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With Vision And Action Thor Halvorssen Inspires Greatness

March 26, 2017 - Author: steph

Beginning his formal education at the Bryanston School back in the year of 1986 where he stayed for the next seven years before leaving in 1993 to attend the University of Pennsylvania where he accomplished obtaining his BA/MA in the widespread areas of Political Science, History, Romance Languages, and also International Relations, Thor Halvorssen put all of himself into his studies before graduating in the year of 1997, just two years before taking up his first professional position working as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education also known more commonly by it’s acronym FIRE.

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Staying at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education for a grand total of four years and nine months, Thor Halvorssen left in the February of 2004 when he decided it was time for himself to take a bigger jump towards the life and career he had always aspired for himself. Becoming President of the Human Rights Foundation in April of 2005, Halvorssen became inspired and though he continues to work for the company still today, Thor Halvorssen decided to take a note from their book and quench his deep seeded need for causing positive change in the world through his act of getting further involved with other wonderful causes and businesses.

Becoming the Founder and Executive Producer of his own company known as the Moving Picture Institute in August of 2005 and then again later joining in on yet another project in January of 2009 as the Chief Executive Officer and President Oslo Freedom Forum, Thor Halvorssen has acquired an exceptional 18 years of his life offering his mind, talents, and time to a bounty of worthy causes which he firmly believes in. Initially inspired by the brave, Thor Halvorssen has become an inspiration himself.


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