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Cassio Audi Used the 1980’s to Make Band More Popular

July 7, 2017 - Author: steph - No Comments

The 1980’s were a time of great change for music. They were also a time for great change in Brazil and things were getting better for a country that had some oppression earlier on in the century. While Cassio Audi had very little to do with the freedom in Brazil and the politics that made up the different activities in the country, he was able to take advantage of these freedoms through his band, Viper. They were a metal band that used the new Brazillian opportunities to make their own lives better and to bring new entertainment options to people all around the world.

While Cassio Audi was based out of Brazil and his band sang a lot of songs that were a part of the metal genre, they were known all around the world. They had concerts in different countries, they had music that was put out in different areas and they did what they could to bring all of these options to people who were in the other countries. They didn’t want to just be known as a Brazillian metal band but they wanted to be known as a metal band that was great at what they did.

Since Cassio Audi first started with the band, he was doing what he could to make a difference for the people who he worked with. He wanted to show them that there would be more options and that they could get more out of the things that they were doing. He also wanted to make things easier for everyone so that they could get more out of the experiences that they had. Cassio Audi tried to make sure that Viper was successful but the band eventually realized that they had reached their peak potential with the metal music genre in Brazil.

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