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Affordable Housing Opportunity In Dallas

October 28, 2016 - Author: steph - No Comments

Dallas is reinventing the term affordable housing. With a sluggish economy and few jobs, home purchases are way down. It’s even worse for those who have limited access to mortgage coverage. The people are a reflection of the times and in Southern Dallas, there are numerous lower income families. Luckily some much needed help has arrived in a solution known as Thee Affordable Housing Loan Program.

The Affordable Housing Loan Program is introducing a unique way that puts lower income families into their very own home. This is a five year plan designed for people in low income zip codes of Southern Dallas and the program wants to provide 100 or more loans each year. This is certainly an ambitious trial to tackle, but with the help of a strong financial source, the (AHLP) has the potential to be a huge success. NexBank has stepped it’s game up and took on the challenge by providing $50 Million of support in the form of loans. You won’t find many banking institutions willing to do what NexBank is achieving and that’s what sets the bank apart from the rest of the competition. Already an expert in mortgage, investment, and commercial banking, NexBank has the knowledge and capabilities of turing this dream into a reality.

NexBank is also adding up to$2,000 in closing costs as well as fees. The financial institution is remarkable with it’s $3.5 Billion asset net worth. In addition to this action, there are two other organizations involved in the programs success.Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Habitat For Humanityare involved by arranging, supporting, and counseling the lucky individuals who benefit from service. This is a total overhaul that’s leading to a much better way of helping people with limited access to mortgages.

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