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Mullen Lowe is Very Passionate About Culture

September 1, 2017 - Author: steph

Jose Henrique Borghi among all things has shown a lot of passion for culture. For one thing, he has demonstrated it in his advertising. He has also put together a company that shares his values effective at advertising. His company has been such a success that it has grown into a global enterprise. It has grown from serving some of the largest Brazilian companies to serving some of the companies in the world. Mullen Lowe serves companies that deal with all kinds of products and topics. They also serve cultural companies. Among the clients that have been featured on the site is BET.

Companies that have signed up for service from Jose Borghi’s company have experienced a lot of growth. For one thing, Jose Henrique Borghi’s company has looked at the market in order to find where the company fits in. One of the best ways to profit with a business in an industry is to find a gap. For instance, in the fashion industry, one can find areas that may need a little bit of creativity. The best way to find a gap is to do some research on all of the issues that are present in the industry that one is passionate about. Then look for ways to provide a solution. Then the best thing to do is advertise this new solution.

Jose knows how to bring something new to the attention of the audience through advertising. He knows how to not only reach people in the industry where they are gathering but also how to get their attention and influence them on interacting with a certain company. There are many types of advertising campaigns and messages that a marketer can send to customers so that they will get on board with what is being advertised to them.

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Jose Borghi Excels In The Advertising Industry

April 13, 2017 - Author: steph

Jose Henrique Borghi is the founder of Mullen Lowe Agency. He is also the brain behind notable campaigns like Mammals of Parmalat. Inspired by a presentation of a commercial display at the Castro Neves Theatre, Jose ventured into advertising. He watched the show while still in high school He had no clue that he would one day become a source of reference in the industry. Jose was born in Presidente Prudente. He went to PUS Campinas where he studied Advertising and Propaganda. After his graduation, he started his career in the Brazilian advertising industry by working for Standard Ogilvy agency as an editor. Later, Jose worked for other prominent brands like DM9/DDB, FCB and Talent and Leo Burnett.

After working for different companies, Jose Henrique Borghi gained extensive experience and knowledge about the industry. To this end, he partnered with his friend, Erh Ray, to establish BroghiErh. The two managed to enhance the company’s operations through hard work, determination and discipline. Without investors, they built the company from scratch. The executives performed all roles, including planning, management, and marketing. In 2006, Lowe acquired the successful company. The brand changed to Borghi Lowe. The advertising firm quickly gained popularity in both domestic and international market. The ad agency merged with the Mullen Group to form what is now the Mullen Lowe Brasil. Jose and Andre Gomes are the CEOs of the corporation.

Borghi manages to achieve his goals through persistence. He believes that nothing comes on a silver platter. As such, everyone should work hard to achieve what he or she needs in life. It is for this reason that the energetic and enthusiastic advertiser handles every matter in an aggressive manner. Some of his industry achievements include the review concepts by Fiat Carlinhos for the Down Syndrome Association and Honda Campaigns. In addition, José Henrique Borghi has worked with other award winning organizations such as Delta Airlines, America on Line, BankBoston, Coral Paints, Itau, American Express, Asia Motors and Antarctica. His excellent performance in the industry has earned him multiple awards and recognition from renowned organizations. He is a proud recipient of the London Festival Awards, Cannes Lions, The One Show Awards, April Advertising Awards and Clios Awards.

About José Henrique Borghi:

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