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Brad Reifler is Promoting Change

July 13, 2016 - Author: steph - No Comments

Most investors seek to maintain their losses by learning how to prevent pitfalls that could cause devastation. Investing principles must be understood in order to prevent repetitive losses. Brad Reifler, the CEO of Forefront Capital is the guru of investment marketing. He is in the one percent that has the right to invest into public funds, hedge funds and commodity funds. The remaining ninety-nine percent is prohibited from paying into those funds directly.

Brad Reifler was recently published in an MSN article. The article offered insight into his views on investing and tips that may offer the average person with investing success. He suggests that people refrain from putting large amounts of money into the stock market. He also suggests that establishing a rapport with your fund manager is necessary in alleviating stress. It is crucial to trust the person investing your hard earned money.

Establishing your objectives regarding why you choose to invest your money into any particular investment is also important. If a certain investment has success for you, continue to put your money into it. Brad has learned from experience the importance of putting your money in the right spot. He once invested into a 529 savings plan for his children, but when it was time to use the money for school, the fund didn’t have as much money as he originally put into it. Also, when his father-in;-aw retired, he gave him his life savings for investment purposes. He realized the limited options that middle class people had when they wanted to invest because of government limitations.

Brad Reifler has decided to make a change and focus his attention toward helping middle class people invest in what they want. The SEC3 is beginning to realize that the last 30 years have prevented people from investing in stock markets because of the need to protect them from poor investment choices. A task force is hoping to get rid of the 32 year old laws that focus on new worth and income requirements.  Be sure to follow Brad on Twitter.

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