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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Are Changing the Future of Oncology Care with Clinical Pathways

June 22, 2017 - Author: steph - No Comments

A platform to help oncologist and other cancer treatment professionals identify evidence-based treatment regimens could be a game changer for the future of cancer treatment. This platform is exactly what the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has worked to diligently to develop along with Allscripts and NantHealth.

The platform titled Clinical Pathways is integrated with eviti ®, the NantHealth solution and the Electronic Health Record of Allscripts Sunrise. This seamless integration with these technologies gives oncologists real-time access to information such as personalized treatment regimens, the latest oncology research, and patient data all of which can be utilized to individualize the care of each cancer patient they are working with.

According to Wikipedia, Clinical Pathways also allows patients and physicians the ability to explore treatment options together while comparing them side by side for efficiency, success rate, and risks increasing the transparency and taking much of the guesswork out of oncology care. Clinical Pathways is available at all 5 Cancer Treatment Centers of America locations.

Based out of Boca Raton Florida was founded in 1988 by Richard Stephenson and has since been a leader in oncology care for patients across the United States as well as many from around the world that have utilized their services for care. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America currently has 5 main facilities across the United States in major metropolitan centers such as Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Tulsa, and Phoenix.

The CTCA takes a different approach to oncology treatment by not only treating the disease itself but by also addressing the many mental and physical side effects that it causes. All patients who seek care through the Cancer Treatment Centers of America receives a personalized care team including physicians, dieticians, pain management specialists and others who are all crucial to the treatment of patients. It is this approach and their dedication to staying ahead of the game with state of the art treatment options that sets them apart from all other cancer care providers.

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