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Caring for an Employee

March 11, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

There are some companies that will make sure their employees are cared for no matter what. When a Costco man found out that he had terminal cancer, the people who worked for the company raised enough money to send his family on a vacation. He was able to relax as best he could while facing a future of death. Brad Reifler knows that this is a man who puts everyone else at the store ahead of himself. Find more on Reifler on Wikipedia. He greets others with a smile on his face, especially the children who are there. When a family needs help, it’s not always the responsibility of a company to provide the extras that they can’t afford. The actions that Costco employees showed for one man and his wife are those that should be carried over to other businesses. If there is an employee who is willing to go to work with terminal cancer, then the business needs to see that dedication and do whatever is possible to make the final days of the employee peaceful.

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