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Beauty Blogger Dreaming of Hollywood Hair Reaches for Wonderful WEN

July 7, 2016 - Author: steph - No Comments

Did you know that the sulfates found in shampoos and conditioners are actually ruining your hair, and that it’s the sulfates that create the big lather?

West coast stylist Chaz Dean decided there had to be a better way, so he developed the world-famous WEN hair care system that uses a no-lather shampoo routine. His natural cleansing conditioners contain healthy botanical that clean and nourish each strand, restoring body and bounce with ultra shine back to any type of hair on the planet. He sells this brand on Total Beauty.

Bustle contributor Emily McClure was intrigued by the no-poo method and needed help for her fine, frizzy, blah hair, so she reached for WEN and conducted a personal 7-day test.

Emily posted a hair diary with hair selfies, so readers could see her progress with WEN. She chose the Sephora FIG cleansing conditioner for its extra moisture and then hit the shower. Directions are plain and simple. For Emily’s shoulder length hair, 16-24 pumps of WEN product is suggested and not unusual for the unique no lather method.

Emily freaked out, saying the amount she had to use was “actual insanity,” so we are not sure her results would be the same. She chose a 10-pump amount, which is suggested for short hair.

Even though Emily had altered her 7-day test, when she got out of the shower and blow-dried and styled her locks, she was blown away by the softness, shine and manageability. Her hair selfies showed the proof, and her close girlfriends complimented Emily on her new hair.

Emily’s laziness started to kick in, and she skipped the Wen hair wash one morning and even altered the washing to nighttime. During both instances, Emily watched her hair go flat and oily.

For optimum results, Emily suggests a daily AM WEN wash with blow-drying and styling.

Read results here:


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