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Amazing Mascara Tips that Every Girl Eeeds

September 14, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

If you are like most girls, mascara is just one of the top few beauty products that you need in your arsenal. Although you probably believe that you understand everything that is possible to discover about applying mascara, I predict that you will likely uncover a few new techniques in the next few moments to lead to your ever-expanding plethora of knowledge. Here are five new, brilliant techniques on how best to apply mascara in the way that New York’s finest makeup artists apply there’s.

1. Industry professionals always instruct women to apply their mascara in two separate steps. This technique will give you the coverage you are after. The first step is to use the wand in a sort of vibrating motion and paint the eyelashes from root to tip. In step two of complementing your already amazing eyelashes is to pull the wand in a perpendicular fashion, moving back and forth like a windshield wiper. This little trick will prevent clumps of makeup from sticking to your lashes and ensures flawless separation.

2. Water-resistant mascara can put an excessive amount of strain on your lashes for everyday use. When you rub the mascara into your lashes, you risk breaking them and when you wash the mascara off, it is very difficult to loosen the color from your lashes. Never use waterproof mascara unless you know for sure that traditional mascara will smudge. Please bear in mind that most regular formula mascaras will wear well through the day without smudging, and are readily removable with soap and water or makeup remover.

3. Do you have droopy lashes that will not remain curled? Here is how to curl them. First you curl them before any mascara is applied, then curl your lashes a second time after applying the mascara.

4. If you are going to volumize your lashes with falsies, apply them after you apply your first layer of mascara.

This way it’s very easy to see just where you need the extra fullness. After this process, apply an additional layer of mascara to to bind your natural lashes and your falsies together as one pair.

5. Tinted mascara looks magnificent in the light of the night. Apply a few coats that are black, than layer only the very tops of your batting lashes with a lighter-colored tint of mascara. Heavy blue mascara looks magnificent on girls of every eye color.

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