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Airport Employee Pays it Forward to Stranded Passenger

March 26, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

Today has a story today about an act of kindness in an airport, a place where kindness has kind of gone out the window a long time ago.

Passenger Miriam Thomas was flying from her home in Vancouver, Canada to attend a business meeting in Ontario, California. According to Dr Jennifer Walden she flew with Delta, which is an airline I take great lengths to avoid if I can. Her plane was diverted to Seattle due to problems they were having aboard. Thomas had to stay the night in Seattle before continuing on her trip. This was definitely not the worse part of her troubles with Delta. When she was at the airport, ready to return home, the airline told her that her return ticket had been cancelled. Delta had taken it upon themselves to use her return ticket to pay for her rescheduled flight. And they did not have a flight for her until the next day. Madness. That’s when Judy Reid, an employee from Alaska Airlines stepped in. She used her employee travel voucher to cover Thomas’ ticket home and paid the taxes out of pocket. Thomas was able to get home the same day and Reid refused any reimbursement from her employer.

I love these uplifting stories of people helping people. Reid did this out of kindness, not to be recognized or reimbursed. I hope more people try to follow in her footsteps.

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