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Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a Unique Blend of Crazy

July 6, 2018 - Author: steph - No Comments

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a book that follow the exploits of titular character Bob Honey. Bob is a disgruntled, angry, and socially awkward former septic tank salesman. Still reeling from a divorce Bob tries to live a normal life even though his life is anything but normal. For one thing he holds many jobs, for another thing one of them is as a government-sanctioned assassin. His work for the government requires him to take out the elderly with a mallet, in some weird endgame to purge the population for the sake of the environment. The book follows Bob through a series of strange events, all narrated by another crazy character named Pappy Pariah.


The book is a large dose of wacky, confined in the pages of a what can only be construed as a satire. It has the satirist gift for absurdity and the peppered nuggets of truth that permeate its surface. The subject matter it refers to is well-known, and anyone in today’s society can understand what it references. Honey is of course the alternate identity of writer Sean Penn, and the lauded actor has plenty on his mind to share. The focus of the book take a wide range of current events, and salts them with Penn’s unique prose.

Penn has a frenzied style of writing, permeated with lavish descriptors and non-sequiturs. The book’s format is episodic in nature, interposed with hints of ranting, and dashes of poetry. Penn is coy in some of his references, hiding the real subject behind a rather obvious veil. For other references Penn is quite blunt, making no effort to mask the subject of his ire. In fact the book is tagged with an epilogue in poem form. It touches on many current events such as shootings and sex scandals, finally taking aim at #MeToo which the poem harkens to a kindergarten using playground tactics.


According to Penn he felt led to write the story because of political unrest, and the book definitely gives Penn a chance to vent. Some of his contents have drawn a little controversy, which Penn has dismissed stating his book is about morality. According to him the book’s message is up to the readers interpretation, although some of the focus seems to be leaning towards a certain point of view. Penn is not one to apologize or fit into other’s interpretations.

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