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Gino Pozzo Redefines The Role Of The Soccer Head Coach

July 31, 2019 - Author: steph

The Italian soccer club owner, Gino Pozzo has been one of the most successful owners in European soccer for the last few years continuing the success achieved by his father as the owner of the Italian team, Udinese. Despite coming from one of the most successful families in European soccer, Gino does not believe the game should stand still and has evolved his approach to club ownership to suit the needs of clubs sitting just outside the elite of European soccer.

Upon arriving at England’s Watford F.C. in 2012, Gino Pozzo found an outdated club still living on the heady days of the ownership of Sir Elton John in the 1980s. Gino Pozzo decided the tie was right to develop a new model of managing a soccer club that would provide the fans of the club with a period of success lasting many years into the future. Pozzo worked with Watford’s Chief Executive to make sure the needs of a single head coach would not strangle the development of the club as a whole.

Looking at clubs sitting just outside the European elite, Gino Pozzo and Scott Duxbury decided the average tenure of a head coach was just two seasons. Because of this, it made little sense to Pozzo for a head coach to be left in control of player recruitment when they would probably not be around for the development of any young players. Instead, Pozzo employs a team of global scouts who have the ability to identify the best quality players and present reports to Pozzo with details of their skills and potential value. From this Pozzo negotiates deals with the head coach providing information on weak areas of the squad in need of investment. The head coach is a simple cog in the wheel of the organization at Watford F.C. that is continuing to develop as the club becomes a staple of the Premier League.

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Uncluttered Your Emails with Unroll Me

July 30, 2019 - Author: steph

If you’re like me, you probably have tons of emails, and you have the extra burden of trying to sift through the junk mail. Well, Unroll me was invented for the purpose of uncluttered emails for you. What exactly is Unroll me, and how does it work and what are the benefits, what’s the difference between Unroll me and other services that offer the same thing? 

Unroll me works with Gmail, Google apps and Yahoo. Unroll me doesn’t stop with these services, though. In the future, Unroll me will include support for AOL and other email services. All you need to do is to sign up for a free service and just like that, it goes to work, making your email less complicated and more orderly. It’s like having your own personal online secretary. Unroll me not only scans your mail to see what subscriptions you have, but it takes only minutes even if you have over 10,000 messages.

As soon as the scan completes the process, Unroll me presents what’s called a Rollup, which is the big picture of all your subscriptions that you receive every day. Unroll me also does an excellent job of arranging all messages that it considers subscriptions into the right category. The benefits of Unroll me doesn’t stop there. You have complete control. No complication over which mail should go where. Another benefit has to do with telling Unroll me what time of day you want to receive your daily Rollup. You can also view your Rollup anytime on the Unroll me’s website. Unroll me gives you the freedom to edit your Rollup. 

Unroll me resembles Sanebox. However, Sanebox charges 5 bucks while Unroll me is free. So, to recap, you get a free service that takes the burdened out of going through your emails. Unroll me also comes with a cool and friendly design that makes it appealing to the user.

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Robert Deignan and Technology Pondering

- Author: steph

Robert Deignan is the name of the man who is ATS Digital Services’ Chief Executive Officer. He’s also a Co-Founder for the business. ATS Digital Services is a full-service company that’s associated with in-depth support that’s digital in nature. It can come in handy for individuals who are exasperated by network connection glitches. It can come in just as handy for those who are irritated by residential desktop computers that are alarmingly sluggish. Deignan is a resident of the United States’ bustling Miami, Florida. He’s been at the helm of ATS Digital Services since the end of the summer back in 2011. He’s an alumnus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, too. He has a B.S. (Bachelor of Science) degree from the public research school. He went to the college between the years of 1992 and 1995.

Deignan is a technology aficionado who knows a lot about crazes that are part of the technological field at the moment. He regularly discusses the phenomenon of AI or “Artificial Intelligence. He believes that emergences that relate to AI are going to become more and more plentiful with time.

Voice recognition is yet another concept that Deignan is following. He thinks that it’s going to be a substitute for user interfaces that are standard. Mobile networks are also on Deignan’s radar at the moment. The businessman states that these networks are going to go through all kinds of adjustments. 

Automation is a big subject that enthralls Deignan with significant regularity. This individual has many suggestions for professionals. He thinks that they’re going to have to go through transformations in order to adjust to automation. Deignan does not think that automation will be anything that anyone can avoid soon. He indicates that he thinks that there are an abundance of human beings nowadays who feel nervousness that relates to the automation path and where it’s going to go.

This man is and has always been an individual who thinks that people should have confidence in intuition. He strongly objects to the track of professionals collaborating with individuals who are already in their existences.

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LocationSmart Expands Services

- Author: steph

The biggest Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) company is actually the world’s largest. The company name is LocatonSmart. It is now announcing its plans to expand its platform’s services up to Canada. The services of LocationSmart include their short message service, secure carrier network location, geo-contextual services, consent management and others. This important decision will add to more than 90% of mobile subscribers in Canada their consent-based access that will be through its platform that is patented.

