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A Closer Look At BRL Trust

January 15, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

BRL Trust is a full service and competitive Brazilian investment firm. It is the largest in that nation according to the Anbima ranking system. It was founded in 2005 by a small group of educated finance professionals. At the company’s inception they specialized in loans and trusts. A year after they were in operation, the firm had over 100 loans with an intervening trust. This expanded growth led to a demand for more diversified products such as maneuvering clients through successful mergers and acquisitions. They expanded into international capital markets to widen the spectrum of their customers investment portfolios.

The BRL Trust website is user friendly for Portuguese and English speaking customers. Transactions are kept to strict security standards. Quality service is offered providing valuable customer satisfaction in maintaining the high demand in todays fast paced marketplace. The company standard BRL Trust operates by is “Investimentos, through transparency, trust and integrity, serves both institutional clients as individuals.”

The company prides itself on being innovative. This is an investment company that will go the extra lengths to give great service towards heavy financial returns. They have grown so large because their executives learned from their experiences and put newer more successful strategies in place.

BRL Trust has manager status for funds that is authorized by the Securities Commission. This gives them legal authority over 95 funds. They are trading at an NAV of R$ 18.20 billion. Grown from only R$ 2 billion in 2010, this growth spiked in 2012 and has stayed at over R$ 16 billion since then.

They offer trustee services who track and collect loan money with the Assets Control System or SCA. They provide custodial and controlling services to corporations so that management of their investors and tax reporting is run smoothly.

Another valuable service this company provides is asset underwriting. A company may or may not be based in Brazil can raise funds for real estate, agribusiness receivables, or quotas.

One aspect of the company which helps solidify the foundation of customer trust is the ombudsman. “Independence and impartiality in the pursuit of ultimate resolution of BRL TRUST Investments’ customers manifestations.” It is this type of company motto that keeps them a solid business. Customer complaints are handled with impartiality and privacy.

One of the founding members, Mauricio Ribeiro heads Custody funds and the international departments. He developed the trustee services offered by the company. Another founding partner, Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes, is over the fiduciary services and the SPE manager. He is a consultant with over 15 years of experience in managing finances, and now he is working hard for BRL Trust. The other partner is named Rodrigo Cavalcante. He is an accountant and a lawyer with a Masters of Business in Business Management. He left a well known bank after 17 years as a senior leader to become director of funds administration in 2010. Only three years later he excelled into partnership status.

Operating in the unpredictable global financial marketplace with transparency, trust, and integrity; BRL Trust will continue to satisfy its ever expanding and growing customer base and financial assets.

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