this statement it is true, there are quite people that have managed to outshine the outspoken ones. One person that has succeeded even though she is not outspoken is Lori Senecal. She has is not very much outspoken but has managed to become a business leader on She is someone that works hard behind the scenes to achieve her goals. Her success is something that is very admirable. She has shown an ability to navigate the world that prefers outspoken personalities.

Lori Senecal is a soft spoken person but highly effective. She makes a lot of changes at the foreground. She strives to create a working team that is highly successful. Lori Senecal has made several changes in the industry by standing firm to what she believes. She comes out as someone that is thoughtful and considerate. She listens to every problem in the industry and makes sure that they are well addressed. That is one of the main reasons she has achieved incredible success on Twitter in the industry. Her accomplishments as CEO of several companies is significant for someone that describes herself as an introvert.

Lori Senecal is the current CEO of CP+B. She served as the president and chief executive officer of MDC before working at CP+B. She showed a strategic vision at MDC Partner Network and developed a unique business model. She has collaborated with several partners to assist in the development and growth of the company. Lori Senecal is also an executive of KBS. She aided in the growth of the enterprise by expanding its market and employee base. She grew the domestic agency from 250 employees to 900 employees located in different parts of the world. Lori Senecal has always shown zeal and passion in her work.

Her success also lies in her ability to overcome and engage in the outside world. She has managed to bring out excellent results in a world that prefer big personalities in marketing on Lori Senecal has left out a positive mark in every company she has led and served. Many people know her for her great ideas and insights in the business world. Lori is full of valuable insights and proper business traits useful for business growth.

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Why newer lip balm products are better

August 15, 2016 - Author: steph

Lip balms have been expanding into niche products that are more varied and different than ever before and which promise greater relief from chapped and dry lips. The focus for new lip balms has been on more natural and organic ingredients that provide more relief than those petroleum jelly based products that made up the first generation of lip balms.
These petroleum jelly based balms were good at providing moisture to lips but not in keeping lips moist. The initial moisture floats away and needs to be reapplied constantly. Further, there were many artificial additives to these balms which served as an irritant for some users. Newer lip balms eschew these ingredients for a higher quality product.

There are many new lip balms on the market that have many properties that are attractive to users who want long lasting moisture. One of the very best is the Evolution of Smooth which is marketed as EOS on its label. Why this particular brand stuck out to us is due to their high quality ingredients and great application.

EOS used high quality oils in their lip balms including jojoba and coconut oils which provide long lasting moisture that does not fade. EOS only includes all natural ingredients that are primarily sourced organically. This adds to the quality of the balm and helps to insure a good application and moisture barrier.

Of course a brand wouldn’t be able to call themselves the Evolution of Smooth without having a smooth application and it is with this that EOS really shines. Their applicator case is unique and very sanitary and provides for a smooth application that is particularly soothing to the lips. Finally, EOS is available on luckyvitamin in many flavored that can appeal to anybody’s tastes.

There is no need to stick to those old fashioned lip balms that are little more than petroleum jelly. Try the new lip balms out there but start with EOS who really shines. For more info, visit their Linked In and Facebook page.

Amazon link:


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The Journey of Kevin Seawright to Newark, NJ

February 12, 2016 - Author: steph

Kevin Seawright transitioned from public service to private enterprise as Executive Vice President and CFO of Newark Economic Development Corporation. His years of experience and unique talents are having a positive effect on the city of Newark. His ability to think outside the box allows him the flexibility to take advantage of Newark’s natural assets. Working directly with city officials his economic growth plan is showing results.

The plan involves using financial funds as a stepping-stone to city growth. It includes extending small business loans to individuals, expanding high-speed internet access and building on the cities strategic location with improved port railroads and highways. Over 3,000 students benefit yearly from an aggressive summer employment program that sets the stage for them to get more involved in future development projects.

Kevin Seawright has a long history in economic growth and development. At the age of 12, living in Philadelphia, his family encouraged him to become involved in a Philadelphia youth program to better the community. He experienced the satisfaction of changing inner city lives for the better. That satisfaction and sense of accomplishment remains his strongest motivation in his current position.

Prior to his transition into the private sector, his interview with Local Talk News showed Kevin+ served in a variety of government positions in Baltimore, Maryland. His experience in operational management, human resources and recruitment efforts helped him develop his straightforward management style. He worked on revamping account management programs, engaged in collective bargaining, created educational programs and managed millions of dollars.

His broad spectrum of management expertise taught him to embrace traditional programs that prove successful. However, it also taught him the flexibility to develop and use creative new solutions that work better and more efficiently than the old ones in spurring city growth. Kevin spoke of his willingness to continue participation in formal and informal educational opportunities helps keep him on the cutting edge of management practices. Creative new methods and advanced technology keeps him at the top of his game.  In addition to everything else, Kevin is a huge lover of music, and that continues to fuel his creativity in his job.

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Amazing Mascara Tips that Every Girl Eeeds

September 14, 2015 - Author: steph

If you are like most girls, mascara is just one of the top few beauty products that you need in your arsenal. Although you probably believe that you understand everything that is possible to discover about applying mascara, I predict that you will likely uncover a few new techniques in the next few moments to lead to your ever-expanding plethora of knowledge. Here are five new, brilliant techniques on how best to apply mascara in the way that New York’s finest makeup artists apply there’s.

1. Industry professionals always instruct women to apply their mascara in two separate steps. This technique will give you the coverage you are after. The first step is to use the wand in a sort of vibrating motion and paint the eyelashes from root to tip. In step two of complementing your already amazing eyelashes is to pull the wand in a perpendicular fashion, moving back and forth like a windshield wiper. This little trick will prevent clumps of makeup from sticking to your lashes and ensures flawless separation.

2. Water-resistant mascara can put an excessive amount of strain on your lashes for everyday use. When you rub the mascara into your lashes, you risk breaking them and when you wash the mascara off, it is very difficult to loosen the color from your lashes. Never use waterproof mascara unless you know for sure that traditional mascara will smudge. Please bear in mind that most regular formula mascaras will wear well through the day without smudging, and are readily removable with soap and water or makeup remover.

3. Do you have droopy lashes that will not remain curled? Here is how to curl them. First you curl them before any mascara is applied, then curl your lashes a second time after applying the mascara.

4. If you are going to volumize your lashes with falsies, apply them after you apply your first layer of mascara.

This way it’s very easy to see just where you need the extra fullness. After this process, apply an additional layer of mascara to to bind your natural lashes and your falsies together as one pair.

5. Tinted mascara looks magnificent in the light of the night. Apply a few coats that are black, than layer only the very tops of your batting lashes with a lighter-colored tint of mascara. Heavy blue mascara looks magnificent on girls of every eye color.

Miss Doe Deere conceptualized Lime Crime during the summer of 2008 when she finally discovered that it was practically impossible to find any palette of cosmetics brilliant enough to keep up with her enigmatic creativity. So when all cosmetic firms were nowhere to be found, Lime Crime took over. Famous for Doe Deere’s slogan on observer“So Glowing, It’s Illegal!” The label amazed customers with their high-impact, loose eye shadows such as Circus Girl, Shoe Junkie in addition to her signature lipstick, appropriately named Lime Criminal. Instead of ducking behind the façade of normality, Lime Crime took on the task of becoming the first aesthetic line to establish themselves through innovative strategies and offering a truly captivating and groundbreaking product. Within a few months of opening their doors, Lime Crime became an indispensable line of products with their famously bright makeup known for its unapologetic brilliance.

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