At this time, SMS services and the Canadian network location are ready to be used by all top wireless carriers and even most of their sub-brands. Once LocationSmart receives the subscribers‘ consent, the businesses will have the ability to find Canadian mobile devices without needing app downloads or software installations. This will enable them to accomplish this in real time.

This platform contains comprehensive controls for privacy and carrier-grade security to allow the consent management have location information to be secure and trusted. The devices that have cellular connections will be able to located. These devices include feature phone, M2M/loT, smartphone and others. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

The LocationSmart service will raise the improvement in customer service and will boost the efficiencies of the operations. It is important for businesses to have the ability to access location information in real time for many reasons. These reasons include workforce management, gaming compliance, asset and load tracking, roadside assistance, transaction verification and many others.

According the CEO of LocationSmart, Mario Proietti, the expansion to Canada will open a new way to achieve new opportunities for their customers to allow a vast array of services to their Canadian mobile users. The new services and other methods in the expansion lets LocationSmart support their customers while they find new business relationships and markets. The easy way to implement through their platform has allowed many customers to start and use mobile location services and have others in progress.

LocationSmart is considered to be the global market leader of Cloud Location Services used in connected devices. They have the expertise to give the best cross-carrier platform for hyper-local, context-aware application, and local development.

LocationSmart’s main services include both outdoor and indoor use across platforms, carrier networks and devices. They boast serving both innovative start-ups as well as Fortune 500 customers. This gives them the ability to positively change the ways that their customers do business.

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Learn more about LocationSmart:

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Important Facts About Grupo RBS

- Author: steph


Grupo RBS is one of Brazil’s major media companies, and they own multiple media channels, including newspapers, television stations, and radio stations.

Here’s what you need to know about what the company does:


Their Radio Stations Are Doing Very Well

Grupo RBS is the owner of two radio stations that have been exceptionally successful in recent times. In fact, the company’s radio stations have reduced their expenses by around five million dollars by improving their efficiency. As a result of these improved practices, the overall profits of the stations have gone up by a whopping 74%!


They Own Three TV Stations In Brazil

RBS TV and OCTO OC operate throughout Brazil, and they have numerous viewers. In addition, the company owns a local station called TVCOM, but you won’t be able to watch that unless you live in Florianopolis. All of their television stations have gotten great ratings, and Grupo RBS works hard to make sure that they create programming that appeals to a large segment of the Brazilian population.


Their Newspapers Provide Brazilian Citizens With Accurate, Up To Date Information

Some examples of papers that they run are A Notícia, Jornal de Santa Catarina, and Pioneiro. These papers have been rated well among Brazilian citizens. Grupo RBS also offer online sources of information, such as Lets, Grupo .Mobi, Guia Da Semana, Pense Carros, and hagah. All of these sites get plenty of traffic, and they are regarded well by Brazilian citizens.


The Company Also Runs Outreach Programs

Some of these programs are designed to reach the nation’s children, and they run two of them. One program is designed to improve the quality of the education that children receive, and the other one encourages Brazilians to place more focus on the children in their lives overall. Refer to This Article for additional information.


Visit their channel on


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Matt Badiali, Using Science To Identify Hot Commodities

July 29, 2019 - Author: steph

Real Wealth Strategist teaches average investors how to buy and sell commodities futures. Published by Banyan Hill, the digital newsletter is the brainchild of Matt Badiali. With laser-focus, Matt discusses commodities and how it takes someone with a particular instinct to find the quality stock. It’s an area of investing where raw materials are just as important as finished manufactured products. It’s probably a sign of the changing times, but in more recent commodities market discussions, marijuana is making investors eager to find out more. So, Matt says that he now makes sure to mention the marijuana industry as a commodity stock.

Note that Matt Badiali believes that now, marijuana is a speculative stock. But if it receives legalization status by the Federal government, investors could become wealthy with any trading. For the present, he suggests doing research and only invests in the “right marijuana stock.” Matt Badiali incorporates his background in geology science into digging for facts. He told an interviewer that he strives to put good, well-researched information in the free newsletter.

Read this article at

There’s a slightly different perspective offered to subscribers of the Real Wealth Strategist and the free newsletter. The Strategist provides a breakdown of hard and soft commodities. He takes a look at how the commodities are grown, harvested and readied for market. Generally, this includes high yield crops, precious metals, and natural resources, livestock and energy. It’s where Matt Badiali shares his personal knowledge, insider information and in-depth analyses. He also covers topics of interest for his free e-newsletter. But, unlike the Real Wealth Strategist, it doesn’t offer advice but sticks to more generalized financial topics. Topics help with learning about portfolio management and building retirement funds.

Canada is already trading in marijuana as an industry and as a commodity stock. Matt Badia detailed that as a world traveler, he has developed a keen sense to name hot commodities. His travels have included trips to Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, and Singapore. Matt attended Penn State University, where he obtained his undergraduate degree, before receiving his graduate degree from Florida Atlantic University.


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The Honesty And Transparency Of Agera Energy

- Author: steph

For most residents and business owners, gas and electric bills are their highest expense. Follow Agera Energy on

You shouldn’t have to cringe when reading your utility bill. Agera Energy has been changing the way people see natural gas and energy organizations.


