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Avaas Organization Strives to Help As Many People As Possible

April 27, 2017 - Author: steph - No Comments

In many different European, Middle Eastern and also Asian languages, Avaaz means “Voice”. Avaaz was launched back in 2007. They have one simple mission which is to organize citizens from many different nations to be able to close the gap that currently occurs between the world that we currently have and the world that most people all over actually want.

Avaaz Organization has the ability to empower millions of different people all from completely different walks of life be able to take action on issues that are global, national and regional. These issues range from corruption as well as poverty to conflict and also climate change. This model of being on the internet gives the ability of thousands of completely individual efforts be able to be quickly combined into one large powerful and collective force.

This organization campaigns in up to 15 different languages to help reach as many people as possible. They are on six different continents with thousands and thousands of volunteers. Avaaz is determined to take action and to show this they sign petitions, fund different campaigns, email and calling governments and also organizing protests that are held offline as well as events held offline. This is done to help ensure that all of the views as well as the values of the people are able to inform decisions that will affect everyone.

Every year Avaaz makes sure to set priorities through polls that are available to all members of the organization. In addition to this, campaign ideas are not only polled weekly but also tested weekly to random samples. Only those initiatives with responses that are very strong will be taken to scale. Campaigns can be super-charged by thousands of members of Avaaz who take part immediately. These campaigns are only the ones that were able to reach the full membership.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

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