Agera Energy is less than ten years old; but has already made a huge impact within the industry. The principal of a Massachusetts school recently raved about how much less the school’s electricity bill is; because of Agera Energy. He states that the school previously had no clue about how much they could save by changing providers and eliminating certain usage. Read more about Agera Energy at

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Isabel dos Santos Gives Insight Into Digital Marketing

July 26, 2019 - Author: steph

At only the age of 46 years, Isabel dos Santos has hit the headlines severally as the richest African woman. Her net worth is estimated to be several billions. She learnt her trade from her father who was the first president of Angola and an entrepreneur too. Throughout the years, Miss Isabel has had to work hard in order for her to carry on her family name. Isabel dos Santos was the first person to introduce a mobile network in Angola. The reception was so great in that most people were able to communicate with ease.

This shot her up in the entrepreneurial ladder and saw her become an international icon. Today, Isabel is the most sort after woman globally, who gives talks related to technology. Recently, Isabel dos Santos gave a talk at the African summit where she gave insight on the new technology. She urged Africans to embrace and make use of the digital marketing that has proved to be of help to those who dare to try it out. Isabel went ahead to add that in order for an expert entrepreneur to benefit fully from the technology, they need to educate themselves on how to get the most out of it.

She went ahead to add that in Africa, most people have not embraced the new technology due to low skills when it comes to the same. Isabel dos says that if only those in businesses would embrace the technology, then it would be much easier for them to reach their consumers who are deemed unreachable due to factors like poor infrastructure. Ms Santos could not fail to state agriculture in her talk. Concerning agriculture she said that towns needed to embrace digital marketing techniques so that they could have easy access to agricultural products. This would ensure that the products are not overly expensive and on the other hand, farmers would benefit fully from the profits gained. Isabel dos Santos is an electronic engineering graduate with over a decade’s experience in the same. She also runs a chain of hotels in America among them being the prestigious Miami Beach Club.


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Ted Bauman a Prominent Investor and a Humanitarian

- Author: steph

Ted Bauman is a prominent investor and a humanitarian who is passionate about helping people live happier and decent lives. Bauman compassion towards helping people started while he was working in South Africa with Slum Dwellers International an NGO that focused on helping the underprivileged slum dwellers get decent, affordable houses. Bauman ever since has been passionate about helping people, and today he is helping people acquire wealth through his investment strategies at Banyan Hill Publishing. Bauman serves at Banyan as a senior editor of several newsletters, all of which are focused on asset protection, low-risk investment strategy as well as privacy and migration issues. Bauman writings are intended to help ordinary people acquire and secure wealth. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Ted Bauman, in one of his recent articles at Banyan, recommends his followers to invest in PayPal. According to Bauman, cash trends are changing, and people are now moving to the cashless payments systems. Some of the most popular cashless payment systems that are already in existence include Discover and Visa cards, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and PayPal. The most lucrative investment option among all of them is PayPal says, Bauman. Ted Bauman adds that PayPal offers a wide range of benefits as compared to the others and is a giant company in the world of online payment. Also, PayPal has a rich history of success in the online payment market and has been able to adapt to changes in the industry.

Ted Bauman further explains why he prefers PayPal to the other online payment platforms by sharing a brief history of how PayPal came into existence. PayPal started as a Confinity a mobile device security company that developed software for mobile security. The company transitioned to PayPal and aimed at providing safe and secure ways of online transactions. PayPal, by the year 2002, became a public listed company that was worth more than 60 million dollars. PayPal after some time was acquired by eBay and was primarily used to manage all their online transactions. PayPal from there went again to being independent and has grown over the years to become the most successful secure online payments company. PayPal today boasts of having more than 200 million customers worldwide and accepts more than 25 currencies.

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Matt Fleeger

- Author: steph

Matt Fleeger is one of the most well-known oil tycoons here in America. The reason why can be credited to his father and his upbringing. His father founded a family owned oil company called Gulf Coast Western Inc in 1970. When Matt Fleeger completed college in 1985 he worked for the family business from 1985 until 1990. Matt Fleeger gained a lot of experience by working for the family business and in 1990 he made a decision to leave the family business and he started two companies of his own. He was very successful as an entrepreneur but he missed the family business so he decided to sell both of his companies and returned to the family business. To this date Mr. Fleeger still remains with the family business and has grown it unto an oil giant.

Matt Fleeger is currently the president and chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western LLC. Matt Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western LLC are currently taking their game to the next level by creating partnerships or joint ventures with other well-known oil companies. The plan is to combine the resources, talent, and experience of the companies in order to develop and acquire domestic oil and gas reserves throughout the Gulf Coast. Research has been done so the companies can drill at the most profitable sites that will bring substantial returns. There are two things that Matt Fleeger and his partners take into consideration to achieve this.

They focus on ensuring that the geological and geophysical properties are stable and not compromised in any way. The third and most important key to the company’s success is the trustworthy relationships that Gulf Coast and Matt Fleeger have built with their partners. If the transparency, trust, and respect is maintained in a mutual way these joint ventures will be very successful. Matt Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western have shown how networking and positive relationships can lead to something great.

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